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Live Feed Updates 8/1-Day 26

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/1-Day 26

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    Currently ....
    @ 12:24 PM BBT

    Derek F is talking to Whitney about her going home with week

    She reminds him, she's not gone yet
    He says he knows and proceeds to tell her that she will have a fan base, she will have single mothers all over reaching out to her, it can help her make up line, etc.

    Whitney- I want to to a make up class, and then hopefully .. I'll be able to talk about being a single mom .. and my job, before I leave this house.


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      Now .. catching us up a little bit ...


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        Claire talked to the cameras a little bit ago ..

        She says that Kyland, Derek X and Xavier make her nervous
        She's glad Tiffany is in the house
        She says that Kyland thinks he's smarter than her .. but she thinks they are equally as smart
        She says she's wanted to turn on Kyland for the past couple of weeks

        She talks about being safe for the next 2 weeks ..
        She wants to build on her personal relationships during that time
        She says she's been a live feeders since Season 17

        She says she's good working with Christian for a little bit longer,
        She hopes Christian will take a shot at Kyland and/or Sarah Beth


        • #5
          Derek F and Azah talked ...
          She's searching for a reason to want to make it to the end ..
          He tells her if someone that he trust nominates him .. he will "cuss them out in the middle of their nomination speech"


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            Derek F tells Azah that Sarah Beth needs to go .. she's a distraction to Kyland ...

            He says if Sarah Beth, Claire or Derek X put him on the block.. he would not be upset with them .... but again if someone he is close with puts him on the block.... that's different ...

            Azah tells him he can't be mad at people playing the game...


            • #7
              Whitney told Britini that she's going to talk to Christian and tell him that she knows they want to get rid of a girl this week ... but she thinks that it will be more beneficial to him .. to keep her in the game... and more beneficial to his game to get out either Kyland or Derek X

              Whitney says she's "Brent" this week ...


              • #8
                Apparently ...Derek X slipped up and said something about how him and Hannah would be the only Have Nots next week .... to Whitney .... or she overheard him .. *not sure which )

                But ..he's talked about it to Kyland and to Christian and Hannah saying he feels stupid


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                  back to Current ...


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                    Not much game talk .. other than Whitney telling Derek F that she thinks it was weak of Christian to put up 2 girls....

                    ( I have to break away )


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                      Catching us up ....

                      Kyland talked to the camera he says this week the priority is to protect Hannah ...

                      He also talked to Sarah Beth
                      He tells her that he's good to go with the Royal Flush for a few more weeks ...
                      Sarah Beth says she doesn't trust Tiffany and Claire to keep her over Azah.

                      She tells him that if she won .. she would try to backdoor Derek X
                      Kyland asks if Derek X won the veto .. then who ....
                      She tells him Derek F ( Big D )

                      Sarah Beth talks to Kyland about how both Hannah and Whitney said they would target her .. but if Whitney stays this week ... she would be the target next week for everyone
                      He tells her that Hannah never said that she would put her up
                      She asks if he thinks that both Christian and Alyssa are lying about it ...

                      Sarah Beth tells Kyland that she doesn't understand .. why he thinks he has her ( Hannah )

                      Sarah Beth to Kyland - doesn't it concern you that Xavier also thinks he has her .....and Christian thinks he has her?
                      Kyland- everyone thinks they have everybody. ... that's the game

                      Sarah Beth tells him that if Hannah doesn't go this week.. she probably won't go next week ... and as long as she ( Hannah ) is in the house .. she has to worry about going on the block ..

                      Kyland- I feel the same about two other people,....Whitney and Britini

                      Sarah Beth to Kyland at this point.. I might was well include her ( Hannah ) .. because everyone in my alliance would rather work with her
                      Kyland - but .. not over you
                      Sarah Beth - really? ?? .. because nobody seems to care at all .....if my butt is on the block next week
                      Kyland tells her that's not true


                      • #12
                        Alyssa and Hannah talk ( again ) about working as duos


                        • #13
                          Tiffany in the Storage Room talks to the camera ..

                          She says she's playing the best game that she can..
                          She says she needs to get Sarah Beth out
                          She says she loves her as a person .. .but not in this game...
                          She says she hopes America understands.


                          • #14
                            Make up class with Whitney has been going on for a little bit ...

                            ( it's a LOT of makeup.. a lot of steps ... )


                            • #15
                              there's a lot of dabbing .. and stuff

                              ( I don't wear foundation .. never have .. so ummm yeah ... I'm lost ... lol )


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