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Live Feed Updates - 8/2 - Day 27

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/2 - Day 27

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    The Veto Ceremony is today.
    Christian holds the power .. but he won't use it
    Whitney and Hannah will remain on the chopping block

    We'll see what drama today brings....


    • #3
      Christian did NOT use the Power of Veto

      Hannah and Whitney remain on the block.


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        A very quick catch up ....

        Christian asked Alyssa who she would put up if she won HoH ?
        She told him ... Azah and Britini.

        Christian - next time Hannah is on the block... she has to go home.

        ( I just got home... I'll try to catch us up a little bit more in just a bit )


        • #5
          Here you go .... a super quick catch up ...

          Derek F and Hannah both say that Sarah Beth makes them nervous

          Tiffany tells the camera that she would love to be in the F2 with Hannah

          Tiffany tells Hannah that the 6 .... is not for her own personal game... it's for something much bigger

          Alyssa to Christian - if the Wildcard competition is done .. then this Thursday could be endurance... because they would need something to show on Sunday ...

          Tiffany asks Alyssa if she wins HoH .. what would she do?
          Alyssa - I would probably put up two Jokers

          Azah tells Xaiver that she's trying to change her mindset... and leave her personal feelings out of the game
          She also tells him that Whitney is leaving this week ... is 90% game .. and 10% petty

          Tiffany tells Alyssa and Christian that if anyone asks her what she would do if she wins HoH, she's going to say that she will put them up
          They tell her "okay"
          Alyssa thinks about it and then tells Tiffany that she really doesn't want her to say her and Christian.. because then people will think that's what the "house wants"
          Tiffany says she will just say that the Kings have 4

          Tiffany to the camera - even if I don't win ( HoH ) ... my plan needs to be in motion ...
          She says it seems like Alyssa will target Hannah if she wins ... and that doesn't work for her ...
          Tiffany - that means I cannot discuss my true plans with Christian and Alyssa
          She says that Alyssa can't win HoH ...
          Tiffany - I will not vote Hannah out .....even it's a house decision.....I can't send her home.


          • #6
            Currently they are playing Night Court

            ( it's annoying )

            It's more like ARGUE Court

            And.. they argued forever about when they were going to do it ..
            I feel like WE lost


            • #7
              For the record

              Derek F is the Judge
              Britini is the bailiff
              Kyland and Derek X are the attorney's
              Tiffany and Christian are mother and son .. she admitted his "adopted"
              Christian is on trial for stealing the brown bucket hat ...
              The jury members keep changing ... sometimes they are witnesses .. sometimes they are jury members...


              • #8

                So.. ummm.. yeah ... it goes on and on ...


                • #9
                  Catching us up ...

                  Alyssa and Christian talked about bringing Xavier in as a fifth to join them/Tiffany and Claire.

                  Christian/Alyssa/Hannah/Derek X met and agreed to "work together"

                  ** However ... earlier Hannah and Derek X talked about how they trust Claire, Tiffany and Kyland more than than they Alyssa and Christian. They agreed that they would take working with Christian/Alyssa for what it is .. shields to protect them for now.

                  Tiffany told Derek X that she wants him/her/Claire and Hannah to work together
                  They talk about Kyland ...
                  Tiffany says something has changed about him
                  Derek X says that Kyland is "comfortable" and thinks he's running the house
                  They talk about targeting Sarah Beth
                  Tiffany worried about Sarah Beth, targeting Hannah

                  Tiffany talked to Claire

                  Claire tells her that Kyland wants to take a shot at the Royal Flush ...
                  Tiffany tells her she thinks that's a terrible idea
                  Claire and Tiffany talk about teaming up with Hannah/Derek X

                  ( sheesh .. all these "alliances" .... sooner than later the **** is going to hit the fan... I don't know about you ... but that part can't come soon enough for me )

                  Hannah talked with Xavier
                  She tells him that she would like to take a shot at Sarah Beth ..
                  She says she wants to make that move, to help push the 6 along
                  They talk about who she could put up with Sarah Beth to ensure that she goes home
                  Hannah suggest Kyland, then says it's too early for that
                  Xavier agrees, he mentions Azah ( as a pawn )
                  They both agree they really don't want to put up anyone from the 6 ( Cookout )
                  Xavier mentions Britini

                  The Jokers talked ...
                  Derek F tells them that he would put up Sarah Beth and Hannah
                  He says he wants a girl to go this week.... but ... he would backdoor Derek X or Christian if he had the chance

                  Azah questions if they should gun for the HoH .. or just leave the others to fight it out
                  Derek F tells her they have to gun for it, otherwise, it could be one of them walking out the door next week
                  He says that he thinks the Kings/Queens are working together
                  Azah says she worries about the Aces coming after them ( Jokers ) in order to gain favor with the Kings


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