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Live Feed Updates 8/3 - Day 28

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/3 - Day 28

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    Quick Catch Up of this morning ....

    The Jokers discussed their position in the house, worried if they should try to win HoH or not, and if not, do they put themselves at more of a risk
    Britini told Derek X that if she wanted to make a BIG move, she would put up Christian and DereK X togehter

    Tiffany and Claire talked about Sarah Beth ( again )

    They want more than anything to take a shot at her ...
    They wonder if Kyland would take her off the block, if he won veto ...
    They say one way to stop that, would be to put him up there beside her
    But, they don't really want to do that, yet.

    Tiffany tells Claire that she thinks if the Kings win, they will take a shot at Hannah and Derek X

    ( remember Christian/Alyssa/Hannah/Derek X made an agreement not to come after each other )
    (but they Christin/Alyssa are also "teamed" up with Tiffany/Claire )

    Tiffany and Claire also talked about the Jokers, saying that they might not see the block soon, because they are a team that people might want to take to the end, and sit at F2, with one of them

    Hannah and Claire talk
    They wonder if Kyland will be truly upset, if they get out Sarah Beth
    They talk also talk about the Jokers

    Hannah says that Britini would be a target for her

    They both agree that no one would want to put up Derek F ( Big D ) because he will start so much ****

    Claire says if she could.. she would get him in a double eviction

    Azah talked to Tiffany with a "plan"
    She wants the Queens and the Jokers to agree that if one of them wins ( HoH ) they would put up one pawn from either side... along with a King... then if a King wins the Veto .. they put up another King

    Tiffany told her that she likes the idea... it lets them play, but doesn't show all their cards.

    Britini offered to do a F2 deal with Christian
    He told her he loves the idea.. says they shouldn't hang out too much, so that no one will know
    She agrees.. and wants to name their alliance


    • #3
      Pick up from where I left off....

      Tiffany and Azah continued their conversation ...

      Azah telling Tiffany that she feels like the Aces ( after Thursday, that's only Hannah and Derek X ) already have a reason to come after the Kings ... so she doesn't have a reason to make a deal with them

      Tiffany reminds her that Hannah is part of the 6 ( the Cookout ) ... and tells her that Hannah wouldn't come after them

      ( Azah has never considered Hannah part of the Cookout )

      Azah goes on to tell Tiffany that when she thinks of the 6 ... she doesn't know if she can beat Hannah
      Tiffany to Azah - Can you beat Kyland? Can you beat Xavier, can either of us beat them?
      Azah- - mentally
      Tiffany to Azah - you think you can beat Kyland mentally ...he's super smart
      Azah - I think so

      Azah tells Tiffany that when it comes down to the 6 ... she thinks Hannah should be the first to go ...
      Tiffany tells her when it gets to that point ( down to the 6 of them ) it is what it is ...

      Azah to Tiffany - I thought it was the 5 ... plus Hannah.

      Tiffany - Hannah is a person of color...... I'm not excluding her.


      • #4
        Azah asks Tiffany if she thinks Claire should go before Derek X ..
        Tiffany tells her yes... because Claire is smart.. and will figure it out ( the Cookout )
        Azah says she feels like Derek X would figure it out before Claire... he's smart

        Tiffany to Azah - he ( Derek X ) is on our side... he can get Christian out ...... . Derek X has to stay until Christian is gone


        • #5

          Tiffany alone ... to camera - I'm uncomfortable about the way that Azah feels about Hannah .... but I don't know if I should say anything or not......

          She goes on to say that she's working with Christian and Alyssa for her own safety in the game .. she adds that she love Christian ...

          She says that she doesn't trust Kyland ... she's not sending him home or anything .. there's just something that bothers her ....

          She says she feels more connected to Hannah .. than she does to Kyland

          She says she and Azah clearly aren't playing the same game...

          She says with Azah.. she has to just shut the **** up ..when she's talking to her ...


          • #6
            Christian and Xavier talked... about a F5 .. out of their 8 ...

            The "unofficial" not going to name it .. F5 is ... Xavier/Christian/Alyssa/Claire/Tiffany

            ( pretty sure Xaiver is just going along with anything that Christian says )


            • #7
              Derek X and Tiffany talk about Kyland
              Tiffany saying she thinks that Kyland is on to the fact that she wants Sarah Beth out
              Derek X says he had a good talk with Kyland ...
              He tells her not to tell anyone .. but that Kyland told him that his order ( to go ) is ... Christian , Alyssa, X and Sarah Beth in that order
              She tells him that Kyland told her this morning that he felt close to her when they were in the Have Not room .. but now he doesn't feel as close to her ... she says again that he's on to her ( about Sarah Beth )
              Derek X tells him that Kyland said that if he ( Derek X) and Tiffany wanted to take a shot at Sarah Beth, he would be behind it ...

              She tells him that she tries to stay away from Kyland, because wherever Kyland is.. Sarah Beth is right there.. and she doesn't want to be Sarah Beth's target..

              Derek X tells Tiffany that he doesn't see himself making to the end, without Kyland ...

              Tiffany pivots .. and asks if the 4 could be him/her/ Hannah/Kyland ....

              Derek X tells her those are the people he's the closest with ...

              He adds that he can't talk much game to Hannah .. right now .. because she isn't aware or a part of the Royal Flush .. so he has to be careful

              Derek X tells Tiffany that he doesn't see Sarah Beth as a huge threat
              He talks about how they need to get Christian out first ...
              Tiffany says if she wins HoH . she can't take that shot ..
              He says he understands

              He says that he wouldn't want his HoH to be wasted ( if he didn't take a shot at Christian )

              ( I swear these "alliances' are confusing )

              She tells him if he feels like Christian is his biggest competitor .. to go for it ...

              He says he knows if he doesn't .. ( take a shot ) ... then they will come for him and Kyland...

              Tiffany tells him that her fear is that if Sarah Beth gets HoH ..she is going on the block
              He says no .. it would be him and Hannah ...

              ( but he just said he didn't see her as a threat? )

              Tffany says if if one of them won the veto .. she would be the replacement nominee ( in a Sarah Beth HoH scenario )

              Derek X tells her that he would nominate .. Sarah Beth and a Joker... and have an option to back door Christian ..
              he wouldn't put Christian on the block first.. because he knows he would likely win the veto

              He tells her by getting out Christian, he thinks they would have more control of winning competitions


              • #8
                Derek F announces that the Big Blue Couch will happen tonight after dinner ...

                They will also play Mafia ...

                Feeds were down for a bit ..

                Christina has the Go Pro cam ..


                • #9

                  Christian - I would like all the "Crans" to let me know
                  ( Someone says "Crans? " )

                  Christian- Christian Fans ...

                  Christian wants the "Crans" to let him know which hairstyle of his they like better . .bun bun.. etc.

                  ( get right on the CRANS )


                  • #10
                    Christian is interviewing Derek F about why he's a hater of Crans ...

                    Derek F - the one thing I will say .. if you are a Cran .. you need to re-evaluate your life ...


                    • #11
                      and.. the feeds cut... LOL

                      Once back ...

                      Xavier is interviewing Christian ...

                      Christian - I am calling it the Golden Week .... HoH and the Golden Power of Veto winner ....

                      Xavier -the Crans want to know .. your favorite movie ....

                      and they go on and on ... with this "interview"


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                        That gets us current.... ( sorry for the lack of "live" feed updates today .. real life got in the way )

                        BUT ... again the quick catch up .. got most of the game talk for the day ...

                        And.. it's late.. the feeds are on BE RIGHT BACK ... so I'm out ...

                        Don't forget that this week's HoH is ENDURANCE ....

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                          quick update from where I left off

                          Britini went to the DR, she's not feeling well, she did come back out of the DR with some type of medicine and Christian offered her the HoH room for privacy.

                          Alyssa told Christina that if she wins HoH, she's targeting Britini

                          Derek X tells Claire that the Royal Flush is running the game
                          Claire agrees... but adds that she thinks there's a sub - alliance within the Flush

                          Claire says if she won HoH, she would target Derek F ( Big D )

                          Britini proposed a F2 with Azah, she wanted to call it the King Slayers
                          (it was never agreed on .. I don't think )

                          Derek F ( Big D ) told Azah that if he wins, he's putting up 2 girls, he says if one came down, he would "do something crazy"

                          Oh... and also ... Whitney's Spa Night happened.

                          New Day 29 Thread is up and ready for whatever drama they bring ...


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