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Live Feed Updates 8/5 - Day 30

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/5 - Day 30

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    It's ENDURANCE day!

    A new Head of Household will earn their spot tonight, as the y compete in the first HoH Endurance Competition of the season.

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      Just a little update before we get to tonight's Endurance HoH Competition

      (kinda shows the mindset of the Jokers )

      Britini talked to Azah about the possibility of keeping Whitney over Hannah
      She also talked to Derek F
      He pretty much told her he's fine with Whitney going home,
      Britini told Azah she's not throwing Whitney a vote ( to stay ) that she's going to vote with the house

      Derek F told Britini that his gut is telling him to stop playing nice with everyone and take his feeling out of it ...

      Derek F to Britini - I give zero ****s about any of these mother ****ers ...cause my friends are at home.... my family is at home

      Derek F tells Britini and Azah that they have to focus on making the Kings feel secure with them, in case one of the Kings wins HoH.

      Derek F and Azah both agree that as long as the one of the Kings doesn't win HoH, the focus ( target ) will be on the Kings and not the Jokers.


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        Hannah told Derek F that if it's endurance, that she's not dropping as long as Alyssa, Sarah Beth and Britini are still there

        ( that's it for now.. just wanted to add that little update )

        I'm ready for tonight ..hope it's a good endurance competition.. hope someone stirs things up

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          Here's how tonight played out ( so far )

          Julie - - for 30 days the house guests have been playing in teams, tonight the game changes.

          Julie - - with the team twist ending tonight.... strategies will be forced to shift and alliances will be tested when the houseguests learn they are on their own

          Live Voting:

          Derek F - Whitney

          ( again he says "evote" )
          Derek F - I sadly to evote the beautiful Whitney
          Julie- you vote to evict it ..

          Britini - Whitney
          Azah - Whitney
          Kyland - Whitney
          Alyssa - Whitney
          Sarah Beth - Whitney
          Claire - Whitney
          Derek X - Whitney '
          Tiffany - Whitney
          Xavier - Whitney

          By a unanimous vote of 10/0 ... Whitney has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house.

          Whitney - I didn't even get a sympathy vote? ... you guys!
          They all say they love her ...

          Julie asks why she thinks she was evicted
          She says because of how she's all about women empowerment, she's not afraid to make risky moves, etc.

          Julie tells Whitney that Derek X is part of an alliance called the Royal Flush

          Julie tells her that there are 8 people in it... All 4 Kings, All 3 Kings and Derek X ...

          Whitney - everything makes so much more sense now

          Goodbye Messages

          Xavier - Whitney, Christian put you up on the block, and you were his main target, I had to vote to evict you, you've been an amazing friend to me in this house, you are an amazing woman and I'm sure we'll be friends, long after this game

          Sarah Beth - Hi Whitney, this may surprise you, but I fought SO hard to keep you here, I really do hope that we can be real friends in the future and I do wish you the best of luck

          Azah - Whitney, it is sad to see you go.. I must be honest... I did have some negative opinions about you ....due to your cuddle time with X... because I do have a bit of a crush on him..... I do hope we can develop a friendship outside of this house. .... I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.... love you ....

          Alyssa - Whitney, ideally for my game, you are not someone that I wanted to go home... I thought we would work well together in this game, you are an amazing person, an amazing mother, I wish you nothing but the best for you and your business, and I can't wait to visit you soon

          Julie- final thoughts?
          Whitney - I had no idea that Azah had a crush on Xavier ... I feel bad for being like that in front of her

          Julie reveals to the House Guests that Teams are over ... as well as the Wildcard challenge...

          Julie - from here on out.. it's every man and woman for themselves...

          Julie- it' s now time to crown the new Head of Household ... with an epic battle of endurance...

          HoH Endurance Competition - "Whale of a Time"

          Hold on, fall off, your immediately eliminated ....last person standing is the new HoH

          And here comes the rain ...


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            Julie- we will drop the next big twist of the summer, where you will find out how you will have an impact on the game


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              Still on pet cam


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                  Derek F ( Big D ) is out


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                    Time for some slime...


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                      Claire out!


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                        Claire is out


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                              As the wall regains from the tilt... some of them relax a little...


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