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Live Feed Updates - 8/6 - Day 31

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/6 - Day 31

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    Whew.. it's Nomination Day with a new Head of Household steering the ship ( I typed **** .... at first .. probably more appropriate .. lol )


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        Catching us up ...


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          Here's a short version of Derek X's one-on -ones

          Derek X to Claire = who do you feel is most threatening to your personal game ?
          Claire tells him Christian,
          She adds that she thinks that Christian uses Derek X as a shield
          She also says she worries about Xavier

          They talk about the Detectives ...
          Both feel good

          They talk about Kyland ...
          Derek X says he always feels like he's turning ...
          Claire says she thinks that Kyland will do what's most optimal for his own game

          Derek X tells her that he's riding with her and Tiffany and he's making decisions based on that.


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            Derek X to Kyland

            Derek X to Kyland - who do you feel most threatened by in this house?
            Kyland- I think it's Christian.

            Derek X to Kyland - is there anyone that you want to keep safe this week?
            Kyland- Hannah... I do feel like Sarah Beth is another person

            Derek X tells him he's asking everyone the same questions ...

            Derek X to Kyland - are you willing to go up as a pawn this week?
            Kyland- yeah .. I'd rather talk it through .. with you .. but yeah

            Derek X tells Kyland that if takes out Christian.. his biggest fear is that he ( Kyland ) and Xavier would take him out
            Kyland - interesting...... I feel like that would be unlikely..... actually .. it hasn't crossed my mind ...

            Derek X tells Kyland that he will not be a pawn


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              Derek X to camera - the most important thing about my conversation with Kyland is ... that when I asked .. who he didn't want to see nominated this week... he mentioned Sarah Beth.
              He says he knows they are close .. and that Kyland has said in their talks that as they get to the end, he wants to keep people with him that he is close to


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                Derek X talks to Alyssa ..
                He tells her that he will honor his word and not put her up ...
                He asks who she feels most threatened by
                She tells him Azah
                He seems surprised
                She explains that Azah said she would put up Christian .. so she's sure she's not far behind on her list

                He asked her as they move forward.. who is she the most threatened by ...
                She says Kyland and Sarah Beth


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                  Derek X to Alyssa - what would you do if you were HoH ?
                  Alyssa- I would put up Hannah and... so sorry... I did not mean that ...

                  Alyssa - I wouldn't put up Hannah and Big D. ....I would put up Britini and Azah


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                    Derek X to camera- = I asked her ( Alyssa ) .. who she was threatened by,... she said Azah .. then mentioned Kyland and Sara Beth .. and that's good for me... because if I put up Sarah Beth ... I can tell her ... you mentioned that Sarah Beth and Kyland are a strong pairing


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                      Derek X talked to Christian

                      Derek X asks him how do they want to work together moving forward? ... if he can guarantee him safety
                      Christian- I'm your shield.. you're my shield.. and without me ( in the house ) ... I think that you sitting next to anyone... you are the target

                      Derek X to Christian - I'm asking everyone this exact same thing. .... are you willing to go up as a pawn this week?
                      Christian - no .. because I'm not a pawn


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                        Derek X to the camera - if I take out Christian now... , I'm losing out on the opportunity to take a shot at someone else.....

                        He says he thinks that Sarah Beth would take a shot at him ...


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                          Derek X talks to Sarah Beth

                          Derek X- = who do you feel most threatened by in the house ??

                          Sarah Beth - I feel really good with the Royal Flush... I don't see any of us turning on each other

                          Derek X - who do you want to see safe this week?
                          Sarah Beth - I would like the Flush to be safe...
                          She also says Hannah .. saying that she's great convos with her this week.. has a better feeling about her

                          ( I bet )


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                            Sarah Beth tells Derek X that Christian and Alyssa told her that Hannah was targeting her .. and that's why she felt unsure about her .. .but she feels better about her now ...

                            Derek X tells her that he knows that she and Kyland are close ... and that he and Kyland are pretty close ..
                            he asks does she see the 3 of them working together .. or anything like that
                            She says she thinks that a great idea ...

                            Derek X - I'm asking everyone this.... would you be willing to go up as a pawn this week?
                            Sarah Beth - I would be pretty upset

                            He asks her what she would have done this week if she was HoH
                            She says she would have targeted the Jokers...

                            She tells him that Christian is using him as a shield...

                            She talks about being on the bottom of the totem pole....

                            Derek X says he feels that way too.. with both sides .... because he's not on either team ( Queens/Kings )

                            Sarah Beth tells him that is why she likes the idea of the 3 of them ( him/her/Kyland ) working together .. one from each team


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                              Derek X to camera = Sarah Beth is right when she says she's at the bottom of the Kings and the Queens.... and it is in her best interest to try to work with me and Kyland


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