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Live Feed Updates - 8/7 - Day 32

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/7 - Day 32

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    Power of Veto Competition today .... drama to follow

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      Power of Veto Players are:
      HoH - Derek X
      Nominees - Britni and Sarah Beth
      Picked Players - Alyssa, Claire and Kyland


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        ( sorry I had a family thing today )

        Just going to do a very quick catch up ...


        • #5
          Just after the veto players were picked...

          Tiffany and Claire try to decide how they can get Alyssa ( if she wins it ) not to use the Veto ...

          Derek X talked to the camera - America.. do you hate me ??? I feel this is what I have to do ... Britini is onboard with the blindside.. she's not telling anyone.. I feel like I can trust her ..

          He says that if Alyssa wins .. he will lose her friendship forever... if she uses the veto on Sarah Beth and he then puts up Christian ...

          Alyssa and Christian talked ... she asks him if he's worried..
          He tells her yes...
          She tells him that Derek X will not put him up ....
          She tells him that if she wins .. and he doesn't want her to use it .. she won't ... even though she just told Sarah Beth that she would use it on her
          Christian to Alyssa- I honestly did feel fine until this morning .. when Tiffany said ... I don't want her ( Alyssa ) to use it ... and she said that we would talk later...

          Christian tells Alyssa that he thinks that it's best for Sarah Beth to stay on the block ... that they have the numbers to get Britni out this week .. and then next week they will take a shot at Derek X


          • #6
            Tiffany talked to Xavier and told him that she wants the nominations to stay the same
            He agrees..
            She tells him that he could get Alyssa to change her mind about using the veto on Sarah Beth .... to not use it at all ...
            He asks her to explain why ...
            She tells him that he can tell Alyssa . that if the veto is used.. Christian might go up ...

            Tiffany tells Xavier after she swears him to secrecy that Kyland has a F2 with Sarah Beth .. he has one with her ( Tiffany ) and he has one with Derek X ...

            Xavier - he ( Kyland ) is playing a Crispen game ( Tyler ) ...
            Tiffany - yeah ... but he thinks he is playing the Derrick Levasseur game

            Xavier tells her that he thinks that Kyland probably thinks he has one ( F2 ) with him too

            Tiffany tells him that she's riding with him/her/Hannah to the end...


            • #7
              Tiffany and Hannah talk ..
              Tiffany tells her that they ( Kings ) do not know that he ( Derek X ) is going to put up Christian ...
              She talks about how Xavier will be mad ... ( at Derek X )
              She talks about how they are a team ... ( Cookout .. ask the 6 ) .. and if Xavier is mad.. where do they stand??
              Hannah - it's better for Derek X if Christian goes home. .... but if we're looking at Cookout.... it's better if Sarah Beth goes home... and for you and me.. it would be better for Sarah Beth to go ....
              Hannah- I love Derek X ... but he's very naïve


              • #8
                Claire/Tiffany talk to Derek X

                Claire - - this is Big Brother .. No Risk .. No Reward... it's good move for you ... and anyone that says it's not .. is lying .. if they say they wouldn't do the same...

                Tiffany to Derek X - you know who I would want gone ( Sarah Beth ) ... but I have to be 100% real and say the best move for your game is to take out Christian

                Derek X- - if you are Alyssa and Xavier .. and you just lost Christian .. what do you do ?
                Tiffany - hold on to Sarah Beth and ..
                Derek X - you're right ...


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                  There's been a lot of circling around convos of what if this person wins veto .. or if that person wins veto ..
                  So you pretty much get the jest of how the day has gone so far

                  @ 4:57 PM BBT The House Guests are still sitting around waiting to play the Power of Veto Competition


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                    They went to kittens about 6:00 BBT


                    • #11
                      9:18 PM BBT

                      Still on Pet Cam!


                      • #12
                        10:01 PM BBT (1:01 AM ET)

                        Still on Pet Cam!


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                          10:32 PM BBT (1:32 AM ET)

                          Still on Pet Cam! 4 1/2 hours now!


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                            Britini won the Power of Veto


                            • #15
                              Britini practicing her Veto Speech ..


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