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Live Feed Updates - 8/9 - Day 34

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/9 - Day 34

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    Today's Veto Ceremony will produce some drama....

    Stay tuned...

    We are also still waiting for Kyland and Claire's punishments

    Claire - Duke of the Deck ( no clue on this one )
    Kyland - Jackass Club ( has something to do with making club sandwiches )


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      Hello and Happy Monday! I'm back, our weekend camping trip turned into 10 days lol. Oops!!

      House Guests are awake. Putting up the awnings in the backyard, showing and getting dressed, doing laundry etc.

      Haven't seen any game talk yet but I'll keep it on and an ear open for awhile.


      • #4
        Britini tells Azah "today is going to be crazy"
        Azah asked how her talk with Derek X went. Britini said good, that he confirmed it will not a be a Joker going up.

        Claire walks in so they stop talking about it.

        Claire leaves and Britini says "have you talked to him about what we talked about?"
        Azah says that she thought that was what Derek and Britini were talking about. Says she did tell him that Britini knows the plan and that they haven't told anyone else.

        Britini says he wanted to tell them an hour beforehand, and Britini says she told him only do it 15 minutes before. To keep it short and sweet.

        Azah says yes, Derek X was worried about people bothering Britini about it.

        Alyssa walks in so conversation stops again.


        • #5
          I switched to different camera.

          Derek F in his room making his bed and Britini comes in, singing some made up song about her back hurting really bad. She gets out her clothes for the day.

          Derek F tells her he thinks he's going up, Britini tells him "no I don't think you are, I think we are going to be fine." She leaves to head to the shower.


          • #6
            Christian told Britini and Ky both that he thinks he's going up. Said it is just the vibe he's getting. Says he has not been told that.


            • #7
              X and Christian alone.
              X tells him that he's been trying to get Derek X to see that Christian is his shield but that someone got in his ear.
              Alyssa comes in as well. Says that Christian didn't put him up why is he putting Christian up. Says SB against Big D they guarantee she leaves.
              X tells Alyssa to go downstairs, that one of them needs to be down there.
              X says he thinks SB maybe convinced Derek X to put up Christian.
              Christian says he told Britini if she comes down, he's going up, but he doesn't know if that will affect her decision

              X says Derek X told him he's considering all of his options now and X wants to know why all of a sudden he's doing it right before the ceremony.
              Christian says but I think I have the votes so this makes no sense.
              They Count votes, they aren't sure on Britini.


              • #8
                X says KY will keep SB, so will Big D.
                X says we could potentially have Hannah but she's close to Derek X so we don't know.
                Says Britini could be the swing vote, tells Christian we need to get to work, going to have to do some work.
                X says I think that Derek X feels if he doesn't take you out now he won't be able to later. Says that Derek knows you are his biggest competitor.
                Christian says so I shouldn't go talk to him?
                X tells him no, you're too hot right now. Says that Alyssa and I have already told him everything you're saying right now.


                • #9
                  X says you can't talk to Derek X before, because he hasn't told you that you're going up.


                  • #10
                    X says this will show who we can trust. If someone put it in his head to put you up, like we will find out who we can trust.
                    Christian says he's going to go talk to Tiff and Claire quick.


                    • #11
                      Alyssa is telling Christian and X that SB just told her that she doesn't believe she can count on them for votes next week.


                      • #12
                        Christian is very angry now. Says he should have taken them out last week when he had the chance.
                        They are trying to figure out who has been in SB or Derek X's ear. They suggest maybe Ky


                        • #13
                          Claire denies knowing if Christian is going up. Says all she knows is that Derek X looks like he wants to cry.
                          Alyssa said when she asked SB why she doesn't think they would have her back next week all she would say is "I've heard things " they again wonder if it is Ky


                          • #14
                            We are now on Pets. I'm assuming it is time for Veto ceremony. 😯


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                              Feeds went to kittens about 11:48 AM BB Time.


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