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Live Feed Updates - 8/10 - Day 35

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/10 - Day 35

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    Quick catch up...

    Claire told Britini about how Sarah Beth said that Britini was "obnoxious" after winning the veto ...
    Britini - obnoxious ??? ... Bitch,....I beat your ass... ( Sarah's Beth's ass .. just to be clear )

    Claire told Britini to just act the same around Sarah Beth she normally does
    Britini told her that she would.... and she loves having info on other people

    Derek F to Britini and Claire - everybody better hope that I don't win.. ( HoH ) .... if I do .. I'm going to light everybody up like a ****ing birthday cake..... and blow out the candles

    Britini tells Derek F/Claire and Azah that they win HoH .... and it's a double or pick two .... ( ? ) .. that the first 4 people to go should be Alyssa, Xavier, Sarah Beth and Kyland


    • #3
      Claire tells Azah that she doesn't want Sarah Beth to go this week....
      Azah tells her not to worry about telling Britini what Sarah Beth said about her .. she's not going to change her vote..


      • #4
        Derek X talked to himself/camera

        He talks about how keeping Kyland is the game is good for him
        He wants to bring Xavier in ....
        He says if he did that .. he wouldn't take a shot at Alyssa..
        He said he would have to come for the the Jokers...
        He says is path to the F4 is with Tiffany, Claire and Hannah ....
        He wonders how can they all get there ( F4 ) together


        • #5
          Sarah Beth talks to Azah ..
          Azah assures her that she's good ( to stay )


          • #6
            Christian tells Alyssa that all he needs ( vote wise ) is Tiffany and Claire....
            He says he's going to wait until he sees Sarah Beth get emotional again .. and he's going to say that he heard Kyland and Sarah Beth say that "now that you know.. I'm going to have to split it " ..... ( the $5,000 .... ?? )
            She says that Tiffany is already mad about Sarah Beth getting a fat check .. and making jury

            He talks more about it . then tells Alyssa that it sounded better in his head....

            He says he has 3 plans in action ...
            And he's waiting on Azah to confirm to him that she's going to keep him


            • #7
              Alyssa asked Derek X if it was always his plan to back door Christian .. or was it his plan after Britini won the veto

              He tells her after Britini won the veto

              She tells him that he looked her dead in the face.. and told her there was no back door plan

              She tells him that she and Christian both believed him

              She tells him that the only person that has been saying his name... is Sarah Beth

              She reminds him that Sarah Beth was gunning for Hannah too

              Alyssa to Derek X - when you asked me.. out of the alliance.. who do I least trust ... I told you .. Kyland and Sarah Beth


              • #8
                Alyssa tells Derek X that he is not someone that she would be coming after... and that Christian would not come after him "without her approval"

                He asks what can he do .. he can't vote ...

                She tells him that she thinks that he should persuade the Queens ( to keep Christian ) .... she says other than that .. they have the votes for Christian to stay ...

                Alyssa- I would hate for us to have the votes .....and you not be a part of that


                • #9
                  Derek X to Alyssa - if Sarah Beth goes .. this week... what would our relationship look like?
                  She says everything would be squashed
                  She tells him she respects the move he made.....because she loves this game...

                  Alyssa tells him that if Christian stays... there's someone that she would rather target than him ....
                  She tells him that she also knows that Hannah feels good about them .. and that they ( She and Christian ) feel good about them ( Derek X /Hannah )


                  • #10
                    Alyssa asks Derek X .. what he and Christian talked about ...
                    He says that Christian was offering an agreement of a 3 week ceasefire if he stays...
                    Alyssa tells him that there's no sketchiness, .. no reason to worry ... no reason to question it ... because there's no reason for them to go after each other


                    • #11
                      Xavier asks Tiffany if she knows how the Jokers are going to vote ...
                      She tells him that she thinks they are lying saying that they ( Big D and Britini ) will keep Christian

                      Tiffany tells him .. that because they are lying.. it is making them ( her and Claire ) ... look like they are the swing votes.... and that she thinks that they ( Big D and Britini ) are just lying so that Christian will leave them alone...


                      • #12
                        Tiffany talks to Big D in the Storage Room
                        Xavier there too

                        Tiffany asks Big D if he knows what he's going to do ..
                        He says he does
                        She asks what
                        He tells her "what is best for him"

                        She tells him to tell them how he's going to vote
                        He says he's voting Christian out

                        He asks if that is what she is doing?
                        She tells him yes


                        • #13
                          Big D tells Xavier and Tiffany that he thinks that for sure .. Sarah Beth needs to go next week
                          Xavier asks if he would put up Kyland and Sarah Beth
                          He says yes...
                          He says that Xavier can't win HoH next.. it needs to be one of them


                          • #14
                            Alyssa continued to talk to Derek X .. telling him that the 3 week deal is good and she really thinks that he should take it .. or at least consider taking it
                            He says he's considering it ..but doesn't have a decision made yet

                            She tells him she's onboard with it 100% ...
                            She tells him that Christian is very loyal


                            • #15
                              Derek X talks to Hannah ...
                              He tells her that he learned that Kyland had told Alyssa and Christian that he's "sketchy"
                              She tells him that at this point.. they ( Christina/Alyssa ) will say anything ... and that they are grasping at straws...
                              She tells him that she doesn't believe it ...

                              Derek X tells her that he does know that Alyssa is lying to him ... but .. even though it's a lie.. he still believes part of it is true

                              He tells Hannah that Alyssa thinks that Sarah Beth was behind getting Christian on the block... rather than Big D

                              Hannah says that she thinks that Alyssa thinks that Kyland did too ..

                              Derek X tells her that if Christian goes... he hopes that maybe she ( Alyssa ) will still look at them ( Sarah Beth/Kyland as targets over him )


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