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Live Feed Updates - 8/12 - Day 37

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/12 - Day 37

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    If you haven't already .... you should really catch up on Day 36 inside the BB23 house ... check out our Live Feeds Updates from one crazy Wednesday Night.

    And, I don't have to tell you that tonight a new Head of Household will shake everything up again ...

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      Here's how tonight played out ...

      ​Julie - Tonight the veto meeting will set the stage for what could be the biggest move yet this summer. Welcome to Live Eviction night on Big Brother.

      The back door opened wide for Christian to take his seat on the block... after Vet Winner Britini used the veto on herself....

      Catch us with ALL the drama that happened after ... with our Live Feed Updates - Day 36

      Live Voting:

      Hannah - Christian
      Kyland - Christian
      Xavier - Sarah Beth
      Alyssa - Sarah Beth
      Britini - Christian
      Derek F - Christian
      Tiffany - Christian
      Claire - Christian
      Azah - Christian

      By a vote of 7- 2 - Christian has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house.

      Christian giving everyone hugs.. and ( of course ) leaves Alyssa for last .. where he plants a big kiss on her ... ( as everyone acts so shocked.. so surprised ) ...

      And, then out the door he goes...

      ( it's the donkey costume for me )

      Julie- wow.. I think I have to start with my Alyssa question... that was quite a kiss
      Christian- it was a goodbye kiss...
      Julie - a temporary goodbye ?
      Christian - a temporary goodbye
      Julie - what happens after the show?
      Christian - I discussed it with her .. and I don't know ... but she says I'm her "girly girl" ( he says with a high pitch ) .. she says I'm her "girly girl" .. that's what she calls it ...

      (huh? )

      Julie- okay ... and do you want it to continue after?
      Christian- yes.. I want something after for sure... 2 months is a long time.. so we're going to wait until after...

      Julie- okay, let's get to the game ... I have to hand it to you .. you really fought hard to stay in the house
      Christian- for 3 days...
      Julie - non stop .. .. so you get an A+ for effort, why do you not think that you could turn the tide?
      Christian- I had the numbers against me.. people in this house like to pull out numbers... and with 57% winning streak.. with all the comps. .once I was up there ... it didn't matter who I was sitting next to, they figured this was the time to take a shot... because they might not have another opportunity down the line so.... I didn't stand a chance...

      Julie reveals that the moment that Derek X won HoH .. he was gunning for Christian
      She asks if he respects the game move?
      Christian - I do .. because it's a shot I should have taken last week... when I was HoH .. so I do respect it , in a sense that he did what was best for his game... because I wanted to do that same shot for him .. but I think that ... it was not a smart decision, because he is going to go out a lot sooner, than if I had stayed around.

      Julie- final thoughts?
      Christian - I'm excited I had this opportunity, I really didn't come for the money, I came to make some good friends, and I did .. and I actually came to play .. so I was most upset.. when I couldn't play in the Wall Comp,.. so.. I wanted to compete.. I happy that I had the opportunity.

      Julie - you won 5 competitions in 37 days .. so you go home.. very happy

      She tells him that she has more to talk about with him and that is goodbye messages are coming up on her extended interview with him.

      Julie- up next... it's time to find out how you at home will impact the next three weeks of the game....

      Julie reveals that all of them are at least on the Jury at this point.

      Julie- it's time to unveil the next big twist of the game... I told you that this summer would be a summer of High Risk and High Reward... new room will open up at the BB Beach Club.. the High Roller's Room.

      Inside are 3 unique BB casino games, and 3 game changing powers.

      How would you like to take yourself off the block? Win a 2nd Veto? Or, even flip the ultimate power to your favor?

      All you need is skill, luck and acme BB Bucks

      For 3 weeks, America will vote to give you this special currency.

      Each week .. the top 3 house guests with the most votes.. will each get $100
      Next 3 will receive $75
      Everyone else will receive $50 in BB Bucks

      Inside the High Roller's Room .. you can use those BB Bucks to play the BB casino games and try to win different powers .. BUT ..there's a catch ... the better the power, the more it costs to play

      The good news is .. you don't have to spend your cash immediately ..
      You can bank your money for a bigger power down the line.
      So, who is ready to gamble???

      Julie tells the house guests that they will find out more about when the High Roller Room with open .. and she tells them goodnight!

      Voting will open immediately.
      All you need is your phone .. and your vote is just a text away ...

      The HoH Competition will play out ( most likely ) later tonight ..

      We'll update you on the winner!

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        Feeds have not returned...

        Go grab a snack.. it's going to be a long night ...


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          Feeds are back


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            HoH Competition is over ..


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              Kyland is the new Head of Household


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                And.. there's drama....


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                    Tiffany to Xavier- don't ever throw me anything ever again .. you could have just had it .. and I feel like
                    Xavier- I thought you wanted me to ?
                    Tiffany - yes... yes. I wanted it ... because I wanted to see my son ...

                    She turns away .. starts to walk away ..he grabs for her .. saying Come here.. Come here..

                    Tiffany ( crying ) no . .I messed up the whole HoH .. anyone could have won except for him . I'm so mad.. like just don't

                    Xavier- take a second.. take a second...

                    She turns away again ...

                    Xavier - Tiff.. Tiff .. it's okay ...

                    Tiffany- you could have just won it... I just wasted a whole ****ing thing ...

                    She leaves...


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                      Xavier and Hannah in the SR now

                      Xavier- I threw it to Tiffany ...
                      Hannah- yeah
                      Xavier- we wanted Tiffany to win ... and then he ( I suppose Kyland ) .. I was like dude.. if you know the right answer . just answer wrong .. and he didn't ...

                      ( it was the eliminator competition )

                      Hannah- this are already contentious within the 6.. this is just going to make Tiffany trust Kyland even less..

                      Xavier- oh .. Tiffany, Azah, Big D, .. no one in the 6 is going to trust Kyland.. after how he played that ..

                      Hannah - yeah ...


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                        Xavier to Hannah- we're just going to have to do some damage control.. .we're going to have to he the parents again this week


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                          Xavier - Azah is already pissed and she's not hiding it ...
                          Hannah - and Big D .. he's physically freaking out
                          Xavier- yeah ...

                          Hannah -they just need to calm the **** down

                          Xavier- so one of the 6 won ... if anyhing . Kyland has a reason to go after Britini... he could even make up excuses to put Claire up, if he wanted to
                          Hannah- or Alyssa


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                            Xavier - if Alyssa and Britni go up .. I win the Veto .I take Alyssa off.. and Britni's ass goes home...


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                              Hannah tells Xavier that Kyland could have the blood of 5 people on his hands this week... with the powers in play .. how they could throw any plans he has ..

                              Xavier - he should have just given it to Tiffany .. I don't know why he didn't ...

                              Hannah running scenarios ...

                              Xavier- I told Ky to throw it... I told him Tiffany ....


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