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Live Feed Updates - 8/13 - Day 38

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/13 - Day 38

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    Currently @ 4:25 AM BBT

    Kyland and Derek X in the HoH

    Kyland running scenarios


    • #3
      ( this costume ... lol )

      A LOT of talk about what will the Powers be ...
      Kyland wants to know if a person can purchase a power tomorrow.. on the spot .. or is it something that can't be done right away


      • #4
        Kyland told Derek X that he will ask everyone who they want to go up ... that way it gives him some time to figure out the powers...
        He also says that if he doesn't like who they say .. he will just change his mind ..
        Derek X laughs
        Kyland laughs
        Kyland says don't tell them that part


        • #5
          Derek X - if I'm speaking objectively .. it would be Alyssa and Britini ..... but ... I'm pretty sure if Alyssa goes on the block.. she would go home.. so I wouldn't want to antagonize Britini .. so I would put up a Real Pawn ... like Big D

          Kyland questions why would Big D not be mad ...

          Derek X tells him when he was HoH .. he ( Big D ) volunteered to go up a a pawn


          • #6
            Kyland says he's going to figure out 2 quick questions . that they can answer yes or no .. or just a one word answer ...

            They go over "who do you think" possible questions he can ask ...

            Who do you think is going to win the $100 ... etc.

            He wants do his one-on-one quickly before it's time to make his nominations that the others can't talk before it happens...

            Kyland is talking a mile a minute....

            ( even Derek X is confused )

            Derek X - what are the questions you are asking....????


            • #7

              Derek X tells him he worries that they are going to say hard targets .. who won't be good for his game

              Kyland says he obviously won't put up him ( DX ) or Sarah Beth ...


              • #8
                And.. now we are back to possible "Who would you" .. questions...

                Derek X offers suggestions... ( over and over )

                Kyland .... mmmmm

                And we circle it all again ...

                Derek X- why don't you jus sleep on it ....

                Kyland - maybe I will only ask the first question... but then I really want to know the answer to the second question .. so maybe I'll ask both..but maybe I will only ask the first one ...


                • #9
                  Derek X heading out ...


                  • #10
                    Kyland says maybe he will ask Big D .. ( I think he said .. who he can trust ?? )

                    ( I ran it back twice and I can't understand him )

                    Derek X tells him good idea.. that Big D will be way better at it .. and then it doesn't associate them .. ( him/Kyland )


                    • #11
                      Big D and Kyland talk about Tiffany and Azah's behavior after the HoH Competition ..


                      • #12
                        Kyland - I said ( to himself .. during the HoH competition ) that I know one of the 6 is going to win ... but I don't know if it should be you ( Tiffany) after what just happened with Britini....

                        Derek F- mm hmmm

                        He tells Kyland at the end of the day .. all this will blow over ....

                        Talk turns to Sarah Beth

                        Kyland tells him that he would take her out .. if it came down to it .. and it was best for the 6....

                        Derek F tells him not to shoot himself in the foot... he has to do what is best for his game...

                        Kyland talks about him and Sarah Beth being targets next week ....

                        Derek F- at the end of the day .. you are smart... you know what is best for you game.. and what is going to get us to the end.. take time to think about it .. soak in the fact that a lot of us could get some powers in our hands.... and a lot of us ,,, know that we are going to have to lose some people... but as long as it ...

                        feeds cut

                        back quickly ...

                        Derek F - you have to put up 2 people.... you can always put up Claire as a pawn ... you could .. I know it's the last thing that you want to do ... you could put up SB and let her know she's a pawn ...

                        Kyland kinda laughs...

                        Derek F- or at the end of the day... you might have to put up one of us ...

                        Kyland - I don't want to do that ...

                        Derek F- I can't believe I'm saying this ... but it might have to be like Azah and Alyssa ...

                        Kyland - what do you think.. if I asked Azah ... say that I'm targeting Alyssa .. and would you want it to be you ( Azah ) or Britini up here

                        Derek F- you could do that .... but oh lord... I can't see Britini up there again ....

                        Kyland - I know


                        • #13
                          Kyland - I feel like I have nothing to lose if I do that ..

                          Derek F- then just tell her .. tell he that you can't put up SB,, because that is your person .. and you want to have Claire as a back up .. if Alyssa comes down...

                          Kyland - okay .. I might need your help in the morning...


                          • #14
                            Kyland brings out his board...

                            Ky to Big D - no one has seen this ...

                            Big D - Kyland, what in the ****ing Bob the Builder is this ???

                            ( LMAO )


                            • #15

                              Kyland uses the board.... to "explain" his plan to ask 2 questions... use the candy pieces

                              He tells him he's going to ask the questions .. use the pieces to demo .. and then at the end.. he will show people that is what they decided

                              ( okay that is a WAY scaled down version of the round and round that came out of Kyland's mouth )

                              Kyland to Big D - and then I would just do what I wanted anyway ...

                              Big D- okay .... Inspector Gadget.. it's your HoH ... I'm fine .. I mean.....

                              Kyland - I know it's crazy .. it's 5 in the morning.. I'm in this donkey costume.. I'm a jackass ... ( he laughs )

                              Kyland says he will talk to Azah in the morning..

                              And then......


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