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Live Feed Updates 8/15 - Day 40

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/15 - Day 40

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    Currently @ 4:53 AM BBT
    Kyland and Tiffany are still up plotting/planning

    They re running through a multiple of scenarios of who should win HoH next ... who they would target.... who should save their money .. and use it on the coin toss ...

    Kyland says he thinks that Claire should win HoH next week ...

    Kyland - if SB somehow won the veto .. would Claire put up Alyssa as the renom?
    Tiffany says she thinks she could make her understand why that should happen, without exposing the 6 ...

    Tiffany - none of the 6 needs to win HoH ...
    Kyland - but if you did ... could you put up me and SB?
    Tiffany - yes ...
    Kyland - okay .. so if you or Claire win HoH .. you put up me and SB ..

    He says then they could vote out SB

    Tiffany - there are 7 people voting ..

    They go over it again ... that Alyssa would be the remon ... and then Xavier would be her only vote ...

    Kyland - okay we are good

    Tiffany- I don't think that anyone else in this house .. is planning like we are ..
    Kyland - oh no ... no ...
    Tiffany- well other than DX


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      Tiffany - I'm still trying to figure out when the double eviction will be
      Kyland - ooooo whew.. I know

      Tiffany- I think it will be that after that 3rd week ( after High Roller's Room ends )

      Kyland - I feel pretty good .. that after we get to 6.. that X .. would prefer ... that Azah goes first .. over you .. because of his relationship with you .. and all that you have had with her ...

      Tiffany- that's when I get nervous ...

      She says they need to get some sleep

      Kyland -we are in the the Big Brother house .. I just won the veto ....
      Tiffany- I know .. good job Ky.

      And they are quiet ....


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            Super Quick Catch Up....

            Derek F had a long talk with Azah .. telling her that he really needs all of the 6 to be on the same page ..

            Derek F to Azah - for the first time.. in Big Brother history ... we have 6 ... POC..... plus Alyssa and Derek X .. that's 8 ... POC in jury ... ..this is the first time where we can show America.... no matter what.... if we set out minds to something .... say we are going to get these 6 POC..... to the 6..... we do it. ....

            Derek F told that he told Kyland to use him as a pawn ..
            Derek F - I didn't want you touching that block at all..... if i can't win this game.. I don't want any of these ****ing men winning this game.... . it needs to be a POC woman..... I'm not going to take the risk of you being up there

            He tells her he didn't know that Britni would go on the block .. he thought he'd be sitting next to Claire .. ( when it was time for voting )

            He also told her ( again ) that it wasn't Kyland's fault that Tiffany didn't win the HoH ...
            He told her that Kyland was standing there .. waiting for her to pick the answer.... she is the one that got it wrong


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              Tiffany talk ABOUT Azah to Hannah

              Tiffany told Hannah that Azah doesn't trust Kyland .. and she doesn't care for her ( Tiffany's ) game play ... and she doesn't trust Hannah ... but she's trying to trust her...
              She says Azah likes Big D .. and she's trying to get closer to Xavier


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                Xavier talked to Azah and Tiffany .. about coming together ...
                He talks about how just playing this game.... things are already tense...

                He tells them they don't need to make worse by having tension between our group

                They hashed out the whole Christian vote issue .. along with the talking to Britni alone issue ..

                Xavier to Tiffany and Azah - last week .. I was ready to evict all y'all mother ****ers... I'm out here running around.. Azah upset.. Tiffany upset... Big D smoking cigarettes inside... I was like what the **** is going on

                They all laugh ...

                Xavier to Azah and Tiffany - we're in a pressure cooker... social experience... and they were probably eating that up. ... black people fighting. .. the key is .. we try to not let that happen ... at the end of the day .. .. we can never lose sight of the bigger picture.....

                Xavier talks about how he wanted to fight for Christian to stay .. but they took a vote .. and the vote was for him to go ..
                He said was eating him up inside.. and even though he was pissed... and that was his boy... but he knew he had to go ...

                Xavier - I even said .. before this season.. what I plan to do .. is a black person is going to win Big Brother US this season ... .and I can never lose sight of that .. no matter how close I get to these people

                He says that they can never let someone out of the 6 .. get in the way of the 6....

                Tiffany says they already made history ... just look at the jury ...
                Xavier tells them that they have to keep fighting for the 6.... to get to the end

                Xavier- we get down to the 6.. that ensures that a black person will win Big Brother this season ... that is something that inside this house .. we are going to be happy about .. but outside this house .. all that marching that people were doing last year... all that fighting that people were doing in the past year... for the President that didn't give a **** about any of us ... that is where this is a victory for all of them ... so ..if that means I gotta lose Christian and you gotta lose Britni and you gotta lose Claire... that's kinda what has to happen .. because it's so much bigger than us ... and we can never lose sight of that ..

                ( this was a much longer convo.. of course.. but that is the jest of it )

                At the end .. Tiffany and Azah hug it out


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                  Here's how the Powers from the High Roller's Room work ..

                  We already know this one - Veto Derby - Bet on one of the player's competing in the veto competition.... if that house guest wins .... you earn a second veto ( ( Bets were $50 )

                  Next week -

                  Chopping Block Roulette - Win .. and you'll have the power to remove a nominee... a spin the roulette wheel will determine their replacement ( that will cost you $125 )

                  And then .. the next and final week ...

                  Coin of Destiny - In this game.. win .. and you 'll have the chance to overthrow the HoH with the flip of a coin.... if you call correctly and the HoH is yours ( $250 is the price for this one )


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                    Also.. Claire's punishment ended.

                    ( that's it for me tonight ... gotta early and long day tomorrow )


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