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Live Feed Updates - 8/18 - Day 43

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/18 - Day 43

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    Ky is in the HOH room. Talking to the camera about how he would really like to try just for once playing this game for only himself. That he wants to be asked to return to BB in the future to play again, maybe an All Stars. That he wants the opportunity to play the game 100% for himself. Says this season he can't, top priority is the 6 and getting them to final 6.

    Ky says he's trying to build enough trust between himself, Xavier and Derek X that Derek X won't feel he needs to win the next HOH, and even if he does, he won't put either of them up.

    Ky says that Derek X is smart, and even with him not knowing about the 6, he thinks this truly is best for all 3 of their games, that it is too soon to take a shot at each other.

    Ky says he honestly loves Derek X, and wants him to go far in this game, but that sadly due to Cookout he can only go to top 7.
    Ky says these new powers change everything and now make Derek X to big of a threat to keep in the house.

    He tells the camera it has become important that Derek X now leaves next week. Top priority. But that he can't take that shot. That it has to be Big D or Azah, or maybe Xavier.

    Feeds cut.


    • Diane40
      Diane40 commented
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      I agree with Kyland. Play the game for yourself, as it was played in the beginning of this show. Nothing is more aggravating is when your favorite person helps out the others and ends up in the jury house. While the person he was helping goes on to win. No! Play for yourself and to heck with the others.

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    Ky saying he values the mission of the 6 more then he values himself and his personal game.

    Ky says if the 6 can accomplish their goal, represent that they came together and were committed, and make sure one of them wins, it represents Black Achievements, Black Success, and maybe they can inspire some kid in the future. Says he knows that this is reality TV and not held on the highest esteem but it will still inspire people after centuries of not seeing Blacks have achievements.

    Feeds cut again.


    • #4
      Back again. Ky saying how if you've never seen anyone that looks like you achieve this goal before it is difficult to not feel inspired by that. Says that is why he's committed to this above his own game and his own feelings.
      Says if you're a fan of a player not in the 6 I hope you understand the love and feelings we have for all of them are real. That outside of the house he would put himself in front of a moving car to save Derek X or SB because he loves them that much.
      but in the house they'll be ok.


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        Xavier comes in.

        Ky says no you should probably go, the meeting with Derek X went really well. That they convinced him not to go for HOH.
        Xavier said ok and left.

        (So I must have turned it on right after this meeting with Ky, Derek X and Xavier)

        After Xavier left the feeds cut again.


        • #6
          Britini and Derek F in their bedroom. Big D talking about cutting off some jeans into shorts.
          Azah comes in and checks on them.
          The girls leave and we are treated to Big D in his underwear contemplating what to wear today 😉


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            Britini goes into the coral room, SB laying in bed. Britini tells her that their suitcases came today, for her and Big D to pack.
            Britini saying she got 10 hours of sleep last night and she's wound up and full of energy.

            Xavier is checking through the house for his favorite hoodie. Wonders if someone thiefed it. Then remembers he put it away with his own clothes lol.

            Xavier planning to go workout. Tiffany is sleeping on a living room couch. Big D still in his underwear packing and going through all of his clothes. Azah went back to sleep in their bedroom.

            Derek X, Claire and Alyssa in the kitchen not game talk. Comparing the memory wall and players to plants. Flowers. Britini would be a yellow tulip. X would be an oak tree. Alyssa a rose with thorns.

            Feeds cut.


            • #8
              Ky in the HOH room alone, he's using chess pieces to represent different players and their votes. He's not really saying info just names over and over.

              Camera changes to Big D and Azah . He's still packing. She's still laying in bed. No game talk.

              I changed cameras and found Hannah and X alone talking. Whispering very softly. It's hard to catch over background voices from the kitchen.

              Xavier saying something about taking out Big D nBw and saving Britini for later. (I can't tell if this is plan or he's telling her about someone else's plan, maybe Derek X)

              He tells Hannah that Britini wants to talk to her. Hannah tells X that she thinks Alyssa needs to be the last one out over Claire. Says Claire and Derek X are both very very smart people.

              Last edited by javandee; 08-18-2021, 01:46 PM. Reason: Edit, it was Hannah but i thought at first itwas Tiff


              • #9
                HANNAH says up to now we've been working chronologically, let's work backwards and figure out the order with powers and possible battle back and DE.

                HANNAH talking about Alyssa being last they can convince her to use powers for them not against them.
                Then Claire. Then....I can't hear.


                • #10
                  Ok Hannah called to DR. Xavier heads to bedroom with Tiff to talk.

                  Tiff says that Britini campaign to her makes sense without Big D being part of the 6. So she says she understands why to Claire keeping Britini makes sense, because she's not coming from the Cookout perspective.

                  Tiff says when Claire talks to her about ask the reasons to keep Britini over Big D she doesn't know what to say to her, because the only reason she has is the Cookout and she can't say that.


                  • #11
                    X tells Tiff to try and say that anybody can beat Big D so he is easy to take out. Tiff says Big D is not even campaigning or trying and that makes it harder.
                    Tiff says from Baby D or Claire perspective, there's no reason to keep Big D around for DE. That Big targets are the ones who go in DE.
                    Tiff says none of them are waiting for DE to take a shot at Big D, that's the time they'll take shots at the threats like Ky or Xavier.

                    Tiff says I just don't know how to argue keeping him over Britini to Claire.


                    • #12
                      Tiff says she understands why the others are scrambling, they don't 5 or 6 strong people backing them like the Cookout does. Admits if she didn't have the Cookout she would be scrambling right now.

                      Tiff says Claire isn't going to go with a 5-3 vote, or a split vote, would only try to keep Britini if it was going to be a group/ house vote.
                      Claire wants to know if everyone is afraid to do it because of Ky, wants to know why everyone isn't looking at the big picture and thinks it is because everyone is scared of Ky.


                      • #13
                        X tells her to remind Claire at any point she can beat Big D and that Britini is the better competitor.
                        Tiff says not many outside of the 6 have a relationship with Big D. Tiff says Britini and Claire are both girls, and Britini has told her she's not going after her for a long time, but Big D has not done that with Claire at all.

                        Tiff says I'm not arguing for keeping Britini, I'm just saying I see why Claire is saying these things and I don't have good arguements to keep Big D without exposing the 6.


                        • #14
                          Tiff says it is hard because Claire knows that Britini isn't coming after her, and also isn't coming after Tiff. She says the hardest part is that Claire has no idea where Big D's head is for the future because he doesn't talk game.

                          Tiff says right now, from that perspective, Britini isn't coming after them for 2 weeks, but she doesn't know if she's a target for Big D and that scares Claire.


                          • #15
                            Xavier says tell Claire that Britini has been on the block 3 times and been a pawn and Big D never has so he doesn't know how to campaign because nobody is targeting him.

                            Tiff says well in that case, if Claire is on the block against Britini she might have a chance but if she's on the block against Big D she thinks she goes home no matter what.

                            Xavier and Tiff say most of the arguments they can try to use to keep Big D or Britini they kind of cancel each other out.
                            Xavier says maybe say that Britini wins things and is impressionable and can be convinced to do things, and Big D doesn't win and does his own thing even if he does.

                            Ky comes in. Says instead of him grabbing people, people need to come up to talk at different times today.

                            He leaves and feeds cut.


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