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Live Feed Updates - 8/19- Day 44

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/19- Day 44

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  • #2
    Here's how tonight played out...

    Britini rapped her why you should keep me speech ...

    Live Voting:

    Xavier - Britini
    Hannah - Britini
    Claire - Britini
    Derek x - Britini
    Azah - Big D
    Tiffany - Britini
    Sarah Beth - Britini
    Alyssa - Britini

    By a 7 - 1 vote, Britini has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house and becomes the first member of the jury.

    Kyland planted a big kiss on Big D .... just after Britini's eviction ...

    Julie Chen asks Britini why she thinks they evicted her now
    Britini says she had a good story ... and they did not want her to make it to the end... they knew she could beat them in the F2 ... she takes it as a compliment.

    Julie talks about her high amount of BB Bucks from America ...
    She says she didn't use her money .. because she wanted to wait to play roulette ...
    She says she thought she was okay, with the deal that she made with Kyland ...
    She says that Kyland is a liar .. and now everyone .. including America knows it ..

    Julie asks if she only feels betrayed by Kyland or are there others...

    Britini says Claire and Tiffany mostly.....
    She says she knows that Claire was really trying to fight for her this week... Tiffany not so much.

    Britini says that a lot of people are playing scared and she's curious to see when moves are going to start happening

    Her goodbye messages were from, Azah, Xavier, Claire and Big D

    Julie asks what is the best thing that you are going to take away from this whole experience?
    Britini - the fact that I'm here.. it's unheard of for someone like me .. to be sitting here with you ...

    HoH Competition - "Dash to Dinner"

    One at a time.. attempt to navigate the balance beam course.. on your way to dinner
    Balance beams are different.. some are slim... some are wide.... chose your path
    You are on the 45 second clock...
    If it expires before you make your way to the restaurant ... you are out

    Claire ( by random draw ) is first ... her time was ... 34.97
    Alyssa - made it to the very, very end.. tripped ...her foot hit the ground...and she's out

    Big D - his time ran out ... before he was at the end ... ( but almost at the end )

    Sarah Beth - 21.03

    Azah - is out ... she could not beat SB's time ..
    Hannah - is out ,,, she also could not beat SB's time
    Tiffany started out on the skinny beam.... she is out .. she also could not beat SB's time

    Derek X tired to take the slim ( very slim ) balance beam .. he fell.. so he had to start over ... he was 21.04 .... just before the buzzer

    Xavier - also tried the very skinny balance beam out of the gate... he fell .....

    Xavier fell .. had to reset .. and he also could not beat Sarah's time...

    Sarah Beth is the New Head of Household

    And.. it's time to vote ...

    What will new Head of Household Sarah Beth do?
    Will this just be another Kyland HoH .. or will she cause chaos in the house this week?
    What drama will the roulette wheel spin in the house ?

    The drama continue on the Live Feeds...

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    • #3
      When the feeds returned...

      We had Derek F complaining ....

      He tells Azah that there are no comps built for him ...

      Derek F- nothing for a fat dude to do........this is bull****.....


      • #4
        Azah to Derek F - I don't know what home girl ( SB ) is going to do.... she'll probably put me up ...
        Derek F- I don't think so ..
        Azah - we will ... definitely need to use the power this week..... are you going to use your power?
        Derek F - I won't have enough for it
        Azah - yeah .. you will


        • #5
          Xavier with Big D and Azah

          Derek F - I'm so over Big Brother making these games for all of you skinny bitches...... there's nothing that has anything to do with me being strong. .... I should have said.... let me lose all of my weight..... and be a skinny bitch


          • #6
            Sarah Beth and Kyland celebrate in the Storage Room

            He tells her she's so happy for her ...
            She says she knew she could beat the girls.. worried about DX .. X and Alyssa ...


            • #7
              Sarah Beth to Kyland - the more I think about it,..... I don't think it's a good idea to put you up...... nobody is going to take you down
              Kyland - my preference would be DX and Claire....... cause of what happened this week but it's your HoH


              • #8
                Claire and Azah ...

                They talk about the roulette game....

                Azah to Claire - I don't got no money for the roulette

                Claire tells her that she thinks she could get the higher one this time around...

                Claire asks if Britini got 100 last week ...
                Azah tells her yes...
                Claire tells her that she won't say anything....

                She tells Azah that she thinks that the money that people would have voted for Britini to get ... could go to her ( Azah ) .
                Azah - I didn't do nothing.. she ( Britni ) won the veto


                • #9
                  Tiffany to Derek X- they are going to make you spend your money.... that's what they want ...

                  (remember she and Kyland had that talk yesterday ..and he told her that either DX spends his money this week .. or DX goes home )


                  • #10
                    Tiffany and Derek X talk about being the Have Nots this week ..
                    Tiffany tells him that Kyland wants to volunteer to be a Have Not too ...


                    • #11
                      Alyssa tells Xavier that they need to point out to Sarah Beth that Tiffany was mad/upset when Derek X didn't win ( the HoH ) ...

                      They are trying to figure out if they should play in roulette....

                      They think that SB's target will be Hannah


                      • #12
                        Derek F to Xavier - I've never felt so defeated. ... this ****ing bitch going to put me right back on the block


                        • #13
                          Kyland to Big D - you have to trust me ...
                          Big D - I don't want to be a pawn again ..
                          Kyland - I understand .. and I'm working to make sure that doesn't happen

                          Big D tells him that it's time for the girls ( of the Cook out ) to step up


                          • #14
                            Kyland tells Big D and Xavier that there will NOT be 2 Cookout members on the block together .. unless he ( Kyland ) is one of them ...


                            • #15
                              Big D tells Xavier that Derek X needs to be Sarah Beth's main target...

                              Xavier- that's what we need to work on ...

                              Big D - that mother ****er put her on the block.


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