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Live Feed Updates 8/20 - Day 45

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/20 - Day 45

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    Currently @ 4:36 AM BBT


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      Kyland - I think we know what the options are
      Sarah Beth - I don't even know the options ... she laughs

      Kyland - I think it's Claire and Big D ..... or me and Claire

      Sarah Beth - and you think that Claire is the best person for you to sit beside ?

      Kyland - I do .

      Sarah Beth - okay.

      Kyland - but... I don't know if it's me and Claire or Claire and Big D ... kind of just want to check in with these people .. get a vibe .... I think that would make me feel good... if I could do that in the morning

      Sarah Beth - I guess I could talk to Azah.. and be like Azah, if I do not nominate you or Big D , are you willing to play if I ask you to and take Ky down, if I ask you to, and see what she says.

      Kyland - yeah

      Sarah Beth - but no .. she's targeting you .. there's no way she will take you down ...

      Kyland - fair enough ..but I don't think she's going to be able to play ( he's thinking she won't earn enough money )

      Sarah Beth -you never know though

      Kyland - that's it .. you never know .. but I still think I bet more on Alyssa getting money .... or anyone that is not Azah or Claire getting money ...


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        Sarah Beth - it's probably better that Azah and Big D don't play

        Kyland- yeah

        Sarah Beth - okay ... forget them .. I can just ask Hannah.... I can ask her if she would play .. and if there is anyone that is sitting next to you.. where she would not take you off ...

        Kyland - besides Baby D

        Sarah Beth- I'll just ask her .. is there anyone that you would not take him ( Ky ) down .. if he was sitting next to .. and see what she says...

        Kyland- okay

        Sarah Beth - she will probably just say Baby D .. and then I can touch base with Baby D .. and say .. you are going to take Kyland down ... is there anyone that you would not take him down if he was sitting beside .. and see what he says ..

        Kyland - yeah


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          Sarah Beth - and then I would have to touch base with Alyssa.. tell her obviously it's not going to be Xavier ... but is there anyone else that he ( Ky ) would be sitting next to . that you would not take him down .. I feel like she would take you down ....

          Kyland - yeah

          Sarah Beth - - I don't think it would be smart for her to play .. but I think she will do it .. and if Baby D plays.. I think he would beat her ...

          Kyland - I get you. And, I think I'm feeling ... I'm feeling more good about it ..

          Sarah Beth - then I will touch base with Tiffany and say .... no .... then .. I will touch base with you ( Ky ) .. if I feel good about all of that ... and my decision is to put you and Claire up .. then I have to touch base with Tiffany and Claire.. and basically draw the line in the sand...

          Kyland- what are you going to tell them ??

          Sarah Beth - I guess I will just tell Claire, that I was feeling good about her .. that I 100% wanted to work with her... but .. now I'm in a position that I've been told that she was campaigning for Britini to stay ...

          Kyland - ooh ...

          Sarah Beth - and that she knew that Britni would come after me and you .. and so that makes it where I can't trust her anymore ..

          Kyland - wait ... you don't have to do that though .. because even out of the gate.. if she feels like... you are willing to leave me up .. that's because there is the veto ... and you can pull her off with the veto .. that's the same thing I played with her .. until the veto .. and it was like at the end of the day .. I'm putting you and Kyland up ... but this plan .. involves neither of you going home... in fact.. maybe we tell them that it's for Alyssa and X .. and then we sit down with Alyssa and X .. and tell them .. the fact that WE ( he didn't emphasize that .. I did ) aren't putting them up at all ... they will feel more inclined to believe us .. and say hey, this is the plan .. and this is what we had to tell Claire ... so .. if Claire runs to you ( Alyssa/X ) and says .. hey they are trying to back door you ... you guys ( Alyssa/ X ) know .. you won't see that ... and even know that if WE get House Guest choice.. we will be ****ing picking you ... just know that.. say you prove to us by using the power . and we will prove by picking players choice or whatever... I feel like them not being up at all.. say hey .. the fact that we are willing to risk this.... with Claire.. we are not willing to risk either of you .. Claire is close to DX .. they are not close to DX ...

          he falls silent ...

          Sarah Beth - ummmm I just don't know if she will take that ...

          Kyland - she has no choice.... it would be like.. well I guess that it's better that you just leave then .. if you don't trust me ( to Claire )


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            Sarah Beth - I am just concerned that I'm not going to have time to have all these conversations in the 2 hours that I have

            He says he understands.. and that even Big D and Azah's convo could be afterwards.... since she's not putting them up anyway

            He says he can talk to Alyssa and X for her

            Sarah Beth - that means I'm showing my cards to both Tiffany and Claire .. that I am protecting you over them ...


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              Sarah Beth - I don't know what I could tell Claire

              He tells her to just tell Claire that she wants to go after Alyssa and X ...

              They circle around it ... again ...

              Sarah Beth - it just gets so complicated .... I don't want it to get complicated .. can I not just tell her the truth ...

              Kyland - I wouldn't do that

              Sarah Beth- I'm not saying tell her the truth about me wanting to back door DX


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                Kyland tells her that if Claire even thinks she's a target.. that she will tell DX and then DX will play to pull Claire down ...

                Sarah Beth- how does Claire being a target.. have anything to do with DX ?

                Kyland - because she ( Claire ) will tell DX .. that if she's a target.. then they probably have their suspicions about you ( DX ) so you need to win and save me.. that could be their conversation

                He tells her again that what he did with Claire last week.. she has a similar situation this week ... where she ( Claire ) will feel the same.. like hey I don't like this .. but ... I can't freak out ..because if I freak out .. I have no chance of being saved.... and if she ( Claire ) doesn't freak out .. like she didn't with him.. then she had a chance to be saved... and she was . then she freaked out after she was saved.. but it is what it is ... but she didn't freak out before ...


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                  Sarah Beth - but I still don't have anything to tell her ... you see how complicated it gets.. before Nominations . I would have to find Tiffany .. tell her that I'm putting Claire up for these reasons... and tell her that I'm going after Alyssa and X ... and then find Alyssa and X .. and tell them .. that I'm putting Claire up .. BU T.. I 'm telling her that I'm going after you guys .. but .. I'm not . then I have to find Claire .. tell her she's going up ... and tell her that i'm going after Alyssa and X .. even though I 'm not ...

                  Kyland - no .. you are making it more complicated than it is .. we don't have to get Tiffany onboard with that . right out of the gate... we have time to do that after nominations .. we have hours after ... before the High Roller .. .. I just have to talk to Alyssa and X ...

                  Sarah Beth - but I'm too controlling.. I am going to want to talk to them

                  He says he can talk to them . and tell them that they need to talk to her

                  Sarah Beth- oh God...

                  Kyland - I know . I know .. I know

                  He goes on and on and on .. it's a risk.. but... once this happens .. people do what they do.. trust who they trust ... they kept cool.. it's all they can do ...


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                    Sarah Beth tells him that she has to have all those conversations .. to see if people feel good . and if they don't .. then she would have to have a whole other set of conversations

                    He tells her no ... ( well he said way more than that but )

                    Sarah Beth- I think it's a whole lot to avoid a 1 in 6 chance that you go up .


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                      Kyland - I'm pushing for it .. and if I do go home... then it' s not on you ...

                      Sarah Beth - but I don't thin you understand .. it trashes my game.. it would be the worse HoH .. in the entire history of HoH's ...

                      He tells her no ..

                      Sarah Beth - I just wish there was someone else to put you up with besides Claire...

                      He tells her it doesn't matter.. everyone ( that is not up ) will still be suspicious ...

                      Now there's a whole debate on who DX trust more ..Kyland or Hannah

                      He says Hannah
                      She say him ( Ky )


                      • #12
                        Sarah Beth keeps saying . she just doesn't know what to tell Claire ...

                        Kyland rambles on ...

                        Sarah Beth- but she ( Claire ) is going to want to know why her ...

                        He goes on and on ... tell her this .. tell her it's beside of that ... etc.


                        • #13
                          Sarah Beth - so I could kinda act to her that it's not worse case if she comes down ..
                          Kyland- exactly ..

                          He keeps going ...

                          Sarah Beth- I'm going to throw up


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                            Kyland - this double the chances of me coming down ...

                            Sarah Beth- I think that it would just be easier ..if I tell her that there is a chance that she comes down ...

                            Kyland - why would you want her to come down ...

                            Sarah Beth - I know but ... .. I guess I could just say that I want the power to be played ..and I know that with you up there DX will play ..

                            They debate that whole thing again ...

                            Kyland - I do think that DX would play .. and take me down .. but then he's off the board ( as a back door ).. and I would rather get him out this week ...


                            • #15
                              Sarah Beth - now I'm scared that even if did want to get him ( DX ) out this week.. I don't have the votes

                              Kyland- if I'm off the block.. then you have me, Big D, Alyssa and X ...

                              They run the numbers...

                              Then talk about what if DX wins veto ...

                              Then they talk about how they might not know who wins the roulette ...


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