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Live Feed Updates 8/21 - Day 46

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/21 - Day 46

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    It's Power of Veto Competition Day .. and if you've already read yesterday's Live Feed Updates ... you already know that today is also the day that determines Derek X's ( DX ) fate in this game.

    ** if Derek X's ( DX ) name isn't one of the chips that comes out of the bag .... or if Claire doesn't get HG choice and ( not even 100% certain she would .. but she should ) pick up .. he's toast .. so it would be a short waiting on fate to decide kinda day for him ( even though he's said more than once, that he feels good if he's on the block next to Xavier, that he thinks he would have the votes to stay ) ... If he gets picked ... he literally has to fight for his life to win the Veto .. ( and sheesh.. it's super hard to tell if he really, truly even tell if he comprehends that ... surely he does ..right ? right? .. and if he doesn't well that's BB and that's on him ) #1 rule - NEVER FEEL COMFORTABLE IN THIS GAME.

    We'll bring it all to you right here ... as the day plays out.


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      The Power of Veto Players are:

      HoH - Sarah Beth
      Nominees - Claire and Xavier
      Picked Players - Alyssa, Azah and Derek F

      Host is Derek X


      • #4
        Alyssa tells Sarah Beth this is best case scenario.

        Alyssa- Azah said she would use it.... I'll use it..... X would use it. ... and Big D said he would use it as long as Azah isn't going up.
        Sarah Beth - Azah isn't going up.... we just have to worry about Claire

        Sarah Beth if Claire comes off..... do you still think Azah and Big D would keep Xavier?
        Alyssa- 100%


        • #5
          Derek X tells Claire that he doesn't think that it's horrible if Sarah Beth wins.
          Claire - I don't think so either..... she might keep them the same.... but I can't imagine her target isn't one of us

          Derek X tells Claire if Azah wins.. he thinks he can talk to her ...

          He says he could bribe her with the anonymous HoH ( for next week .. if he won the Coin Flip power )


          • #6
            Hannah to Derek X - do you think that Saran Beth .. would keep the nominations the same?
            Derek X - I don't know at this point
            Hannah - Azah might...... or Big D.... but I don't think Big D is going to win.

            He tells Hannah that it's time for Claire to win

            Hannah - if Claire wins.. she takes herself down ..
            Derek X says he knows .. and it's all good ..

            Derek X - I don't care if I go up next to X

            Hannah tells him .... ideally nominations stay the same... and that Azah winning would be their best case ... of the nominations staying the same ...

            Derek X tells her .. he wants Claire to win .. then Azah .. and then Sarah Beth .... that's his ideal order ...


            • #7
              Tiffany, Hannah and Derek X

              Derek X to Hannah and Tiffany - best case scenario.......Claire wins... and then I go up next to X,

              Tiffany tells him that she doesn't want him going on the block ...


              • #8
                Tiffany encourages Claire .. telling her that she can win ( veto )
                Claire says she was crying in the DR


                • #9
                  Alyssa tells Hannah that she really wants to win this .. so she can be the one to take Xavier off the block .. since he was put on by her win of the roulette...


                  • #10
                    Alyssa, Xavier and Big D speculate on what the veto comp will be....
                    They wonder if it will be Hide and Seek Veto
                    Big D says he hopes not ...


                    • #11
                      Not much going on at the moment.. I'm breaking away ...


                      • #12
                        Derek F asking Sarah Beth if she wants the nominations to stay the same... or what ..
                        She tells him that if he wins.. she would like him to use it ..because she wants Xavier off the block ...
                        She promises him that Azah will not be going on the block

                        Derek F to Sarah Beth - I've always trusted you .. but it did make me feel good.. when you said " someone is going to play for you, and you are going to come down" ( talking about when she nominated him ) ...

                        Derek F- to Sarah Beth - going into next week .. we are good .. and Azah feels the same way.


                        • #13
                          Derek F to Sarah Beth - if you want to take a big hit.. Derek X is the only one that I know of that's going to be able to play next week ( for the power ) ... and I know that he was the one that tried to flip that vote ( talking about keeping Christian, sending her home ) and that pissed me off

                          Sarah Beth - yep

                          Derek F - and if he ( DX ) doesn't win HoH ..he's going to go for .. if he's here ...

                          Sarah Beth - yep


                          • #14
                            Sarah Beth tells Derek F that she's curious .. if Claire should come down .. if Derek X was up with X ... would he and Azah keep X ...

                            Derek F - oh .. of COURSE

                            Sarah Beth - if noms stay the same.. I think that Claire will go home...

                            Derek F- and even if Derek X goes up and Claire is there .. DX goes home...


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                              ( now I'm breaking away )


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