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Live Feed Updates 8/23 - Day 48

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/23 - Day 48

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    12:27 BBT

    Currently on Pet Cam since about 12:10 BBT

    Veto meeting
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      We're back. Sounds like Derek X is on the block.


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        Confirmed. Xavier removed himself from the block and SB replaced him with Derek X.


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          Just after the veto meeting....

          Tiffany joined ...


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            Derek X to Claire - every time I think about not playing the roulette.... I want to kick myself.... it's frustrating

            Claire to DX - - Ky positioned himself very well
            DX - - Xavier is better positioned than Ky


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              Derek X to Claire - I should of been more fearful and less trusting


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                Thanks KennyERJ

                ( sorry ... crazy busy day ) ... I'll catch us up

                Hoh room
                Sarah Beth, Kyland, Alyssa, Xavier

                Xavier and Alyssa doing a lot of talking about Derek X ...

                Sarah Beth telling them that she wants to work with them .. and Kyland

                She says it's smart for her game...

                They agree .. they want to work with her and Kyland ...

                Kyland tells them he's been thinking and he thinks out of the 3 of them that can play for HoH .. that it's best that Xavier wins .. especially with his 3rd nominee punishment ...
                He says it's increased the factors of having less total voters, when he is the 3rd nominee...

                Sarah Beth - the only thing I think about going into next week ... we do have a chance right now .. that even if someone put me and Kyland up .. next week .. and you are the 3rd.. there is the possibility that Big D would win ( Coin Flip ) and take 2 of us down ..

                Alyssa says she think if X wins next week... that she thinks that people would be looking at him .. as more of a target the next week .. when he's the 3rd nominee...

                They continue to circle around what ifs ...

                Xavier - everything worked out for the best.. the goal for the rest of this week .. is to make sure your target walks out the door

                Sarah Beth - all we need is one more vote ..and I'm pretty sure we have Big D .... I'm pretty sure it will be 6/1 ...

                They talk about how no one in the house has looked badly at someone giving their former team member a sympathy vote

                Sarah Beth - would you guys want to make it official .. "official" .. like give it a name ??

                Alyssa - OH .. a NAME . what should we do ??!!

                Kyland tells them that none of them .. the 4 .. should take out one of the 4 ...

                Kyland - I would to make a name and make it be all the way

                Xavier- the Crowns? The Kingdom?

                Alyssa- no ...

                Xavier- can't be the Royal Foamily ..

                They agree they like the "Kingdom" ...
                Then decide no ...

                Sarah Beth- w e could ne the Monarchy ...

                They LOVE it .. and put their hands in to make it OFFICIAL

                They decide there's no reason they can't all hang out .... because everyone already assumes they are working together ...


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                  Who's the king or queen? Lol im mad at them all right now!

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                Sarah Beth and Kyland say they feel good about what just happened...

                Kyland talks about them getting to the F4

                ( pretty sure that's not part of the COOK OUT plan ) ...

                Sarah Beth tells Kyland that if he, Alyssa or Xavier wins HoH .. she' feels good about her game...

                She tells him she's grateful to him .. because she would not be able to make this move .. without his support...

                Sara Beth to Kyland - we'll be in a good spot.. this week gives me a really strong argument for .....why I should win the game....

                Kyland- of course it does .. of course it does!

                Sarah Beth - I felt like you were so ahead of me in the game.. but now .. I'm like one competition behind you ..

                They talk about how they are okay with Xavier winning the next HoH

                Sarah Beth- it might be stupid..but I trust them right now .. and for you .. if you don't win .. you don't get any blood on your hands...

                Sarah Beth says if Alyssa wins.. it takes the heat off of her .. for being the only girl that has won HoH ...

                She says if it's her and Alyssa on the block .. she thinks she could stay ...

                Kyland says that with DX gone . there's no one that he minds taking a shot at now ...

                Sarah Beth says her next target his Hannah ...

                Kyland says he's good with anybody ...


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                  Tiffany to Sarah Beth - how are you feeling ?
                  Sarah Beth - it kinda hurts... I don't fee like I had a lot of control over my HoH ... and when Derek X looked at me and said he was not coming for me.. I believe him ... but ... I still think this was the best decision

                  Tiffany out ..
                  Derek X in

                  Derek X tells Sarah Beth - no hard feelings
                  She says it's no personal
                  He tells her he understands...


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                    Poker Room ...

                    Kyland - I was very conflicted... I'm not done thinking...... and I'm sure you are not .. and I'd be disappointed if you were .. and right now.., I'm in a personal battle... with things....

                    Derek X tells him it's a hard spot ..and that every step this week was a L ( loss ) for him ...

                    Kyland to Derek X - I can definitely see a scenario where you get to a point your campaigning .....where the optimal thing for you to do is to campaign against me and SB.... and should that ... be the case..... I would hope that we could talk before then ...

                    ( I can't )

                    Derek X to Kyland - do you think it's possible for me to campaign against SB independent of you?

                    Kyland- I think that it is .....and I think that..... is a conversation .....that..... I'm trying to figure out to have with you.... because ... the present moment... it's very unlikely that I ....would be behind that campaign .... but ... I'm not ... here to ...

                    Derek X - I don't think that campaign would win me additional votes.... I think it would only lose me .. against SB

                    Kyland -that's what I'm saying... I think that .... I think that you ... I .... you know I ... I didn't come here to not get to the end. ......I think that I would be remised..... to that commitment ... not consider the possibilities .....of what is my best route.... and I'm not ... ummm... and with the people on the block .. it's hard.... and with the person that is HoH,'s hard to not go with that..... but to suggest I've stopped evaluating would be my best options .. would be incorrect

                    Kyland to Derek X - it's weird. I'm asking for you pitch me .. what would that look like.... on a path ....that you are still here.. and me in spot where I don't lose SBs trust.. I think that is a question ... that I ...

                    Derek X - do you think after this week .. SB makes it far in this game?

                    Kyland - that ...

                    And the feeds cut....


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                      Derek X tells Hannah that Kyland pretty much told him .. that the meeting that Alyssa/Xavier/Sarah Beth and he was in .. after the veto meeting .. was them ( Alyssa /Xavier ) saying that they ( the 4 ) ... control the house .. if he ( DX ) is gone ...


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                        Derek X talks to Big D telling him that he knows he can win competitions .. and if he helps him this week.... he ( Big D ) will have him ( Baby D ) for the rest of the game...

                        Big D tells him to give him some time.. he's still trying to put the puzzle pieces together

                        Derek X tells him again .. he's good .. if he stays and wins the Coin Flip ..


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                          And then ...

                          Derek F to Kyland - DX goes ... then Sarah Beth .. and then Claire .. and then Alyssa ...

                          Kyland -yeah ... I think that is the ideal scenario.


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                            Have Not Room

                            Derek F .. Kyland.. Xavier ...

                            Derek F - how are we going to get the 3 of us to the end?
                            Xavier- when we get down to the 6..... each of us is guaranteed to play in every veto comp,, and we can run the HoH's ... and the Vetoes ... until we get to F3 ...
                            Kyland agrees ...


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