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Live Feed Updates - 8/26 - Day 51

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/26 - Day 51

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    Earlier today ...

    Tiffany to Kyland - you bowed down like a little *****. ..... one of my best friends in this house is leaving
    Kyland - what does that have to do with me?
    Tiffany- Sarah Beth..... your girlfriend..... put him on the block..... you let her


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      Here is how tonight played out ...

      Derek X - There is someone in this house that I believe is playing a Nicole F game. If I stay, I can take this person out.

      Live Voting:

      Alyssa - Derek X
      Hannah - Claire
      Kyland - Claire
      Derek F - I sadly to evoke Derek X
      Tiffany- Derek X
      Azah - Derek X
      Xavier - Derek X

      By a vote of 5/2 - Derek X has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house and becomes the 2nd member of the BB Jury.

      Julie to Derek X - I'm going to stop calling you that nickname...... I can tell that you don't like it ...
      Derek X - no ... I don't mind.. I didn't know it caught on like that
      Julie- I can say nothing...

      Julie- this has been a bad week for you
      Derek X- it's been rough

      Julie - you lost out to Sarah Beth by 2 seconds, you chose not to play chopping block roulette, you weren't picked to play Veto, how are you feeling ?
      Derek X - you can tell by my face .. it sucks.... I have so much regret for this week... I was thinking about the long term game, while I didn't know my short term game was at risk ... I can only hope for a Battle Back ... No risk, No reward... but I took a little bit too much risk

      Julie- America voted to give you to give you the top amount that they could of, to play in the High Roller's Room ... what do you have to say to them?
      Derek X - America, I love you so much, thank you for voting for me, I'm sorry I let you down, I feel stupid. But, I tried my best in there.

      Julie -- we saw you and Hannah grew very close, it looked like there could be a are both very game focused .. what's going on?
      Derek X- yeah .. we are game focused... Hannah is amazing. I love her a lot but in there you have to have 100% of your energy focused on game.. or you end up sitting in this chair ... we both had our head in the same place.

      Julie- does that mean outside the house you two might start dating?
      Derek X - expect the unexpected

      Julie- Ohhh Derek X ... I Love it ... .. throwing it back at me.

      Derek X's goodbye message will be on Julie's extended interview ... on Paramount Plus.

      Head of Household Competition - "BB NFT's "

      Julie- Earlier the House Guest had a chance to study the memory wall... where the BB NFT's were dropped ...

      Julie - True or False questions about the NFT's ... get it right, stay in the game, get it wrong, you are immediately eliminated , last HG standing, wins HoH

      There is a chance to win extra BB Bucks, as you are eliminated, pick up an envelope, you will open it in secret when you enter the High Roller Room, later this week.

      Q1 - Xavier, Azah and Claire are out
      Q2 - Kyalnd and Derek F are out

      Q3 - All ( Tiffany, Alyssa and Hannah ) got it correct
      Q4 - Alyssa and Hannah are out

      Tiffany is the new Head of Household

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        Once the feed are back

        Tiffany, Claire, Azah and Hannah in the Storage Room

        Talk is about BB Bucks
        lots of whispering

        Then ... celebrating

        Tiffany - we're freaking safe.. we're freaking safe.. we're freaking safe ...

        Tiffany to Hannah- I owe you..... you helped me study so much. .....I just remembered everything that you said
        They hug

        Azah hugs Tiffany and tells her - I'm so proud .. I'm so happy

        Tiffany leaves the SR first....


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            Kyland joined Tiffany and Claire
            Talk is about the questions in the HoH comp

            Kyland saying that he's surprised that Hannah got that question wrong ...

            Hannah joins them

            Tiffany thanks her again for studying with her ..

            Hannah to Tiffany - I'm really proud of you....... we needed to win and you made that happen

            Hannah - I'm not about to put on one of his (DX's) sweatshirts... I'm not about to look like Gina Marie.. I'm putting on my own clothes ...

            They laugh


            • #7

              Hannah to Azah - SB is sitting at $50.... even if she gets $100 ( in her secret envelope ) ,.....she would have to get $100 from America in order to play. ... I don't see that happening

              Hannah tells Azah that even if Alyssa gets 100 .. she can't play ...


              • #8
                Tiffany to Ky - I hope I'm ready for this
                Kyland- you're ready .. the only thing is obviously ... is .. no .. you're good .. in any situation ...
                ( he says something about Xavier ) but the feeds cut

                to Alyssa and Xavier ...

                Alyssa tells Xavier that she thinks that Tiffany will most likely put up Sarah Beth and Kyland

                Azah and Big D talking
                He says that the boys have to win next week to take out Claire
                Azah to Big D - you are fine.. you are fine..

                Kyland joins them ...


                • #9

                  Tiffany tells Claire and Hannah that Sarah Beth is her target...

                  She tells them that she told Kyland that she's going to have to put him up next to Sarah Beth and he can win veto ...
                  She says she told him that Sarah Beth can't win Veto ..

                  Tiffany saying that she wants to force Alyssa to show her cards between Xavier ( who will be the 3rd nominee due to he punishment earned ) ... and Sarah Beth ..

                  She says that she wants to bring Alyssa closer to them .. make her feel like she won't come for her and X ...


                  • #10

                    Tiffany tells Kyland that Sarah Beth is her target....
                    She tells him that Sarah Beth cannot win the Veto ...
                    She talks about how Claire will be the next target....
                    She says she can't take that shot ... she won't be able to play in the next HoH


                    • #11
                      Sarah Beth to Azah - I would have to get 100 from my envelope and 100 from America. I..... just sent home Baby D.... . I ain't getting 100

                      ( and especially not after her DR statement of - " America and wipe their butt with the BB Bucks " )

                      Azah - oh Baby D
                      Sarah Beth - I know. I'm sorry
                      Azah - don't apologize to me
                      Sarah Beth - it helped your game .. at least this week .. I'm a bigger target than you.


                      • #12
                        Tiffany , Derek F and Kyland in the kitchen ..

                        Derek F to Kyland - you need to stay far away from Tiffany.
                        Tiffany- I think he should
                        Kyland - not until the noms, ..... then we are not friends....before that ... we are friends

                        Tiffany told Derek F that he's going to think he's going on the block ..until he doesn't see his face...


                        • #13
                          Derek F telling Azah that he thinks he's going on the block ...


                          • #14
                            Tiffany to Azah - I can't wait to give them her speech - you ( Sarah Beth ) send my friend Derek X home... I told you that was a mistake.. put your god damn heart glasses on and go ( ??? )


                            • #15
                              Tiffany and Kyland

                              Kyland - you are ready .. this is set up for you .. the 3rd nominee ( Xavier ) works out best for you
                              Tiffany - I would actually like to keep him ( X ) on the block .. so that Alyssa has to vote for him ... she will have to vote against her ( SB )
                              Kyland- you're right
                              Tiffany- that's why I wanted to talk to you both about it ... that is just what I am thinking is best

                              Kyland- yes.. the only trouble that I could see that we could run into is ... what the comp is.. if it's something that we can' throw it .. or something that me and X are favored to win ...
                              Tiffany- I understand ...


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