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Live Feed Updates 8/27 - Day 52

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/27 - Day 52

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    Super quick catch up from this morning

    Tiffany and Alyssa talked and came to an agreement.
    Tiffany will not put Alyssa on the block this week.
    If Alyssa wins veto, Tiffany is fine with her saving Xavier.

    They talked about not doing Sarah Beth's "dirty work" for her.
    Tiffany talked about how if Alyssa goes, then Sarah Beth has Xavier and Kyland for herself.

    Tiffany asked Alyssa that if next week .. she ( Tiffany ) is on the block for whatever reason... she would have Alyssa's vote for her to stay
    Alyssa told Tiffany that she could "100% make that deal"


    • #3
      Tiffany to camera- she ( Sarah Beth ) knows exactly what to do to stay in this game. .... and just like she did everything in her power to send Britini to jury... I'm doing everything in my power to send her ( Sarah Beth ) to jury right behind Derek X.

      Tiffany - it would be sweet revenge... and I'm not even a vengeful person


      • #4
        Feeds are down ( and have been for 45 minutes or so ) for Tiffany's nominations


        • #5
          Head of Household Tiffany nominated Sarah Beth and Kyland for eviction.

          As a result of his punishment from the previous veto competition, Xavier is the 3rd nominee for the week.

          Sarah Beth, Kyland and Xavier face the threat of eviction this week.

          Of course, there is the Coin of Destiny power that awaits the house guests who can play in this week's High Roller Room.

          -Coin of Destiny = $250 BB Bucks to play.
          The winner of the Coin of Destiny can call a coin toss. ... if they call it correctly.... they get to anonymously overthrow the HOH's nominations for the week.


          • #6
            Tiffany talked to the camera saying that she feels good .. she hopes everything goes according to plan .. she has one mission .. one job this week ... she started it .. now she has to finish it ... ( getting SB out ) ....

            She asks for you American to be on her side.


            • #7
              Tiffany and Sarah Beth

              Tiffany told Sarah Beth that she considered Xavier and Alyssa ... but she feels like she ( SB ) and Kyland are a powerful duo ... and there are some thing about Alyssa and Xavier that she's more comfortable with .... over her ( SB ) and Kyland ....

              Tiffany- specifically Kyland


              • #8
                Tiffany tells Sarah Beth that she knows she would fight for him .. try to save him ..etc.

                Tiffany to Sarah Beth - it's a game move for me.. to be able to disable that ability for him to have you..... I'm sorry that you have to be a part ....of my moves.... but you are the closest thing to him


                • #9
                  Sarah Beth tells Tiffany that it makes sense if Kyland is her target...
                  She says that she hoped that he ( Kyland ) would not be her target.... but it's her game .. and she respects her move.


                  • #10
                    Tiffany tells Sarah Beth that Kyland is a big target for the house ...

                    Sarah Beth tells her that if Kyland wins veto .. then it doesn't look good for her ...

                    Tiffany reminds her that Xavier is also playing in the veto .. and that is one reason why she felt good about making the move she did

                    ( okay y'all know that Kyland is NOT Tiffany's target )

                    Tiffany tells Sarah Beth that it's better for her ( Tiff's ) game ... if Xavier stays so she doesn't mind if he wins veto ...
                    Sarah Beth says that Xavier staying could also be good for her own game...


                    • #11
                      Tiffany to the camera - I just lied to that girl's face. ...... probably the boldest lie that I've told in this house......
                      She says she doesn't know if she's lied like that to someone's face... but's a game... and there are no rules
                      She says that SB has to think she's not the target this week
                      She says that it might even get her SB's vote in jury .. you never know ...

                      She tells you America that Sarah Beth would have lied to her too


                      • #12
                        Feeds went back down .... ( probably the Coin of Destiny Power game )


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                          • #14
                            Feeds are back.. doesn't seem like it was for the Coin Flip power ..
                            They have a new "nomination couch' ( rather than 2 chairs )


                            • #15
                              Tiffany told Xavier that SB thinks that Kyland is her target
                              They speculate what if SB wins veto
                              They say they won't let that happen ..

                              ( I can't stay .. so I'm out for now )


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