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Live Feed Updates - 8/28 - Day 53

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/28 - Day 53

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    It's Power of Veto Competition Day ...


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      Tiffany to Claire - this is the first week that me and you have guaranteed safety
      Claire- I know!


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        Tiffany to Claire- who would have thought .. HoH at the same time ...

        They celebrate with a little sing-song dance.. "we're freaking safe.. we're freaking safe"

        Tiffany- we are guaranteed top 8 ...


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          9:45 BBT

          Went to puppies and kittens.

          HGs were talking about they told them it would be at 10:00. I am assuming they were talking about picking players for the veto and that's what the puppies and kittens are.

          Sarah Beth was speculating that the veto comp may be zing bot since Tiffany was overthrown. There's no visible HoH to pick a host and read the instructions.


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            Players for the veto are:

            Sarah Beth

            Xavier picked Alyssa

            Azah is hosting
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              Not much was going on. Some HGs were napping or meditating (?). Alyssa, Hannah, Derek F, and ?? were in the dining room chit chatting.

              1:15 BBT we went to puppies and kittens again. (POV early this week?)


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                4:20 BBT Still on puppies and kittens. 3 hours and counting


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                  Hannah won veto


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                  5:41 PM BBT Back! Hannah won POV


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                    Hannah - I won the Power of Veto ... now I have the power to send Sarah Beth out the door....I'm so excited about this...

                    Hannah said that she gas the potential to take Xavier off the block.
                    She also said that she won a movie night and can invite people to join her


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                      Hannah to Tiffany- I knew that Sarah Beth went really fast...... I beat her by 23 seconds.

                      Hannah to Tiffany - we are sending Sarah Beth to Jury ight after DX...he would be so proud

                      ( I'm not actually home right I'm doing this in the car.... I will catch us up later}


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                        Kyland and Xavier are talking about what Hannah might do...
                        Xavier tells him that he thinks that they both will still be sitting on the block on Thursday.
                        Kyland says she might use it on one of them....he says its not necessary...but she could
                        Xavier tells him that he doesn't see either of them getting a vote ...

                        ( I will be back as soon as I can )


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                          Tiffany to camera- Hannah won the Power of Veto. .... that means .. in one week.... I won HoH,.... Claire won Coin of Destiny and became the anonymous HoH....., and Chaddha won the Power of Veto.

                          Tifffany - us three women had a golden week and are going to get y'alls girl SB out of this house ...

                          Tiffany - don't mess with us....they took out our boy DX ( she points to the bracelet that he gave her before he walked out the door ) ...

                          Tifffany - she (SB) gotta to... tried to tell you.. tried to tell you ... SB, he ( DX ) told you .. that's a bad idea... I even told him ( DX ) to tell her ( SB ) "send me out of this house and you are going to be right behind me"

                          Tifffany - she gotta pack her bags cause she gotta go, America...... Hallelujah..... it's been a long time. coming... .. I've been waiting on this .....since at least week five ...but even before then..... when Christian was on the block.. and she was beside him.. I was ready to flip the house to send her outta here ... but I had to respect DX then .. he was HoH .. but timing is everything....

                          Tiffany - three women won all of the power this week.... and not just any three women.... the three women that are working together., Me, Claire, Chaddaha ... . I can't wait until she ( SB ) walks into that jury house and Derek says "who sent you?".. and she'll say .. well Tiffany won HoH and put me on the block.. and Claire won the Coin of Destiny and kept the nominations the same.. and Chaddha won the Power of Veto and kept Sarah Beth on the block....

                          Tiffany- that's sweet revenge .. I'm happy


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                            Tiffany to Xavier - are you pouting? Don't pout
                            Xavier- girl, I'm a grown ass man .. don't be saying I'm in here pouting ..

                            Tiffany - how you feeling?
                            Xavier- I'm good ...

                            Tiffany- to Xavier - the girls are happy they are finally winning something...
                            Xavier I'm proud of y'all.
                            Tiffany - it feels good to win something. ...we've been feeling like a bunch of losers.....

                            Tiffany - we just wanted to help y'all out ..
                            Xavier- I'm happy she won something ...

                            Tiffany to Xavier - she ( Hannah aka Chaddha ) could use the veto on you ......but for purposes of us hiding..

                            Xavier - how much does that make sense?

                            Tiffany - .it doesn't makes sense... it would be like "why did she do that?"??

                            Tiffany to Xavier - we all gotta take one for the team

                            Xavier - says the woman that has never been on the block

                            They hug .. she tells him she loves him ...
                            She says she doesn't know what she wants to say in her goodbye message.... ( to SB )

                            She says she will think about it ..

                            She says she doesn't want SB to be bitter...

                            Xavier- I think that is when you just pump them up

                            Tiffany- yeah .. say it's just a game ... you are a threat to me.... she is my biggest threat.. not on a personal level.. she's playing a really good game...

                            He tells her yes, yes.. yes...

                            She says she will keep that all in mind...

                            He asks if everyone feels like he's upset ?

                            Tiffany - they do think you are pouting .. but I know you are not ... but you did get beat by a girl...

                            She teases him that he had an opportunity .. he failed.. and he can eat her ( Hannah's ) dust .. she beat him ... etc.


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