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Live Feed Updates 8/29 - Day 54

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/29 - Day 54

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    I'll catch us up ...

    Tiffany talked with Xavier ...

    She told him that she's afraid to leave him on the block with Ky and SB ....
    She says she doesn't know what Kyland would try to pull...
    Xavier says he agrees

    She talks about how if they use the Veto on X .. that Kyland is going to feel a certain way ... he will know that his plan on trying to keep SB won't work She says that she thinks that Kyland will feel betrayed by her ....

    Xavier tells her that at the end of the day .. it's Hannah's decision to use it .. or not use it .. not hers ( Tiffany's )
    She tells him that Kyland told her that he doesn't want to be on the block on Thursday .. because it will be "bad for his resume"
    She says that everything he says/does in about his self-interest
    Xavier agrees...


    • #3
      Derek F and Xavier talked about the Cookout ...

      Big D says he knew from the "get go" that he was going to work with all the African American players.
      They talk about all that they've been through ... up/downs/arguments/emotions but they kept the 6 intact...
      Xavier tells Big D that he said in his BB interview .. that he would make sure that the first African American winner in Big Brother US history. would be crowned this season ...
      Xavier to Big D - my job this season is.. I want to win 100% .... but .... in the event that I don’t .....I want someone to win that looks like me does
      Big D agrees ...


      • #4

        Kyland talked to Sarah Beth ...
        He does plan on pitching to Hannah to use the veto on him ...and that he thinks that after he talks to her .. that she ( Hannah ) will say YES to using the veto on him ..
        She tells him that she will be thrilled if that happens ..
        They hug it out


        • #5

          Hannah and Claire discussed using the veto on Xavier

          Hannah tells Claire that she thinks by taking X off the block.... it will cause Kyland to ruin any relationship that he has been building with X

          Claire agrees saying that she feels like Kyland and SB feel like they might have a chance to get out of this ..... and with X off the block.. they won't ..
          She also tells Hannah that she worries about Xavier trying to rally votes to get Kyland out over SB ... because he's probably more worried about Kyland coming after him than Sarah Beth ...

          Claire to Hannah- Right now I feel like Ky and SB feel like they can get out of this. X hasnt had to show any cards. I worry about X trying to rally votes to get rid of Ky. I feel X would be more worried about Ky than SB coming after him

          ( we know that's not true ... but Claire doesn't have a clue )

          They both agree that if the veto is used on him... since he's all about loyalty .. that he wouldn't come after the 3 of them ( Hannah, Tiffany and Claire )

          ( we know this is true for Hannah and Tiffany ... but not so much Claire ... but that's what she's going with )

          Claire tells Hannah to talk with Xavier .. see where his head is ..
          She says again that she believe it will gain them some loyalty ... by taking him off the block ...
          She tells Hannah if she wants to take him off .. she's fine with it .


          • #6
            Hannah talked with Big D and Azah about the possibility of taking X off the block
            They both say that they are fine with whatever she decides to do
            They agree that whether she uses the veto on X or not .. he isn't going home...

            Hannah tells them that he worries... because Claire and Alyssa don't know about the Cookout ...
            She says she worries that it could be a tie vote ( if they all 3 stay on the block ) and that Claire would break the tie .. and send Xavier home...
            She talks about how Sarah Beth is the target this week .... her target .. because she just sent DX home...
            She says the way to ensure that SB goes home.. is to use the veto on X .... that way she's only sitting next to Kyland .....


            • #7
              Hannah tells Xavier that everyone is onboard with her using the veto on him
              She tells him that she knows that Kyland will be upset/mad at her
              Xavier tells her that they will take care of that .. for her ...


              • #8
                Hannah and Tiffany agree that Kyland wants to come off the block.. so that Alyssa goes up .. thinking he can flip the vote to get Alyssa out this week .. rather than SB


                • #9
                  Kyland tells Xavier that he knows that right now .. the vote to take SB out will be unanimous ...
                  He says he would like to come off the block.. so that he can give her a sympathy vote...
                  He says that right now .. SB is feeling like this is personal ...

                  Xavier to Kyland - you want to get pulled off so you can give SB a sympathy vote?

                  ( LOL ) ( read that like you think he said it ... )

                  Kyland - yeah .. a real vote.. sympathy vote... that way .. I would feel that it would give her some sense of hope to hold onto for the next couple days


                  • #10
                    Xavier- to Kyland - - if me and Alyssa are sitting next to each other.....she wouldn't be getting a sympathy vote

                    Kyland says that she could under the same scenario ...

                    He goes on to say that the vote could even come from Xavier ... BUT .. he would rather it come from him ...

                    Kyland - I have underestimated how much people dislike her .... it means more to me now..... than it did yesterday to be able to cast that vote

                    They continue to talk ...

                    Kyland still trying to convince Xavier that he ( Ky ) should be the one to come off the block

                    He leaves to check on the chicken ...


                    • #11

                      Xavier alone now says - no .... who does this man (Kyland) think he playing with?


                      • #12
                        Tiffany tells Hannah that when Kyland talks to her .. that she ( Hannah ) needs to feed Kyland's ego ...and you don't do that by shutting him down ... you do it by making him feel that he's smart.. that he's making good arguments ..
                        She tells Hannah to just tell him that he's given her a lot to think about ..


                        • #13
                          Cam takes us back to the Xavier and Kyland convo ..

                          Xavier- Hannah pulls you down.... who goes up?
                          Kyland - anyone people feel comfortable with.... it could be Alyssa, could be Big D
                          Xavier - how do you think Big D would feel about being a replacement nominee... sitting beside SB and myself .. ??
                          Kyland- I think he is not in a position to have the biggest issue with it
                          Xavier - what do you mean ??

                          Xavier - the assumptio....., I felt like.....was that we would be sitting next to our person.
                          Kyland - yeah .... but then that hasn't happened. ..
                          Xavier- he ( Big D 0 sat next to Britini


                          • #14
                            Xavier -so .... Hannah pulls you down..... you win HoH and you put up Claire..... then Hannah is going to be in a ****ed up position with Claire.
                            Kyland - yeah .. but it's the same thing as SB putting up Derek X... Claire is not going to look at Hannah .. any worse than Claire looked at Derek X .. we can't control any one else's moves.... I don't think that Christian blamed Alyssa for him going up ...

                            He goes on on on ...

                            Xavier tells him he just doesn't see how it benefits Hannah to take him down ... where Claire is concerned...

                            Xavier- if Claire's perspective is everyone is on board with getting SB out..... why would you go?
                            Kyland - we never know... I mean WE know... but we never know ...

                            Xavier asks if he came down .. and won HoH .. would he still put Claire up ?
                            Kyland - yeah .
                            Xavier - - but ....

                            Kyland says he would rather hurt Claire's feelings.. than Sarah Beth's right now ....


                            • #15
                              Xavier - as someone who has been close with someone who had hope,...... I would prefer they don't have hope and enjoy the rest of their time..... when Christian had hope.... it made him stressed..... he was in the have-not room crying...... I think SB would be crying

                              Xavier tells Kyland that he thinks that if SB gets hope.. and then it doesn't go her way ... she's going to feel even more blindsided


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