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Live Feed Updates 8/30 - Day 55

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/30 - Day 55

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  • #2
    Veto Ceremony today - Hannah will most likely use the veto to remove Xavier.
    There will be tears ...
    Stay tuned...


    • #3
      Kyland did talk to both Claire and Hannah at different times today to see about the veto being used to take him down.
      However, it didn't matter.

      Hannah confirmed to him, not long before the feeds cut ( for the Veto Meeting ) that she would be using it on Xavier.

      Feeds down as the Veto Ceremony takes place...


      • #4
        Just to make it official ...

        Hannah used the Power of Veto on Xavier

        Since Xavier was the 3rd nominee

        There was no replacement nominee

        Kyland and Sarah Beth are the final nominees and face the threat of eviction.


        • #5
          Derek F/ Azah/Hannah talked about if it should be Claire or Alyssa that goes home next

          Derek F thinks the target should be Claire, he thinks she's targeting him
          Azah says she's fine with Claire going on the block. but she doesn't think that Claire should go home, she thinks it should be Alyssa

          Derek F - I'm telling you .....if my black ass ends up going home because of Claire won HoH,... don't think I'm going out easy.

          Azah - - if Alyssa stays and she's the last person here ( other than the 6 ) ... and she wins HoH, especially if she finds out about the Cookout...... nobody is safe..... that girl can take one of us out...... Claire doesn't have the capability


          • #6
            Derek F says if he is HoH ..he would put up Tiffany and Claire ...
            Azah tells him that she thinks she would .. for her own game.. put up Claire and Alyssa

            He says that Claire and Alyssa should never go up together .... just in case one of them comes down ... you need the other one to go up


            • #7
              Azah tells him that she wants something on her resume ..
              He tells her to win and make a move

              Derek F tells her that he's not worried about his resume .. because he's been part of every move that's been made in the house

              Derek F tells Azah that if she wins HoH .. she should do what is best for her game...
              He tells her .. but by putting up Claire and Alyssa.... she risks Xavier winning Veto and taking Alyssa down ..
              Azah tells him she understands that .. and if that happened.. her replacement nominee would be Kyland


              • #8
                Xavier alone in the bathroom pacing and talking to himself -

                Xavier - why would you (Alyssa) bring that up?..... why would you let someone know .... hey, you are on an island... what are you doing? ... why would you bring that up ???

                Xavier - say .... hey, you are the last white person left..... what is she ( Alyssa ) doing?... And, you're talking about it .. with the last person .. that is the last white person ... what are you doing??????

                Xavier- - girl, you were about to make it to the Final 7 .... now you have to go next... ...oooh .. no ....

                Xavier - because the only way to keep Claire off of the scent that we not just getting out non -black people would mean Alyssa would have to go,.....which means I have to go on the block again.......

                Xavier- **** ... I think I have to ...... frustration ... mass amounts of frustration ... that's be 3 weeks in a row .... ****.. damn it Alyssa, why would you say that to Claire ??? I told her that she needs to stop bringing that **** up ... ah .. **** .. now she ( Alyssa ) is gonna have to go.


                • #9
                  Tiffany joins Derek F and Azah

                  She tells Derek F that Claire is not coming after him ....

                  Azah to Tiffany and Derek F - Alyssa knows how to be able to get out of situations.
                  Tiffany - Alyssa lies straight to your face..... and another thing is..... Alyssa is so under X's ass that X can't move... if she's gone too long ... she is looking for him ...


                  • #10

                    Xavier to Hannah - I mean even if you though that .. why would tell that to the only other white person ... why would you put that out in the universe?

                    Talk turns to Kyland....

                    Xavier- I don't want his (Kyland's) ego to be any more inflated and he is going to want to do more information gathering...... I'm sick of that ****.
                    Hannah agrees
                    Xavier - I'm sick of him dictating.
                    Hannah- I don't want him having a third HoH before most of us have our first .. if it's between me, Ky and Alyssa .. I'm going to go for it...

                    Xavier - if it's between me and Ky.. what do you think I should do
                    Hannah - give it to Ky .. we don't want

                    Feeds go to BE RIGHT BACK


                    • #11
                      Once back...

                      Xavier- If she (Alyssa) did win..... I wouldn't disclose the Cookout..... but I could use the circumstances....that ... If you keep Ky around..... he can be a shield..... we can guarantee a person of color wins the game and I think she would be on board with that ...
                      Hannah - but ... if Claire does win PoV....., one of us have to go home
                      Xavier - yeah .. but It think that we could still get out of it...
                      Hannah- yeah .. I don't see Claire winning PoV. .. I mean she has actually done quite poorly in all of the comps she has played in..... and so have I .. so I'm not judging her for that ... but you never know... something could come along that she dominates... and that would be the perfect time for her to show out ...

                      They agree .. best case .. Azah wins HoH .. next best case.. Big D wins HoH

                      Xavier- And then Ky.

                      Hannah- Ky and then me


                      • #12

                        Xavier -.I think the Cookout will be exposed when Alyssa and Claire are both sitting on the block...... that that point.. Claire is not dumb.... Claire would piece it together...... I don't think Alyssa would care cause that would mean we are sending Claire out the door before her.....


                        • #13
                          Feeds cut...

                          Once back ...

                          Talk is about how Kyland was campaigning to have the veto used on him. .and then not ...

                          Hannah - I sympathize for her (SB),..... I really do..... but I'm not responsible for a 28 year old grown woman's feelings.. she took $5,000 from DX and was cold enough to send him home two weeks later.... so I don't care

                          Tiffany joins them ...


                          • #14
                            Derek F and Xavier talk ...

                            Xavier- What do you think is best?
                            Derek- - if I won HoH ... Claire. ... if you win HoH...., Claire.... if anybody else wins...they will take a shot at Alyssa

                            Xavier to Derek- I think if both of them (Alyssa/Claire) go up, ... they will key into the Cookout.... I mean .. I don't really give a **** at that point..... but if we put them both up... they'll realize they are the only two non-black people


                            • #15
                              Derek F tells Xavier that he still thinks that it's best if Alyssa/Claire goin up together ...
                              He says it's guaranteed that you get one of them. .. then the next week... you put up the other one with their person


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