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Live Feed Updates - 8/31 - Day 56

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/31 - Day 56

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    Super quick catch up

    Kyland and Azah talked...
    She told him that she wants to avoid putting anyone in the Cookout on the block
    He agrees
    She talks about how she hasn't been on the block yet and says she would like to keep it that way
    They agree that they wouldn't put each other up
    She talks about putting up both Alyssa/Claire together

    Big D and Hannah talked
    He tells her that he feels good with everyone, aside from Claire
    She assures him he's safe

    I could tell you about Sarah Beth's talk about cats knowing their names or not ...
    Or.. about Kyland's underarm burning
    But .. I won't

    However, that's pretty much the jest of he convos today ...


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      Here's the updated Episode Schedule...

      9/1 - 8pm
      9/2 - 8pm
      9/5 - 8pm
      9/8 - 8pm
      9/9 - 8pm
      9/12 - 8:30 pm
      9/15 - 8 pm
      9/16 - 8 pm ( 2 hours ) * Triple Eviction
      9/17 - 8 pm
      9/19 (Sunday ) No Show
      9/22 - 10 pm
      9/23 - 8 pm
      9/26 - 8 pm
      9/29 - Season Finale @ 9 pm ( 2 hours )


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        Here's how most of the day has been in the BB23 house ..


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          Big D talked to the camera -

          ( We are coming in on him already talking )

          Big D - I'm going to need all your attention .. you know I'm a needy bitch ...

          He did some shout outs to his friends/family
          He asks for them to pray for him
          He said this game is very difficult

          Big D - help me get the strength to keep on going, I'm almost there ... just hopefully.. I can finish this out

          Big D - Also, all the Smokin' Joe Frazier fans.... thank you. I'm doing this for you dad. Remember that.


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            That's Azah .. using one of he boards that Kyland used to map out his strategy ...
            She's going over the days .. comps .. etc.


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                Claire, Tiffany and Azah talk about "the fire" ( from last night)

                Tiffany - the fire started because of the grease in the oven
                Claire- the fire was at the top of the oven

                Claire- there was a steak in the oven .. and it was on broil ... and the rack was very high in the oven ... and there was a lot of oil on it... and meat grease ... so I think the meat grease .. jumped up .. hit the burner... and lit on fire ...

                Tiffany- oh okay ...

                Claire- it's not really anyone's fault.. it could have happened to anyone...

                Azah - I learned my lesson ... now I know ...

                Claire- Classic Jokers, starting fires ...

                Azah - this is true!


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                  Claire in the gym talking to the camera -

                  ( we are coming in on her already talking )

                  Claire- I would like X to leave next week ... potentially .. if Alyssa leaves.. that's okay ....
                  She talks about that Hannah, Tiffany would want Alyssa out ...
                  She says she doesn't really want to take the shot at Kyland
                  She says she thinks her convo with Hannah was good yesterday .. having her ( Hannah ) think about X .. think about Big D .. potentially ...

                  Claire- could Hannah be playing me? Potentially.

                  Claire- I don't really believe that she wants X out ... but .. she knows that shot has to be taken .. Hannah is very smart.... I don't really think she's playing me.. but she could be...

                  The door squeaks open .. she jumps and starts looking at her face in the mirror

                  It's Hannah.. she's in and right back out

                  Claire continues her talk with the camera saying that Azah was asking her yesterday if she was coming after Big D .
                  She says she wants to finish her talk with Azah

                  She says she wants to see where Kyland's head is for next week.... but .. she doesn't want to give him ( Ky ) that much information

                  She talks about how X will come after her ...

                  She talks about how Big D and Azah spend a lot of time talking ...

                  She says that she knows that Tiffany would want Alyssa out...

                  Claire- maybe I can make that not happen ...


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                    Hannah and Claire talking ...

                    They talk about how Tuesday's are slow

                    ( agreed )

                    They wonder if Sarah Beth still thinks that Kyland is the target...
                    They talk about how you can't help but be paranoid on the block ...

                    Hannah - I wonder what I'm going to tell her ( SB ) in my one- on-one tomorrow?
                    Claire- yeah I think everyone feels the same way

                    Hannah says she doesn't want to blindside her ..
                    She says that is bad jury management ...
                    She says if everyone did it that's one thing .. but if some didn't .. that's another


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                      here's a look at the ace bandage on Hannah's wrist ...


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                        Hannah tells Claire that she will probably tell SB that if she doesn't have her vote . she will give her a heads up

                        They talk about how they think a double is coming up

                        They speculate about a Battle Back ..
                        Hannah - how would you risk having someone come back in and give us Covid?


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                          Hannah and Claire run scenarios .. on how they think the coming weeks will play out
                          They wonder if there will be any more powers...
                          Hannah - I feel like this week will be a normal week ... ( not a double ) ...

                          They continue to speculate on how the weeks will go ....

                          ( remember they have a triple coming up 9/16 ) ( perhaps production won't spoil it like they did last time )

                          They whisper " we could put up this one and that one" ...

                          Hannah tells Claire that if she wins HoH .. she's not putting up her.. not putting up Azah ..
                          She says they wouldn't have the votes for Big D ( to go )
                          She says if Alyssa is on the block.. and wins Veto or comes down ( by X ) .. the Kyland goes up ...


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                            Claire to Hannah - is Ky really a target for Alyssa and X?
                            Hannah - ummmm
                            Claire- I know they are saying he is ... but is he?

                            Kyland walks in ...

                            so that convo ended.....


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                              Hannah and Claire -

                              Hannah - I think as far as X and Alyssa.... I can see them putting up Ky ... beside one of us ... but .. I don't think they would start the week .. .putting up you and me... me and Tiff.. Tiff and you ... and let's see.. if it was Ky sitting next to you .. they would probably think they have Azah's vote....

                              Claire- to get out Ky?
                              Hannah - no
                              Claire- to get out me?
                              Hannah- to send one of us home...
                              Claire - oh

                              Hannah - this is just hypothetical ... whether it be you.. me .. or Tiff

                              Claire- but if they wanted one of us up .. they would just put both of us up ... why would the mess around with Ky?

                              Claire - and like if Tiff wins. .and pulls one of us off .. they would put up Ky

                              Hannah- and send one of us home... yeah I guess that's true.. cause I don't see them turning on Azah or Big D

                              Hannah - one of us will see the block next week .. if X or Alyssa wins ... or if Ky wins.. or if Big D wins... so basically .. me, Tiff or Azah need to win ...

                              SB comes in so that convo ends.


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