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Live Feed Updates - 9/1- Day 57

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/1- Day 57

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    Quick Catch Up

    This morning topic of discussion was Sarah Beth

    Tiffany anticipating that what she's wanted will actually happen, seeing Sarah Beth walk out the door tomorrow night.

    Hannah and Xavier also talked about Sarah Beth .... and whether or not her girlfriend Shelly really exist or not ..
    Hannah doesn't thinks she does
    Xavier makes the point that American only ever gave Sarah Beth and Kyland 50 BB Bucks, he says that if they were in a showmance situation, America would have eaten that up, and therefore given them more than the minimum amount of BB Bucks

    They also are still wondering if somehow, someway Kyland and Sarah Beth know each other ( outside of the house)


    • #3
      Azah joined the "let's talk about Sarah Beth and Kyland" train
      She and Xavier talked about the only getting 50 BB Bucks ...
      She talked about "not enough screen time"

      Xavier says that Kyland gets screen time and probably plenty of it ....
      He says the problem is that he (Kyland ) is " long winded and boring"


      • #4
        Sarah Beth pitched to Xavier about her staying ..
        She says she's not a threat ...
        She says she doesn't think it would be smart of her to win this next HoH ...
        She says that losing Kyland, would make her have to seek out other people...
        She says she's willing to work with Alyssa
        She talks about how Tiffany said that Kyland is her target.. but she doesn't know if that's true or not

        Xavier tells her that for him .. keeping her would be good .. because of their relationship ...

        She tells him that she knows that she shut down this week .. with both her and Kyland on the block..
        She says she should have reached out to both him and Alyssa ... more


        • #5
          Sarah Beth also pitched to Derek F
          He told her that he doesn't know what to do
          He says that keeping her .. she's more level-headed
          He says that keeping Kyland would be frustrating ...
          He told her that he thinks that she has the votes to stay .. because Tiffany told him that Kyland is the target...
          He tells her again that he doesn't know what he's going to do .. he's torn ...
          She tells him that Tiffany told her that Kyland was the target... she just didn't know if she ( Tiff ) had told anyone else
          He tells her again that Tiffany told him that last night
          She promises that she will throw the HoH to him if she stays...
          He tells her again that he will have to think about it


          • #6
            Sarah Beth also pitched to Tiffany
            Tiffany told her that she's playing a good game
            She told her that out of all the girls in the house, she's the one that she's the most threatened by
            She told her that she couldn't be sure how long she ( SB ) would work with her if she stayed ...
            And she told her that she knows if they were sitting in the F2 .. she ( SB ) would beat her
            Tiffany tells her that she wants to do what is best for her game.. and that SB saying they could work together would be good for her game... BUT .. she wants to talk to Kyland as well


            • #7
              Sarah Beth pitched to Azah ..
              And then she pitched to Claire ...
              And then she pitched to Alyssa ...

              ( there's not much point in typing all that up .. because we know she's going home .. no matter what she says )

              Tiffany talked to the Camera ... sayign that she was as honest with SB as she could be ..
              She says she really does think she's played a great game.. and that she really is threatened by her if she stays
              She says that she hopes that SB isn't getting to other people with her talk .. because she really wants her to go this week.


              • #8
                The girls are planning some sort of pageant .... with talent ...

                ( I know you can't wait for that )


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                  Super quick catch up

                  Kyland did his one-on-ones

                  Alyssa and Xavier talked
                  She tells him that she thinks the girls will want her out over him first
                  She also told him that she thinks that they ( him/her ) could beat Kyland, BIg D and Azah ... but doesn't think they ( him/her ) could win next to Tiffany, Claire, Hannah.
                  They talk about putting up Kyland and Claire - with Claire as the target.

                  Tiffany and Kyland talked about Claire
                  Tiffany tells him that she would like Claire to get to the F7 ...
                  They talk about Claire going before Alyssa .. and visa-versa .. speculating on how all that will play out .. who would sit next to who ... etc.

                  Tiffany and Hannah are thinking of making a deal with Alyssa, in case she stays until the F7 ... and wins HoH ...
                  They think that then she would put up Kyland/Azah instead of them or one of them

                  Hannah wants Alyssa out before Claire....
                  She says she will throw the HoH .. once Alyssa is out
                  Out of the 6 .. she wants Big D out first ...
                  Ideally, she wants Xavier to take out Kyland ... leaving the women to win HoH and take him ( Xavier ) out.

                  Kyland told Sarah Beth that she will not have the votes to stay
                  She blames Derek X on her current situation
                  She says he ( DX ) was a liar .. and manipulative ...
                  Kyland hints that he thinks there is a "secret alliance"
                  He tells her that he tired to tell her before .. and that if Claire goes to jury next.. she will see that he's right.
                  She wonders why if there is an alliance that he's not part of .. why is he the one that is safe ...


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