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Live Feed Updates 9/2 - Day 58

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/2 - Day 58

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    HoH Endurance tonight ...


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      Here's how tonight played out ...

      Jury House Segment ...

      Britini- I think the next juror is going to be Alyssa, Sarah Beth or Kyland. I hope the last one....

      Derek X arrives at the Jury House.

      Derek X- there were things I could have done and should have done to avoid being in this house ( jury house )
      Britini- what the hell are you doing here? How the hell did you end up here?

      Derek X shows her the balance beam competition where Sarah Beth won the HoH ...

      Derek X- I was thinking, it's not that bad that she won ..

      Britni -no .... you ( DX ) are a back door!

      Derek X tells her that his game went wrong, when he believed that he didn't need to play in the roulette game...

      Britini watches a clip of Xavier becoming the 3 nominee....

      Derek X explains why he didn't play .. .says doesn't think that his decision at the time, was invalid.

      Britni watches Derek X get evicted.

      Britini - Oh My God.

      Derek X to Britini- I was really confused why my arguments weren't going through to them. It all made sense when I heard the goodbye messages. .... all were normal except for Ky's

      He tells her what Kyland's Goodbye message said .. ( that he's been working in an alliance since Day 1 )

      Britini- who is in the alliance?

      Derek X- I think maybe Kyland, X, Tiffany, Azah. ....The ones I'm iffy on are Hannah and Big D
      Britini- you don't think Hannah would have told you though? .... I don't think Big D is in it

      Britini- Azah has Big D, X has Alyssa, Tiffany has Claire.

      Derek X- they all have someone.

      Britini- Ky has SB

      Derek X- here's my theory America, Kyland, X, Tiffany, Azah have been working together since week one.....each one of them are in this alliance but also shielded by their duo. ... they have the votes to send their duo member's almost extremely genius .. and I have to give props to them ...

      Derek X and Britini say they will figure it all out ...


      Derek F - I gladly to evoke Sarah Beth
      Clarie ( secret HOH .. only enters to cast a tie-breaking vote, if necessary ) Sarah Beth
      Alyssa- - Sarah Beth
      Tiffany - out of sympathy for SB .. I vote to evict Kyland
      Azah - Sarah Beth
      Hannah - Sarah Beth
      Xavier - Sarah Beth

      By a vote of 5/1 - Sarah Beth has been evicted from the BB23 house and becomes Jury Member #3

      Goodbye Messages

      Claire - I was the anonymous HoH, and I did put you and Kyland up intending to split you up... this is a move of respect.. it's not personal

      Hannah - when you are backed into a corner, tend to throw people under the bus that you are closely aligned with.. it really is nothing personal ,,,,,but I can't move forward with you in this game

      Aza h - - I had to be okay with you leaving the house.... in order to further a mission ....that's very close to my heart,,,,. God bless you and I do love you

      Kyland - I always meant it when I said I would take you as far as I could n this game...... unfortunately .....the secret alliance which I am a part of wouldn't allow me to take you any further...... I love you and want us to be friends forever

      Sarah Beth - I had no idea there was a secret alliance... I was kidding Kyland about it ... I'm guessing Azah is also in it. I'm not sure who else. ....I will be interested to see what is going on in the house...... but I have total respect for that

      Endurance HoH -

      Julie - Claire will compete .. but she has to throw it ....

      Julie tells the HG that the "Secret HoH" knows that they have to throw this HoH

      Julie- first 3 house guests to fall .. will be the Have Nots for the week.

      HoH Endurance Competition in underway ....

      Big D is out .. he fell off during the Commercial Break

      Alyssa is out ...

      Julie -the Zingbot returns next week ...

      Julie- Next Thursday is a double eviction night...... the next week..... we will be doing it all over again... with another double eviction.....


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        To recap

        Big D and Alyssa are already out


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          Azah complaining that she feels sick
          Hannah complaining about her head


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                Claire is out


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                  Hannah is out


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                    Xavier is out


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                        Azah out


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                          It's down to Tiffany and Kyland


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