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Live Feed Updates - 9/3- Day 59

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/3- Day 59

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    Tiffany's nominations will take place today ...

    She plans on putting Xavier and Alyssa on the block ...
    Alyssa is the target .. ( unless she wins Veto )
    She says that Kyland would be the replacement nominee... ( for now .. that could change )

    Xavier is not happy about Tiffany's 2nd HoH win... he says he thought that Claire was the target this week .. and that's why he dropped out of the HoH competition when he did. He also realized that even if Azah had won ... Claire probably wouldn't have been the target this week.

    He told Big D.. that if he wins Veto ..he will pull Alyssa down ... ( that was said and it could have been just in the heat of the moment last night ) .... we'll see ....

    ( I'm out of town and will be doing the best I can to keep us updated )


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      the feeds have been down for over an hour for Nominations ..

      Here's a quick catch up from this morning...

      Xavier told Big D that he knows that he and Alyssa will be on the block.

      Tiffany told Hannah that once they are in the 6 .... that they can't keep Big D around ... because everyone would want to take him to the end...
      Tiffany told Hannah that she is the only one that she would vote for against Big D in the end... and only because it's her ..
      She said that she doesn't think she could cast her vote for anyone else, that took him to the end with them.
      They talked about how if everyone wants to take him ... that is one less spot for them .. getting to the F3 ...

      Tiffany did give Alyssa a heads up that she and Xavier would probably be going on the block.
      Alyssa tells her that she does have some things to say ..
      She says that if she had of won HoH .. she would not have targeted Tiffany
      She says she wanted to target Kyland ..
      She says she thinks that Kyland would target her ( Tiffany ) and Claire
      She tells Tiffany that if she wants to make some kind of deal ..she's very loyal.

      Tiffany to Alyssa - if I sent Kyland home this week... who would you target?
      Alyssa tells her ... Claire,,, and Hannah or Big D and Azah.
      She tells her that she doesn't know for sure... but she does know she can make her a deal that it wouldn't be her ( Tiff )

      Tiffany told her that she made good points and she will think about it.

      Tiffany told Big D that she would not send anyone from the 6 home... to keep Claire.
      She tells him that she feels like she would be the first to go of the 6 ..
      He tells her that he doesn't know why she thinks that .. because it seems like everyone would take Kyland out first...

      ( that gets us caught up )


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        Currently @ 1:03 PM BBT
        PET CAM ( still )


        • #5
          Feeds back..

          They were locked away in the HoH room ...
          Because .. the small table has arrived


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            so.... no nominations yet....


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              Feeds have been on Pet Cam for a while now ....
              Tiffany's nominations coming soon

              Before the feeds went down again ...

              Kyland talked to the camera - I think think X might take me ( F2 ) because he knows he would beat me...
              I think that Tiffany might take me cause she knows that she would beat me.... and if he had the option ... I think that Big D would take me... Chaddha ( Hannah ) might also... she knows she would lost to Tiffany and Xavier

              He goes on to say that he thinks that Tiffany would cut him at 4 ...
              He doesn't think that Chaddha would ... and he doesn't think that X would ...
              He says he if ( Ky ) makes it to 4 ... he knows he will have to win the Veto ....or HoH ... and if he gets to the F3 ... he would have to win one of the last two no matter what.....

              Kyland - if I win that final one.... I win the game


              • #8
                Hannah and Azah agree that the Zingbot is coming tomorrow
                Alyssa does too .. but tells them that she doesn't want to get her hopes up ...


                • #9
                  Tiffany cam talks about her talk with Big D ..

                  She says he has nothing to offer her..... nothing to suggest to her moving forward... she says even though he said he didn't ... he has F2 deals with several people...

                  She says her talk with him told her one thing clearly ... she is not on his list to move forward with


                  • #10
                    Tiffany continues to talk to the camera .. saying that she knows what kind of game Big D is playing...
                    She says he can't outsmart her ..
                    She says if he doesn't want to work with her ... he's working against her


                    • #11
                      Kyland and Xavier talked about the upcoming nominations..
                      X saying there's nothing they can do about it now ...
                      They will see what the veto brings .. and move on from there ...
                      Xavier tells Kyland that they have to stay with the Cookout
                      Kyland tells him "of course"
                      X says that if Alyssa wins veto .. then it does get "dicey"


                      • #12
                        Tiffany talked with Azah .. telling her again that she was going to drop and let her win the HoH .. but then Azah dropped...
                        She tells her that she thinks she ( Tiff ) will be the first or the second to go ..once they are down to the 6


                        • #13
                          Azah thanked Tiffany for being up front and honest with her...
                          She tells her that the person she wants out first of the 6 is... Kyland


                          • #14
                            Tiffany told Azah that she wants a girl ( out of the 6 ) to win
                            She told her that she wants to move forward with her and Hannah


                            • #15
                              Tiffany tell Azah that she thinks that they guys ( X/Ky/Big D) have a F3 deal
                              Azah tells her that she wouldn't be surprised.


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