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Live Feed Updates - 9/4 - Day 60

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/4 - Day 60

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  • #2
    It's Power of Veto Competition day AND the Zingbot arrives


    • #3
      8:43 BBT

      Feeds back after players picked for veto,


      Big D

      Claire hosting
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      • #4
        HGs are just milling around getting coffee and breakfast and getting ready. A lot of speculating about what the veto will be.

        They are assuming it will be in the "basement" since they got the backyard last night. They also know or are strongly speculating that it is zingbot, so they are thinking about what past comps that have been with zingbot.


        • #5
          About 10:30AM Xavier talking to Azah about how Claire was supposed to be the target this week and not Alyssa.

          Kyland cooking in the kitchen with Claire watching

          Alyssa in the bathroom doing makeup

          About 10:45AM Xavier and Big D talking in the bathroom and Big D saying Tiffany needs to be the first of the six to go.

          All other houseguests in the kitchen eating and chit chatting


          • #6
            Big D and Xavier talked about the veto picks

            Xavier saying that Tiffany could have picked Claire
            Big D tells him that she knew better.... she wants to keep the nominations the same... so she knew she was better off picking Hannah .... cause Hannah can can win more than Claire D


            • #7
              Big D and Azah talked

              Big D - you feel like Kyland is the biggest threat . ( to target her ) . like I feel that it's Tiffany ... ( to target him )

              He tells her that Tiffany and Hannah are going to want Ky to go ....

              Azah tells him that she doesn't think that Tiffany wants Ky to go ...

              Big D - then who is she going to get rid of? I said ... me


              • #8
                Big D and Azah talk about how they hope Alyssa doesn't win veto today ..
                They worry that Tiffany might try to pull something ...
                They say if she did .. it would be the end of her game ( with the 6 )


                • #9
                  Azah tells Big D that if she can't get rid of Kyland.. the next person on her list is Hannah

                  Big D - my hit list is Tiffany, Hannah or Ky


                  • #10
                    Tiffany talked to Big D and asked if he wins veto .. is he going to consider using it.

                    He tells her no ...

                    He tells her that when he was on the block .. Alyssa didn't use it on him .. when she had the power


                    • #11
                      Tiffany talked to Big D and Azah

                      She told them that she does not want to put Claire up .. if the veto is used...
                      She asked them to not use it .. if the win ...
                      They both tell her that they will do what she wants..
                      Azah saying she always tries to honor what the HoH wants.


                      • #12
                        Tiffany tells Xavier that she does want him to go for the veto ... but .. she really wants the nominations to stay the same...

                        She told him that if he has to win it in order for Alyssa to go home... then to go for it


                        • #13
                          Xavier and Azah talk more about how "some people" are playing for their self-interest

                          They talk about how Claire's targets aren't Tiffany or Hannah ... and not not Kyland


                          • #14
                            Xavier to Azah - from a jury standpoint... I don't think any of us can sit next to her (Tiffany) and win.
                            Azah - legit...
                            Xavier - you ( Tiffany ) just gave everybody a reason to want to take you out....


                            • #15
                              Xavier to Azah - I hate selfish play when it comes to us.... ( the 5 ) ... I can't stand that ****... and your ( Tiffany ) reason are ... I just wanted it ( she just wanted to win the back to back HoH )


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