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Live Feed Updates 9/5 - Day 61

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/5 - Day 61

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    quick catch up

    Kyland and Xavier talked about Tiffany

    Xavier tells Kyland that Tiffany isn't in any position to make any demands, like the one that she made last night about her not seeing the block next week, because she has to let Claire go this week.
    He says she can't even be making an demands, she hasn't even seen the block, this whole season.

    Xavier says that Tiffany has 2 options
    She can send Claire home, and possibly take the hit with Claire's jury vote ...
    She can send a member of the Cookout home and be guaranteed there is no chance she’ll win.

    Xavier told Kyland that if Alyssa wins this next HoH .. she will put up Tiffany and Hannah, with Tiffany going home.

    Kyland talks about how Azah doesn't care for him or Tiffany .... so he does worry about going on the block beside of Tiffany

    Xavier talks about how he's telling her ( Tiffany ) anything she wants to hear right now and how he told Big D to do the same... cause she has to put Claire up.

    Xavier - after that ( after Claire ) I don’t give a f***

    Kyland talks about how this week was supposed to be the week that Claire went out anyway

    Xavier tells him that they plan that they came up with last night .... was the same plan that he had already figured out ... but they had to talk Tiffany through it .... and that she wanted to take the credit for coming up with it ...


    • #3
      Xavier tells Kyland that the first chance Tiffany gets .. she will take one of them ( him/Kyland ) out ... – the first chance Tiffany gets she’ll take one of us out
      He talks about her playing selfishly ...
      He talks about how she did this to herself... ( winning HoH, when it was Claire's week to go anyway )


      • #4
        Xavier to Kyland - if Alyssa wins in the double.... Tiffany goes home.

        He also tells him that if Alyssa goes next ( after Claire ) ... and if Tiffany or Hannah do not win the next ( after this coming week ) then Tiffany would still be the first to go ...

        Kyland - what if Tiffany wins the veto?
        Xavier says that then it would be Hannah ( to go )

        Xavier tells Kyland that Hannah has proven that she's strong ... and if they want to ensure that the 3 of them ( Him/Kyland/Big D ) make it to the F3 ... then the need to bring Azah ( as the 4th )


        • #5

          Tiffany talked to Azah about what she will say in her speech to Claire ( when she goes up as the replacement nominee )

          She says she will tell her ( Claire ) that she's been a target for the last four weeks.

          She says she will note that Kyland and Sarah Beth put her on the block
          She says she will tell her that she won this last HoH ... and that she had no plans on putting her on the block.... but if she ( Tiffany ) hadn't of won ... she ( Claire ) should know that she was going on the block and she was going home.

          She says she will tell her that she wasn't supposed to win this HOH... but she did because she was trying her best to keep her safe. ... just like she has for the past 2 weeks when she was on the block ...

          She says she will tell her that now that Alyssa won the veto ...she doesn't have any other options because. she's made a promise to Xavier, Kyland, Azah, Hannah, and Big D .. that she would not put two of them on the block at the same time.

          She says she will tell her that she was never trying to send her home.. and she won because I wanted to keep her safe..
          She says she will tell her that Alyssa was her target to get out of this house..... and if that means she's working with everyone else. ... she is working with everyone else.

          Tiffany tells Azah that Claire is going to know/figure out the truth anyway


          • #6
            Tiffany tells Azah that she would rather go home.. than be the person that sends one of the 6 out before Alyssa ( or Claire )

            They talk about the "what ifs" Alyssa stays in the game and sends one of the 6 home...


            • #7
              6:27 PM BBT

              Tiffany tells Claire that she has to put her on the block.

              Tiffany to Claire - my plan is not going as planned ....
              Claire - yeah
              Tiffany - everyone is looking for a reason to target everyone
              Claire - yeah
              Tiffany - now that I've won my second HoH , they are letting me know, I'm a I don't know what deals I can make to keep myself out of trouble
              Claire - yeah
              Tiffany - and so , she ( Alyssa ) is planning to use the veto on herself
              Claire- yeah
              Tiffany - so, I'm struggling...
              Claire - yeah
              Tiffany- I'm struggling because as best as I could try to keep personal out of the game play .. I'm in a position this week.. where my personal decisions are going to affect my game play ... for the last 4 weeks, we have been targets in this house
              Claire - yeah
              Tiffany- and I know that you specifically have been a target
              Claire -yeah
              Tiffany - last week I wanted to win to keep us safe and this week I wanted to win to keep us safe ...
              Claire - yeah
              Tiffany -now I know that I am more of a target than you are, because of this win ..

              Tiffany - my target was Alyssa,
              Claire- yeah
              Tiffany- I don't have any deals with X, game aside... on a personal preference was I don't want to be the person to send out Azah, Chaddha, X, Kyland, Big D ....
              Claire - yeah
              Tiffany - -I don't want to sit them next to each other and be the one that is the first person to send one of them out ...
              Claire- yeah
              Tiffany - I knew they were all coming for you .. and I knew that they did not want me to win ( HoH )
              Claire - yeah
              Tiffany - I won anyway
              Claire- yeah
              Tiffany - and I was determined to do that .. because I wanted to keep you safe
              Claire- yeah

              BIG PAUSE

              Tiffany - as much as I want to ride this thing out with you ... I don't have any body to put up
              Claire- you're going to put me up?

              Tiffany- I'm going to put you up. I have to put you up Claire, but you more than anybody else in this house, has the opportunity to beat X ...

              Claire- they are just going to vote me out .. like you said .. who ... they are just going to vote me out .. they are just going to vote me out.

              quite for a moment ....

              Claire- Big D is going to vote me out, Alyssa's going to vote me out, Ky's going to vote me out.

              Tiffany- Azah and Chaddha may not .. and then you need one more vote

              Big Sigh from Claire

              Tiffany- I love you ... to death .. I have been so torn yesterday and today

              She starts to cry ...

              Tiffany - there were two things I knew in this game from the beginning, I never wanted to be the one to send you home... I never wanted to be the one to put you in the situation to go on the block ... for your game to be in jeopardy .. you have been with me since the very beginning... game aside.. I knew when I came in this house .. I did not want to be responsible for sending any of them home.


              • #8
                Tiffany to Claire- if X goes home this week, it's not on me.. but if I put any of them up.. I have sealed somebody's fate.. and when this game is over .. when this game is done.... I still have to be comfortable in the way that I've played this game.. I still have to feel ,.. I still have to be able to look at myself.. and feel confident .. and comfortable in the way that I played this game.. I knew they were coming for you .. and I tried best I could .. to put you in a situation ... where you didn't go

                Claire- yeah

                Tiffany - I don't want you to leave.. I am so hurt that I didn't win veto ... that Alyssa is coming off the block .. that I don't have for my own personal game... for me .. to leave this game aside.. I'm .. I'm struggling with my personal decision

                Claire has her down in her hands at this point .. not looking at Tiffany

                Tiffany - I do think you have the opportunity to stay in this game...

                Big Sigh from Claire

                Tiffany- I don't want to lie to you .. I want to be as honest with you as I can ... and I've been trying to build up the confidence enough to look you in the face... and tell you that

                BIGGER sighs from Claire

                Claire to Tiffany- are you in an alliance with them?
                Tiffany - no.

                Tiffany- I have my own personal feeling about how I want to play this game.
                Claire - yes

                Tiffany- and I know that I am probably high on their radar

                Claire - yeah

                Tiffany- and if you go .. I'm behind you .. and that's fine with me.


                • #9
                  Big exhale from Claire ...

                  Silence for a few ..

                  Tiffany- you can be completely honest with me... and tell me exactly how you feel ..because we have been nothing but ...

                  Claire- yeah

                  Tiffany- honest with each other ...

                  Claire - yeah we've been honest ...

                  Tiffany- and I'm not going to sit in here with you and say that I want you to be a pawn .. or something like that .. I'm not going to do that to you

                  Claire- yeah

                  Tiffany - because you are my friend

                  Claire- yeah

                  Tiffany- I care about you ... probably more than anybody in this house

                  Claire- yeah .. I believe you

                  Tiffany- and I do know .. that if I hadn't of won this week ... you were definitely going on the block.. I tried every freaking thing I could... to make sure it was Alyssa that left and not you

                  Claire - yeah .. I know

                  Claire still sitting head in hands...

                  Silence for a few

                  Tiffany- I do still think that you have a chance.... with Chaddha and Azah ... and even Ky

                  Claire- I don't think so.


                  • #10
                    Claire - I think that Ky would keep X over me
                    Tiffany- I don't want you to give up

                    Claire -no obviously not . I won't

                    Tiffany- I have not talked to anyone else .. about my decision .. or what I am doing ...

                    Claire- Tiff, if you send me out... you are next

                    Tiffany- I know .. and I can live with that .. I would rather them send me.. than me send them.. I can live with that ...

                    Claire- I know.


                    • #11
                      Big Sign from Claire .. ( she's crying now ) ( head still in her hands)

                      Tiffany- I'm sorry.

                      Claire - I know.

                      Tiffany gets up .. goes over .. hugs her

                      Claire sobbing now.


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                        • #13
                          Claire to Tiffany- I would have never done this to you.


                          • #14
                            Tiffany to Claire- I know that.

                            Claire crying harder .. says she's sorry

                            Tiffany hugs her again .. says "don't be sorry"

                            Claire still crying hard

                            Tiffany- I am so sorry.. I'm so sorry Claire.

                            Claire crying ...

                            Tiffany hugging her

                            Someone is at the door ....

                            It's Azah ...

                            Tiffany to Azah - can we have a minute?

                            Azah - yeah.


                            • #15
                              Tiffany back with Claire

                              Tiffany -there is nothing that makes me feel like you would put me on the block. I know that. This is the hardest decision, I've ever had to make in this game. I do not .. I swear I do not want to do this . I fought so hard ...

                              Claire- I know.

                              Tiffany - they did not want me to win this one .. I knew that
                              Claire - I know

                              Tiffany - I have the whole house looking at me... and I don't care.. I love you . I want you here.

                              Claire- I know. You have to do what you have to do Tiff.

                              Tiffany- I'm sorry


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