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Live Feed Updates 9/7 - Day 63

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/7 - Day 63

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    ( thanks KennyERJ .. I couldn't get here's been a busy day here in workland! )


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      Tiffany talked to the camera this morning

      She talked about how her reign as HoH is over
      She says she knows how the house is going to vote
      She's going to enjoy her last couple days of privacy ( in the HoH Room )
      And enjoy her last couple days with Claire
      She says that she knows if Alyssa isn't out next... she is .. unless she can win every veto .


      • #4
        Xavier, Kyland and Alyssa talked about how they think this next week is a double.


        • #5
          Claire and Tiffany also talk about how the game will start moving faster... double eviction .. .etc.

          Claire wondering if she has a chance to get Kyland's vote for her to stay.


          • #6
            Hannah and Azah talk about the vote
            Azah tells her that she would love to give Claire a vote .. but she would only do it if she was SURE she didn't have enough to stay.

            They also talked about how once Kyland goes on the block...he has to go home ( after Alyssa )


            • #7
              Big D asked Alyssa if she wins HoH .. is she putting up Tiffany and Kyland
              She tells him yes

              Big D - I'm sending Tiff's ass home... I've been waiting since week one

              She tells him she's fine with either one of them going


              • #8
                Alyssa told Big D that they way she sees the house .... ... it's clear as day to her ... it's her, him, Azah, Xaiver, Tiffany, Hannah, Claire and Kyland.... and if Claire goes ... they can add Hannah to their side... and then it's 5 /2 ( the 2 being Tiffany/Kyland )


                • #9
                  catching us up ....

                  Alyssa and Big D

                  Alyssa continues to talk about how they can pull Hannah over to "their" side...
                  She tells him that the smart thing to do is to wait until right before the vote ( on Thursday ) and tell Hannah that they want her to be part of the "house vote" .... and that they don't want to 'go after her" or "blindside her"

                  Alyssa tells him that way ..she ( Hannah ) won't have the time to tell anyone ( about the vote ) and that she's on "their" side.. and she if ( Hannah ) wins HoH .. she won't be coming after them .. because they gave her a heads up

                  She tells him that Kyland can't know about any of this ... because that way ... he ( Kyland ) and Tiffany are blindside with the vote .. and they will be "frazzled" before the HoH competition and it might throw them off their game.

                  Alyssa asks Big D how he thinks Tiffany will react if they do this
                  He tell her that she will be like "what the **** is going on?"

                  Alyssa tells Big D that no matter what .. it needs to be Tiffany and Kyland on the block next... that way they can't take each other off the block, when they realize what is happening.

                  Big D to Alyssa - she ( Tiffany ) is definitely seeing the block no matter who wins in this double

                  Alyssa talks about how Tifffany's HoH's got to her head... and how the fact that she put up Claire, her #1 person, rather than Kyland ... proves that ...

                  Big D tells Alyssa that he really wants Tiffany out of the house.. he says he can't be in the house with her any longer... he needs her to go!
                  Alyssa tells him that Tiffany wants all the guys out of the house ... including him.

                  Alyssa tells him again that if they can do with with Hannah .. then Hannah will be onboard with them to put Tiffany and Kyland on the block, if she wins HoH

                  Big D tells her that he thinks that if Hannah wins Hoh ..she would put up her ( Alyssa ) and him.... or her and Kyland ... or even him and Kyland ...

                  He tells her that she needs to be prepared....

                  He says that if Kyland wins HoH .... he might put up Azah and her ( Alyssa ) ... or her and Tiffany ... or even Azah/Tiffany ...

                  Alyssa tells him again .. that's why they need to "frazzle" him before the HoH comp ... especially during the double.....

                  ( let's see how BB edits this "Alyssa's plan moment " .. that's been happening over the past 24 hours ... especially her take on Tiffany putting Claire on the block rather than Kyland .. and how she's somehow is part of the reason that happened )


                  • #10
                    Hannah and Tiffany talk about what Kyland will do if he wins HoH ..

                    Tiffany tells her that if he doesn't put X on the block .. then they know ... and if he puts either of them ... on the block .. then for sure they know that it's just them against the house
                    Hannah tells him that she thinks they could convince Kyland to put up Azah and Big D... and send Azah to jury

                    Tiffany tells Hannah that it just doesn't make sense for Kyland to put either of them ( Her or Hannah ) on the block ..

                    Hannah tells Tiffany that she ( Hannah ) HAS to win this one (this HoH )

                    Hannah tells Tiffany that she thinks that Xavier and Kyland are planning to win the final HOH and take Big D with them ...

                    Tiffany wants to be able to get Azah on their side that the 3 of them ( Tiffany/Hannah/Azah ) could be 3 women together ...

                    Hannah tells Tiffany that she thinks that Xavier and Kyland are planning to win the final HOH and take Big D with them ...

                    Hannah says that if they ( her and Tiffany ) want to get to the F3 with Azah .... then they need to keep Kyland around to help make that happen .


                    • #11
                      Big D and Azah also talk about what happens next.... during the double...

                      Big D tells Azah that he doesn't want any of them ( Tiffany/Kyland or Hannah ) here

                      Big D wants Tiffany out ...
                      Azah says she wants Kyland out first before Tiffany

                      Big D says that he doesn't care for Hannah .. he says she has the potential to "**** them up? ...

                      Azah on the other hand.. would like the F4 to be ... her/him and X and Hannah

                      They agree that they can have different targets... but always protect each other

                      Big D tells her that he sees the F5 as him/her/Kyland/Xavier/Hannah ...
                      And he knows that she sees the F5 as him/her/Xavier/Tiffany/Hannah


                      • #12
                        And.. just to note ...

                        Claire did pitch to Kyland for his vote ...

                        But, he told Xavier that even though Claire made a good case for herself, as she sees the game the way it's "intended for her to see it" ( not knowing about the Cookout)

                        He is, of course, staying true to the Cookout.


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