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Live Feed Updates 9/8 - Day 64

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/8 - Day 64

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  • #2
    quick update

    Hannah/Big D and Azah have talked about getting to the F6 together ( with all of the Cookout intact )

    They talk about the double evictions

    Big D says he's ready for a double, especially if was HoH.... with Alyssa on the block...
    He says he doesn't want to deal with a whole week of awkwardness with her ...

    Big D - if I win ( HoH ) ( and he has to put her up ) it's going to break her

    They also talk about the "what if" Alyssa wins HoH.

    Big D - we're ****ed.


    • #3
      Alyssa talked to Claire

      Claire telling her that she thinks there's a chance that she goes home this week
      Alyssa telling Claire that she knows that people have been giving sympathy votes .. but ( Alyssa ) is a "loner" .... and she hopes Claire understands

      Alyssa tells Claire that she doesn't understand why Tiffany would put her on the block, if she doesn't have the votes to stay.
      She tells her that she would have never done that to Xavier.

      Claire tells her that Tiffany knew there might be a chance, but she thought that she ( Claire ) would have the best shot at staying up being up with X


      • #4
        Alyssa talked with Hannah ....

        She told her that she knows for sure that if Big D or Azah win HoH next ... they will put up Tiffany and Kyland ...

        Hannah tells her that if she won HoH .. she proabbly wouldn't put up Tiffany .. she would probably put up ... Kyland and Big D

        Alyssa tells Hannah that if they ( Big D or Azah ) ask her who she would put up if she won HoH .. that she should just say "the 2 people not on this side"

        Hannah to Alyssa- or should I just say that Kyland is my target ...

        Alyssa - yes


        • #5
          Alyssa tells Hannah that Claire told her that if she ( Alyssa ) and Xavier were on the block together .. that she ( Alyssa ) the vote would be unanimous for her ( Alyssa ) to go home.

          Hannah to Alyssa - I don't think that's the case ...


          • #6
            Hannah talks more to Alyssa ( gathering info )

            She asked her who would Big D and/or Azah prefer to go home.... ( between Tiffany/Ky )
            Alyssa tells her that Big D wants Tiffany out and that Azah wants Ky out ...

            Hannah - what if X wins ... who does he want to go ?
            Alyssa - I think Tiffany .... but I'm not 100%


            • #7
              Azah tells Xavier that she thinks that everyone should go hard for this next HoH .. because Alyssa is still there and has a good chance to win ..
              He asks if that includes him ..
              She tell him no . she understands why he would not want to win this one ....

              Xavier tells her that he thinks the reason people don't want to go for it .. is that they want to be able to play with they are down to the 6....

              She tells him she understands that ... BUT ... their job isn't done yet ( with Alyssa still in the house )


              • #8
                Xavier tells Azah that he sat beside "his person" this week .. he wonders if he will have to do it again ...
                He says he can't win HoH this week ( because of Alyssa )

                Azah tells Xavier that best case for her .. if she won HoH .. would be to put up Kyland and Alyssa .. and the nominations stay the same..
                She asks if he's going to go for the veto ...
                He tells her that if Alyssa is up ... he can't ...
                She tells him he has to go for it ...

                She tells him that they can't let Alyssa win the Veto ... .and that he can't throw it ... he has to go for it ...


                • #9
                  Azah asked Xavier if the Cookout "men" are protecting each other,
                  Xavier tells her no


                  • #10
                    Xavier and Big D talking

                    Xavier tells him that he doesn't think anyone will go rogue this week ( with the vote )

                    He tells him that he thinks that Hannah/Tiffany will tell Claire about the Cookout in their goodbye messages...


                    • #11
                      Big D talks about if he wins HoH .. and puts up Alyssa...
                      He says he wants everyone to go forthe veto ....
                      Big D- I don't want Tiffany pulling some **** .... and not going for it ...

                      Xavier tells him that he already talked to Azah and told her that he wouldn't throw the Veto ... even though if he won .. she ( Alyssa ) will wonder why he won't use it on her


                      • Mongado22
                        Mongado22 commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Big D yaks and yaks and yaks about when he wins this or that and he never wins anything. I think he just wants everyone to carry him to the end

                    • #12
                      Currently .. Tiffany trying to talk to Kyland ...

                      Xavier came to the door and knocked .... twice ...

                      They answered ... he's asking to talk to Kyland ...
                      Kyland said to give him 5 minutes or so ...

                      Tiffany ( annoyed ) tells Kyland she's going to want to talk for more than 5 minutes...

                      ( has he ever had a 5 minute convo ? ... just sayin' )

                      They talked a little bit longer... but she got more annoyed .. and they decided they would talk later...


                      • #13
                        Kyland now talking to Xavier

                        Kyland to Xavier - does she (Alyssa) really think that you are not staying?
                        Xavier - no .. no .. she's playing it up

                        Xavier telling Kyland that if Claire stays .. then he is gone.. and then they will come for him ( Kyland ) next .. and then Big D ...

                        Xavier tells Kyland that in the chance that Alyssa wins HoH .. she's not looking at him as a target...

                        Xavier talks about how he thinks the girls ( not Alyssa ) are going to tell Claire about the Cookout in their goodbye messages...
                        He tells him he would rather them not .. he wants to wait until one of them ( the 6 ) are in the jury .. to be able to "manage" that information.


                        • #14
                          Xavier tells Kyland that in his mind.. if Tiffany is going to give Claire even a little info ( on the Cookout ) .. that he would maybe need to do the same with Alyssa...

                          He says again that he really thinks that this shouldn't even happen .. before one of them can get to jury ... to filed questions .. and "control the narrative"


                          • #15
                            Xavier to Kyland - why now.... are we deviating from what we have done up to this point?
                            Kyland - because ... the HoH ( Tiffany ) didn't have a reason to put up this person....

                            Xavier tells him that everyone is excusing what happened.... and therefore everyone is being exposed .. because of ( Tiffany ) being selfish

                            Ky says he doesn't think there's anything they could say .. to Tiffany or Hannah to make them not do it.

                            Xavier tells him that's a good point .. he says maybe they could convince Hannah not to .. .but that he knows that Tiffany would just be like "**** it "

                            He says that she ( Tiffany ) is just trying to cover her own ass...
                            He says that it seems that they are always trying to do things to her ( Tiffany's ) benefit ... while she is not even willing to "sit in the chair"

                            Xavier- the question is .. how long do we continue to benefit her game?


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