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Live Feed Updates 9/10 - Day 66

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/10 - Day 66

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    It's Nomination Day ..

    Kyland and Xavier still agreeing that it should be Tiffany and Hannah on the block today.

    They still both agree that Tiffany should not win the Veto ...

    Kyland asks who ( Hannah/Tiffany ) is more dangerous to face next week.

    They both agree it's Tiffany


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      Xavier tells Kyland that he thinks... that is is the move to make ... ( Tiffany/Hannah ) ..
      He goes on to say that once the Veto Comp has played out .. and if he ( X ) wins.... they can then decide if they wanted to take Hannah off ... to "give them some cover" ...
      Kyland agrees that they can look at that more, once the Veto plays out.

      Xavier also says that by putting Tiffany and Hannah up ... that Azah shouldn't have any incentive to come after Kyland... since he didn't put her up ...
      He says that might be the biggest incentive to maybe leave the nomination's the the same


      • #4
        quick catch up

        Kyland told Azah that he is not targeting her.

        Tiffany talked to Kyland about how she needs him ..and Hannah
        She talks about how she knows the he and she had a "disconnect" .. and she's sorry for that
        She tells him no matter what he thinks... she's not in the game with Xavier ...
        She tells him that she wanted to be close enough to Xavier to know what he was thinking and try to keep herself off his radar
        She told him that she's not trying to move forward in the game with Xavier ..
        She doesn't want to sit with Xavier in the F2
        She says she told Xavier that they ( Ky and her ) had a F2 deal... and that was when X said something to her about teaming up with her and Hannah

        Tiffany to Kyland - want us to have our F2 ..... let the jury choose between you and me... we have a black guy,.... we have a black girl..... I just want you to know I am still committed to our agreement. .....

        She tells him that he has to decide if he is still with her


        • #5
          Kyland asked Tiffany if when she told Xavier about their F2 ..did she tell him the name ?
          She tells him she thinks she just said they had a F2

          She tells him that she thinks that Xavier and Big D need to go.

          ( boy is she going to be mad )


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            We're back from PET CAM

            Currently @ 4:37 PM BBT
            Kyland nominated Tiffany and Hannah for eviction


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              I'm backing up just a few .. to catch us up on the talks before the Nomination Ceremony ...

              Hannah and Kyland talked...

              She told him .. that if she was him .. she would target X this week ..

              She told him that next week .. if she's HoH .. he would not see the block. ....
              She told him .. if she wasn't HoH .. and he was on the block... she would win the veto and take him off
              She told him she was truly serious about him/her and Tiffany moving forward to the end..

              She tells him if she goes on the block.. she doesn't see a way that she could stay ...
              She tells him that if she's sitting beside Big D or Azah ... she doesn't see anyway that she could stay ...

              She also told him .. that if she's on the block beside Tiffany .. that she might be able to gather the votes to stay ... unless Tiffany won the veto

              She told him.. if she stays .. he's down a number ... if Tiffany stays .. he's down a number ...

              He told her that he understands why she would want to go to the end with him ...
              But . he doesn't understand why she would want to go to the end with Tiffany

              She tells him that she and Tiffany have been close since Day 1 .. she's like a Big Sister to her ... and that Tiffany's had her back ... and that she feels obligated to have hers for as long as she can ...

              Hannah to Kyland - loyalty is a part of this game.... does that mean that I would want to take her to F2 .... not necessarily

              She tells him that she thinks that X and Big D .. have F2 deals with everyone in the Cookout ... except for her and Tiffany

              Kyland asked her if she knows about any other deals. that might be helpful to him ...
              She tells him that she can't confirm ... but .. that the fact that when Xavier, Azah and Big D are asked about who their targets are, they never say each other,.. and that says a lot...

              Hannah to Kyland - X wants to protect them (Azah/Derek) and they .....are incentivized to be protected by arguably the strongest competitor here.

              She tells him that X .. has a deal .. more like an agreement .. with her nd Tiffany.

              She tells him that if X was HoH .. that she wouldn't feel comfortable for him.

              Tiffany also talked to Kyland again before the Nomination ceremony ... ( but you can see how that went ) ...

              ( I just wanted to give you guys Hannah's talk with him .. to show you what she said .. etc. )


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                ( now back to just after the feeds came back from the Nominations )


                • #9
                  Tiffany to Azah - I can see how it would be difficult for him to move forward with me.. I am challenging ... I' m challenging not only for him .. but for everybody ...

                  She laughs ...

                  Tiffany to Azah - it's okay .. if this is where my road ends.. this is where my road ends... so what am I going to do about it .. I don't write the ... you know .. whatever is going to happen .. is going to happen ... the best thing I can do is prepare myself.... and accept it .. so that I can move forward with my life... every single day.. I have a son at home .. waiting for me... I have to be strong.. things are always going to go as I want them to . things aren't always going to go .. as I think they should... and things aren't always going to go according to plan.. that is life.

                  Azah - .. okay. I don't know why you are giving ME a pep talk

                  Tiffany laughs

                  Azah - that should be me ....

                  Tiffany -t hat's fine.. it's totally fine....

                  Azah - okay.

                  Tiffany - I mean . I've said for a very long time...

                  Azah- no.. yeah .. you said it for a very long time.. and I said no .. no ...

                  Azah - I thought to keep a threat there.. he would go some place else

                  Tiffany- no .. they wall want the same thing... they are working together .. and I told you that a long time ago ...

                  Tiffany to Azah - men stick together .. women don't ...

                  Tiffany - so when I came to you .. and told you that me, you and Hannah .... I would like to see us get to the end.. I knew that . that's what they want.. they ( X/Kyland/Big D ) want to get together to the end...

                  Azah - yeah .. so there's always Veto ..

                  Tiffany - we do what we were going to do today .. we eat, we talk, we laugh, we sleep

                  Azah - okay .. halibut .. steak ...

                  they leave to go to cook ...


                  • #10

                    Big D to Xavier- your job is to compete.. my job is to manipulate ... at this point.. we drew a big line in the sand.. and they are going to be coming for our necks..

                    Xavier- yeah .. I know


                    • #11

                      Kyland to Hannah - I don't see any reason that you would be my back up target... if Tiffany was to win the Veto ..

                      Hannah - okay ...

                      He starts to ramble...

                      Kyland -the reason I am in the position I am in now .. is that I realized that there is no way that Xavier and Tiffany wanted to move forward together in the game.. . and .. I .. I mean.. I do feel like Tiffany has a chance of being loyal .. more out of necessity ... but . my decision came down to consistency.. past behavior ... like... I think that .. even if ..Xavier is not going to tell me a lot of things.. I feel that they are .. I feel like here is a consistency to his decision making ... and so.. you know.. if certain shots are taken at certain points.... I just feel better equipped to handle those . than I do with Tiffany ... and like I said . it's just the amount of distrust with Tiffany .. and this is a game.. and I have no .. I expect her to own up to it . it just took too long ...

                      Hannah - okay.

                      Kyland - so...

                      Hannah to Kyland - is the sole reason that I'm up there that I'm the most likely to use the veto on Tiff?
                      Kyland - yes...

                      Hannah - okay . okay ... does that impede us working together moving forward? ... do you want nothing to do with me?

                      Kyland - no .. I'd say the opposite.. I'd say that I am .. I think that ... I think that .. you would be .. ummm... above at least other people in the house ... so .... umm that to me .. and .. I think you . are honest with me...

                      Hannah- yeah


                      • #12
                        Xavier to Tiffany - I don't know what to say . .I don't like it when people say they are sorry .. I don't like to say I'm sorry
                        Tiffany - what are you sorry about?
                        Xavier- girl, your face popped up on the screen for the first time this season ...

                        Tiffany- I'm sure everyone was expecting that .. I was. So...
                        Xavier- that's how the game starts...

                        Tiffany- I mean . .yeah I guess.. I'm over it


                        • #13
                          Big D asks if he can pull Tiffany for a moment

                          Tiffany - do you just want to say you're sorry?

                          Big D - I just want to hug you ...

                          Tiffany- okay .. just hug me ...

                          Big D- I just didn't want to pull an Alyssa and not check in with you ...

                          Tiffany - okay .. okay .. I know that everyone is sorry ... but you know that everyone would have put my black ass up there ... so okay ...

                          She's kinda laughing .. kinda not


                          • #14

                            Kyland to Hannah - - I don't know what these nominations mean for you..... or if you want to see how the veto turns out and then decide.
                            Hannah - yeah .. I mean ... things could change by the end of tomorrow.... we'll just have to see what happens
                            Kyland- yeah I agree.. I think I can see ... I can see this .. as like a pivotal .. you know ... easiest way for me not to make it past 5 .. or for me to make it to 2 ..

                            He laughs


                            • #15
                              Kyland to Hannah - this is the toughest point for me..... in a very tough game...... I think that no matter what the situation is..... it doesn't feel good to be nominated..... at least that much I know


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