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Live Feed Updates - 9/11 - Day 67

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/11 - Day 67

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    It's Power of Veto Competition Day and everyone plays.


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      Here's another look at the Upcoming Episode Schedule...

      Sunday 9/12 @ 8:00 PM
      Wednesday 9/15 @ 8 :00 PM
      Thursday 9/16 Double Evict @ 8:00 PM (two hours )
      Friday 9/17 @ 8:00 PM
      Sunday 9/19 - No Show
      Wednesday 9/22 @ 10:00 PM ** Survivor Season Premiere @ 8:00 PM
      Thursday 9/23 @ 8:00 PM
      Friday 9/24 @ 8:00 PM
      Sunday 9/26 @ 8:00 PM
      Wednesday 9/29 Season Finale @ 9:00 PM (two hours)


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        Catching us up ...

        Tiffany talked to Azah .. telling her that she believes that Kyland and Xavier have an F2 deal
        She says she told her that weeks ago... that once they got to the 6 ...if Ky didn't put X up .. then they were working together to get to the F2 ...

        Tiffany to Azah - I think the three of them ( Kyland/Xavier/Big D ) have something together... so that a black man can win this money.....

        She tells Azah that she isn't mad about it .. cause she wants to win the money too ...
        She says if she leaves this week .. she won't in anything ... but at least everyone else will have some money

        Azah tells Tiffany that she and Big D's stories resonate with her .. and she would be happy for either of them to win the money

        Tiffany tells Azah that if X gets to the F2 .. then it becomes about the game... and that X has played a great game.. and that he would have her vote to win.

        Tiffany tells her that she thinks that Kyland can't cut X out of the 6 ...
        She says that she thinks that Kyland wouldn't care if he lost to X ...
        She says that Kyland wants to make an "impact" and that his point of view could be 2 black men sitting in the F2 ...

        Tiffany tells her that she also thinks that Kyland is keeping X around as a shield... but that X doesn't have to keep Kyland around .. because he doesn't need him as a shield ..

        Tiffany asked Azah if she wins HoH .. what would she do ??

        Azah says she would want Kyland to go ...

        Azah tells Tiffany that she really doesn't know why Kyland spared her this week

        Tiffany t Azah - because he is not threatened by you

        Azah asked Tiffany if she is here next week.. what does she do?
        Tiffany says she targets Kyland .. because he is coming for her... he's made that obvious. I

        Tiffany tells Azah that she would have to put Kyland beside Big D .. so that she ( Azah ) would vote to keep Big D ...
        She says but .. X might vote to keep Kyland ... and then she would have to break the tie... unless they both voted to keep Big D , sending Kyland out.


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          Tiffany told all of them about her talk with Claire, when she was telling her that she was going to have to put her on the block...

          She tells them that the fact that Claire understood and respected what she was saying/doing .. made it even harder...
          She told them that they laughed and cried at the same time..

          Tiffany tells them that when Claire straight up asked if she was in an alliance with them .. she didn't want to lie.. but she knew she had to ..
          She tells them about how she told Claire it was all coming from her personal beliefs... etc.


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            Currently .. Feeds are still on PET CAM and have been since about 12:30 ish PM BBT


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              4:55 PM BBT

              PET CAM still....


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                6:28PM BBT still on PET CAM


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                  Kyland won the Power of Veto


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                    There's no way he will use it ...

                    So Tiffany and Hannah will remain on the block this week facing eviction ...

                    With Tiffany as the target...


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                      They decide to pose for a couple of pics...

                      They are calling themselves.... The Cookout League - the Blavengers


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                        Kyland's time was 11 minutes and 44 seconds


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                          Catch up time.....

                          Tiffany talked to the camera saying that she lost the veto today ... but that's okay.. she has something "up her sleeve" ..
                          She says she has a conversation that she's going to have with Kyland
                          She says she's in a tough spot
                          She's going to tell Kyland that she can't be loyal to anyone else in the house but him .. if he keeps her .. and that no one else in the house .. can save her .. but him


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                            Big D talked to Hannah telling her that if nominations stay the same, he's sure she's fine
                            He talked to her about "what if" she wins HoH next week ..
                            He says he's worried that he would go home.....
                            He says he doesn't mind "seeing the block" .. but ...
                            She tells him that he would not be her target.


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                              Hannah also talked to the camera saying that she's upset with herself for not winning BB Comics, thought it would be her comp to win .. but Kyland won and he will probably keep his nominations the same...

                              She also says that she's going to talk to him .. offer him a deal ...
                              She says she will tell him if he uses the veto on her .. she will vote however he wants...
                              She also says that she's planning on "proposing an official F2 deal" with him ...
                              She talks about how she will have to figure out how to navigate her game without Tiffany

                              She also says that she is planning on " proposing a F3 deal" to Xavier and Kyland.
                              She says she will plan the angle that she has regret ... trusting someone ( Tiffany ) so much that she started believing whatever they said was fact ... " instead of being able to objectively evaluate the game"

                              She also said that she wasn't sure if Kyland did make the "F2 deal" with her .. if she would actually honor it when it came down to taking him to the F2 .. if she had that choice.. she would just cross that bridge when she got there.

                              She says she will talk to Ky and X about trusting Tiffany ... and how it sometimes clouded her judgement in the game...

                              She says she wants to go to the F3 with them .. because she doesn't want Azah or Big D in the F3 ... because they haven't really had to "show their cards" and they haven't had an "active role' in any of the decision making that the Cookout has had to make.. because they haven't been in a position of power .. so she would rather ride with stronger competitors ...

                              She says she once Tiffany leaves.. she will be the strongest female competitor in the house .. and if she would win the final HoH .. over X and Ky .. that would be impressive to the jury .. the jury would be like "wow" she was able to bring someone of X and Ky's stature to the F3 with her ... instead of opting to take Azah or Big D.. someone she knows she can beat...

                              She also says that the reason she wants to make an F3 deal with Ky and X .. is that next week.. it's her, X, Azah and Big D competing for the HoH.
                              and she feels like it would be a toss up between her and X .. ( to go ) ...

                              She says but .. if she wins HoH ... all deals are off .. and her main mission would be to get out Kyland or Xavier

                              She says if X wins HoH .. he will most likely put her and Azah on the block ... but .. if she has a deal with them.. to at least get to the F4 .. then Kyland might vote to keep her over Azah ..

                              She says she wants Big D to know that if she wins HoH .. he's not her target.. but she does not want to make any deals with him .. she just has to make him feel comfortable with her ...

                              She says she has to make him know that she , Big D and Azah need to look out for each other cause they the three most expendable

                              She says she does want to try to make an F2 with Azah, once Tiffany is gone..
                              She says it would be amazing to have her and Azah sitting in the F2 together.

                              Hannah - she ( Azah ) doesn't see it that way .. but I do ...

                              Hannah - so that's my plan . for the week.. tomorrow I plan on telling Kyland that if he uses the veto on me this week.. I will use the veto on him next week ...

                              She says the F2 convo with Kyland .. might happen tomorrow .. or it might happen after the veto meeting ..

                              Hannah- as far as next week.. I really have to win ( HoH ) and if I don't win .. I have to rely on Kyland and Xavier .. so I might be the next one out the door.

                              Hannah - stay tuned... talk to you later America ..


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