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Live Feed Updates 9/12 - Day 68

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/12 - Day 68

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    Catch up ...

    Big D and Azah talked ..

    He tells her that he really needs to win this next HoH ..
    She says that what can't happen is Hannah winning ...
    He agrees.. saying that would mean a possibility of him going home
    She tells him it would be X or Ky going home...

    They talk about how they would not want to be the one to send X or Ky home..
    She says she told Kyland that next week .. if he's on the block .. she wouldn't vote for him to go ...
    She says she can't go against that ... so it's better for Hannah to be up next week and for her to go ... because she hasn't made any deals with Hannah

    Big D – so either X or me need to win.. or you.
    Azah tells him it's better if he's him or her .. because she thinks that X will target Kyland ... and that Hannah will target Kyland


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      Hannah talked to Xavier about her being on the block beside Tiffany .. and how Kyland said it was because she would use the veto on Tiffany.. which must mean that Tiffany is the target...
      Xavier tells her that she should think about making a deal with Kyland...
      He tells her whether she choses to honor that deal or not .. is up to her ...
      She tells him about how she feels that her, Big D and Azah are interchangeable.... and if one of them goes up it will be the same outcome

      Hannah tells Xavier that she does need to talk to Kyland
      He tells her that she needs to play to his ego .. but he knows she knows that .. and he's just looking out fo her ..
      She tells him she appreciates it ...
      He tell her that he really does hate seeing her and Tiffany on the block ...
      He says that even though Tiffany did what she did .. ( played a selfish game in his eyes ) that he never felt bad about her


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        Hannah talked to Big D and asked him if the guys have an alliance
        He ( lies ) and tells her no


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          Xavier talked to the camera saying that he talked to Hannah .. and that he told her to play to Kyland's ego
          He says that Hannah is a smart girl... and she knows that ...
          He says by him ... reiterating that to her .. that it makes it seem like he's looking our for her best interest
          He says .. in a sense he is ... but it also works in his best interest
          He says taht he needs Kyland to keep the nominations the same...


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            Tiffany talked to Xavier about her "realization" of how her putting herself in front of others at times in this game.. is what caused her to be in the position that she's in now ..


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              Hannah and Kyland talked

              Hannah points out that this is the first time a black person has played in BB Comics
              She also talks about how only Kalia made it past a double eviction in previous seasons,

              Hannah used the chess board with Kyland to show him how she feels the house is right now
              She says that Xavier is in the middle.. and he has Big D and Azah ... and he trust her ( Hannah ) more than he does Tiffany ..

              Hannah tells Kyland that she thinks that Azah has been very complacent place in this game
              She says she thinks Azah just wants to sit back and let what happens happen
              She tells him that out of all the girls here ,,, she ( Hannah ) has won one HoH .. and one Veto .. and she thins she's herself to be a pretty formidable competitor.
              She tells him that she doesn't believe that she's given him a reason to distrust her... other than throwing the veto to Alyssa and the one misunderstanding that they had....
              She tells him that he hasn't given her a reason to distrust him ...
              She says moving forward .. she has no incentive to keep Big D and Azah in this game.

              Hannah tells Kyland that this is a monumental season ..
              She says , in her opinion, that the winner of this season .. should be someone .. who actively worked throughout this game.
              She says that it should be someone that had to make decisions
              She says that in terms of that ..neither Big D or Azah have done anything ...


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                Hannah talks to Kyland ( as she said she was going to ) about how the jury would be surprised if she took him and X to the F3 ...
                She tells him if Tiffany goes this week .. then she ( Hanna h) is looking for someone that has respectability, and someone that she can trust ... and she sees all that in both him ( Ky ) and X

                She promises him the world . saying that if he finds himself on the block.. she would use the veto on him....
                She says if she wins the Veto in the F4 ... she will use it on him and take him to the F3 ...
                She says .. even if he doesn't use the veto on her this week.. and she stays on the block.... she will still use the veto on him next week and that she still wants to work with him moving forward.


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                  Tiffany talked to Big D ( just wash/rinse/repeat ) pretty much the same "self -reflect" convo she had with Azah and Xavier ...

                  Hannah and X talked again .. about how Tiffany is the target...


                  • #10
                    Just a super quick update

                    Xavier talked to Kyland and told him about how he told Hannah to make a deal with him (Kyland)

                    Tiffany talked to Kyland again ...

                    ( very doubtful that Kyland will change his mind about sending Tiffany home this week, no matter how many time she talks to him )


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