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Live Feed Updates 9/13 - Day 69

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/13 - Day 69

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  • #2
    Today is the Veto Meeting ...

    Kyland has the power, but it's highly unlikely he will use to to change his nominations.

    Tiffany remains his target.


    • #3
      Kyland did NOT use the POV.

      Tiffany & Hannah remain on the block.


      • #4
        Tiffany talked to Big D after the veto ceremony ..

        He tell Tiffany that Hannah has made some valid points for why he should keep her... and so has she ( Tiffany ) for why he should keep her
        Tiffany tells Big D that Hannah has deals with everybody
        He tell her that he knows that she does .. and he knew she ( Hannah ) was making deal .. before the 6 ...

        He tells her that they both help his game...
        He tells her that he wonders if Hannah will commit to Azah ( if Tiffany is gone )
        Tiffany tells him that Azah will never work with Hannah the way Azah would work with her ...


        • #5
          Tiffan tells Big D that Hannah is playing with her head.. not with her heart... and she's going for the money and she doesn't care .. who or what she promised anyone...

          Tiffany - I might not even make it to the end...... I'm too old to come back and play this game again... she ( Hannah ) is 21. ... she can come back seven more times


          • #6
            Big D asks Tiffany where she thinks that X stands..
            He tells her that he doesn't think that X has made up his mind yet ..
            He tells her that he's sure she will have Azah's vote ( for her to stay ).. so it would come down to him and X ...


            • #7
              Tiffany tells Big D that Hannah is going to come after him .... because she doesn't want anyone to take him ( Big D ) to the F2 ...
              She says she knows for a fact .. that Hannah feels like when they get to 3 .. that anyone would take him to F2 ...

              Tiffany to Big D - y'all don't even have to take me....... you and Kyland take Azah .. I'll take 4th place


              • #8
                Tiffany tells Big D that Xavier has played a flawless game.. and he wins if he gets to the F2 ..
                Big D - you think ...if Xavier is sitting next to m...., he wins?
                Tiffany - of course.

                She tells him that he ( Big D ) would have to convince the jury ... that he deserves to win .. but Xavier would not ...
                She tells him that DX will vote for Xavier over him ... same with SB .. sane with Claire.. and of course Alyssa.. and Azah will definitely vote for Xavier over him ...

                Tiffany - everyone would see he deserves it, without him having to do any convincing ...


                • #9
                  Big D talks to Kyland about his talk with Tiffany ..

                  He says that Tiffany is working the hell outta him.. trying to convince him that they need to keep her .... so that then we could all go after Xavier

                  Kyland- - she is trying to point you at X ..... and X at you ...


                  • #10
                    Tiffany talked to Xavier

                    She tells him that he needs to stick close to Azah .. she will be loyal to him ..
                    She says that Hannah is young, want the money, she will cut him ....

                    She tells him that if she stays.. Kyland would still be targeting her.... unless she wins HoH .. and takes him out ...
                    She tells X that he could take Kyland out....
                    She tells him that if Kyland doesn't trust her .. she doesn't trust him ...


                    • #11
                      Tiffany to Xavier - the people that would keep me here are you and Azah.

                      She tells him that Big D wants Ky on an island by himself.

                      She tells him she would owe him .. if he keeps her this week


                      • #12
                        Tiffany tells Xavier the same that she did Big D .. that she's old. this is her once time shot at being in the BB house
                        She says she would not be upset if he took Azah over her to the F3 .. she's find with 4th ... etc.


                        • #13
                          Xavier tells her that he's sure .. that Kyland will see another opportune time to take a shot at him.. and he knows he will...
                          He tells her that he thinks that Kyland thought this week wasn't the time to do it ...

                          Tiffany says she agrees...

                          He tells her that she's given him a lot to think about
                          He tells her that he's going to make his decision ( on who to keep ) .. on what he feels is best to help further his game...


                          • #14
                            Xavier and Azah talked..
                            She told him that even though she has a deal with Kyland ( not to target him next week ) that doesn't mean she's looking at him ( X )
                            She says that if Hannah wins HoH .. she will most likely come for him and Kyland ... and that's why she can't win ...

                            Xavier tells he that Kyland targets Tiffany this week.. to gain favor with everyone in the house .. and it worked.... because not touching anybody else, this week... he ( Kyland ) left the door open for him to deals with people and say .... I didn't touch you this week.... you can't touch me next week...

                            He tells Azah that it worked on her.. she made that deal with him ( KY ) ...

                            Azah to X - it only worked on me.... cause of the kind of person I am.

                            Xavier - - but you think he doesn't know that though?


                            • #15
                              Azah tells Xavier that no matter... he's ( Xavier's ) not a target for her ...


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