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Live Feed Updates - 9/14 - Day 70

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/14 - Day 70

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  • #2
    Azah and Big D talked..
    She told him that if she wins this next HoH .. she doesn't feel like she should put him up against Hannah .
    She also tells him that she doesn't see any reason that HE ( if he won HoH ) would need to put her up with Hannah

    She says she would put up Xavier and Hannah
    She tells him that she could break the tie, if necessary

    Azah tells him again that she just doesn't understand why either one of them ..would need to be on the block.. if either one of them won HoH.

    Big D tells her that they will just "cross that path" when they get there.

    She tells him again, that he would not even be an option for her to put up, if she's HoH.

    She told him that she's has a "certain feeling" about it ( them being on the block )

    Big D tells her that he doesn't want her to feel any certain way, and he will just go with her plan.


    • #3
      Azah talks to Big D about whether or not they should keep Tiffany this week .. rather than Hannah
      She talks about how Hannah is super smart, can win the next HoH ... mess up all their plans.
      She says with Tiffany .. at least they know what they are getting ( keeping )

      He tells her that if they keep Tiffany .. then Tiffany and Kyland could team up ... and they can't let that happen ..

      Big D tells her that Tiffany will target Xavier .. and they can't let that happen

      She tells him that she thinks that Hannah will put him and her on the block next week.. if she wins HoH

      Big D disagrees...

      He talks to her again . about how she really might need to go on the block against Hannah next week.. he tells her that the loves her ... but she needs to know that he's doing what he needs to do to get them to the F4 ...


      • #4
        Tiffany talked to Xavier again .. telling him that she really doesn't think that he has anyone on his side... like she would be, if she stayed in the house this week.

        She tells him that Hannah can promise him anything and everything ... BUT .. she ( Hannah ) doesn't OWE him anything.

        Tiffany tells him that if he keeps her .. she will owe him.. and owe Azah ....

        She continues to stress that he needs to keep her for his game...

        He tells her that she's making a strong pitch.. but he hasn't heard Hannah's yet ...

        She tells him that she doesn't want an answer right now.. she wants him to think about it.... to consider all his options .. before he gives her an answer.


        • #5
          Hannah talked with Big D...
          She tells him that she knows that him, her and Azah are the "pawns of the Cookout"
          She says they are "interchangeable"


          • #6
            Hannah tells Big D that she would not come after him .. or Azah
            He tells her that she would have to put one of them up as a pawn

            Hannah to Big D -not necessarily.


            • #7
              Hannah continue to talk to Big D ..
              She tells him again that she would not put him and Azah on the block together ..

              Hannah tells him that the reason that Kyland didn't go after X this week... is so that he could gain a favor from X ... as in .. I didn't put you up.. so next week .. you don't put me up

              Big D ( plays along ) telling her that he thinks that X is coming after Kyland ...

              She tells him that Kyland would not accept any of the offers/deals she tried to make with him this week .. so that means he definitely wants her out next...


              • #8
                Hannah tells Big D that her sitting next to him ( Big D ) in an F2 .. wouldn't mean that she's confident .. or that she even thought she could beat him .. it would be more like.. she would think she would have a better chance of beating him .. than sitting next to X ... and beating X

                She tells Big D that Xavier is well respected by everyone ... and he's never been a problem in the Cookout or even outside of the Cookout ...

                She tells him that if they ( her and Big D ) ending up in the F2 ... that she knows for sure .. that Kyland, Alyssa, SB and Britini would not vote for her ( to win )
                She says she would only count on DX, Claire and Tiffany ... but not even sure about those votes... but that would be all that she had .. if she had them


                • #9
                  Big D tells her that she's opened his eyes to a lot ...
                  He also told her that she already knows that he's not voting her out this week
                  She thanks him


                  • #10
                    Azah talked to Xavier .. she told him that she thinks her best chance of staying .. next week .. is if she or him ( X ) wins the HoH ..

                    Azah to Xavier - I don't know about that with Big D.... ... and that's the first time I ever said that

                    ( meaning she's worrying about him putting her up ... even as a pawn .. because he keeps telling her that's what he will half to do )

                    ( which is interesting to see where her mind is going .. kinda . right? )

                    She tells Xavier that she is loyal to him.


                    • #11
                      Tiffany tries her hand with Azah .. again ..

                      She tells her that if she and Xavier keep her here .. that they ( Azah/Xavier ) would have her loyalty until the very end
                      She promises her that there's nothing that Kyland could do .. to make her change her mind .. ( about him ) ...
                      She also tells her that because Big D means something to Azah .... that he would not be a target for her

                      She tells her that Hannah has deals with everyone ...

                      She tells her that she would love for it to be Azah, Xavier and her in the F3 .. and that then Azah could chose who she wanted to take to the F2 ...


                      • #12
                        Xavier talked to Hannah .. telling her that "he wouldn't call it a smear campaign" that Tiffany is doing .. but that she has said some things about Hannah in her pitches...

                        Hannah says that Tiffany has to fight to try to stay ...

                        She also tells him that Big D told her that she's good ( to stay ) and she feels like he ( X ) is telling her the same...
                        She says she thinks that only Azah would vote to keep Tiffany ...


                        • #13
                          Xavier tells Hannah that he's only question is .. where would her head be next week ( ifs he won HoH )
                          She tells him that when Kyland put her on the block.. she was shocked
                          She tells him that Kyland has not entertained any of the deals/offers she's tried to make with him this week ... and she's sue that he ( Kyland ) has no intention of working with her moving forward.. so therefore... that tells her all she needs to know


                          • #14
                            Hannah tells Xavier that she would be "leaning" towards Kyland next week .. because of that ... but .. that she doesn't want to actually name a target.. because she could put someone up . they win veto .. and come down ...


                            • #15
                              Hannah to Xavier - if this was any other season,.. we'd be voting for the Paul or Tyler of the season ..

                              Hannah - but ... since we've solidified it will be a black winner for the first time in Big Brother US history ... I have have to consider ..what I feel like that winner should represent the standard of that player ...

                              She tells him that she used to love the Evel Dick and Dr. Will players... but now .. she thinks that the winner of this season ... . would need to be someone that's played a good clean,, loyal game...

                              She says she thinks of him .. in that way ... and if she can't win .. she would like to help further him in this game...

                              Hannah to Xavier - I'm willing to work for you to be that winner.


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