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Live Feed Updates - 9/15 - Day 71

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/15 - Day 71

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    @CBSBigBrother Tweeted: Heads up, BB fans! The live feeds are currently down and will be back up after the West Coast airing of tomorrow's live eviction episode. And don't forget, a brand new #BB23 is coming your way tonight at 8/7c on @CBS


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      There have been a couple of audio leaks ... as well as a glimpse of BB Production practicing a competition .. looked like "What the Bleep?" ..for tomorrow night's double.

      Fun Facts -

      "What the Bleep?" has been played throughout many seasons as both a Power of Veto Competition and a HoH Competition

      Season 17 - HoH Competition
      Season 18 - HoH Competition during a Double Eviction
      Season 20 - HoH Competition
      Season 21 - PoV Competition during a Double Eviction

      ( there's probably more .. but that's what I had off the top of my head )


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        So.. just a reminder that the live feeds are down until tomorrow night ... after the "Live" Show ( which is 2 hours ) ... so that's until 1 AM Easter Time ( ugh ) ....

        Part of tomorrow's "live" show ( the double eviction ) is playing out today .. being taped .. for tomorrow's "live" show.

        ( yes.. I "quoted" the "live" twice in that very crazy sentence... lol )


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          While the feeds are down and I have an extra minute or two .. I just want to say that I hope you've enjoyed reading the live feed updates
          ( even the catch up ones ) ( which I know there was a lot of this season ) .. but I'm just me.. and sheesh .. I'm so much older than when we started this over 20 years ago.. so you know .. I can't always pull those all-nighters and work the next day like I used to .. )

          More than enjoying the Live Feed Updates.. I hope that you all still enjoy the connection that this website gives you to not only Big Brother .... but the connections that you've made here through the years with other BB fans like yourself.

          We've tried, under the watchful eyes of the best moderators ever Kenny, Skdgeo, Purrwing and Shan ( some who could be here more than others this season ) to keep BBU a place where you can enjoy spending your time here .. just reading .. or actually posting your thoughts, without being worried about much.

          My thanks to go out not only to our Moderators.. but to all our members who, even when things might take a sideways turn in the discussions, you always keep things on an even level.

          You guys are the best of the best.

          It's during this time of the season, when I always look back on the members that we've lost through the many years here... but take solace in knowing that even though they are not here with us anymore .. their names.. their posts.. their time here .. will forever be remembered.

          To those of you who haven't been very "vocal" this season .. that's okay .. we hope you are okay .. and that you'll check in .. give us a shout .. when life allows.

          All of you .. are what drives this website .. both in passion for this game... and with your support.

          We would not/could not do this without your help.

          And yes, it's not surprising that I'm going to end it with a plea ... ( I hate it more than you do .. but it's necessary so here goes ) ...

          If you have enjoyed your time here, any support that you can give to help out is truly appreciated.

          I know that Big Brother isn't over yet .. but we're in that home stretch ... and I'm using that extra minute or two to also remind you that we do have Survivor to talk about right around the corner... and then before you know it .. in February .. it's Celebrity Big Brother.... ( I know it's not the same .. but I think by then .. we'll be ready to watch .. right? )

          We're up for it .. if you are.

          We've done our best this season to keep the expenses as low as possible ..... like always .. and Rob will continue to do his part to help ensure that this website is here and ready for all of you.

          I will do whatever I can to chip in and make sure we can survive until the Big Brother 24 ( TWENTY FOUR .. wow ) rolls around. Because I really, really do hate asking for donations, but here I am, asking for donations, but only because I love this website, I love all of you, and I don't want it to all go away.

          Any support is greatly appreciated.


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