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Live Feed Updates 9/17 - Day 73

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/17 - Day 73

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    peeking in ...

    9:55 AM
    Xavier is the only one up yet... he's going over days/comps/etc.


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      I've been watching them ...

      Downstairs ...

      Big D got ready for the day
      Kyland has been in the kitchen, washing dishes...

      In the HoH room - Xavier paced back and forth .. back and forth ...

      I didn't see Azah ....


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        Big D talked to Kyland .. asking how he's feeling... if he's good...
        Telling him that he has trust him him..
        He tells him he' sorry .... his intentions weren't supposed to come out as a threat...
        He tell him he will lave him alone.. that he knows he's studying...

        He walks away ...


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          Xavier checked in on Azah .. they talked about breakfast ...


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            Big D talks to Azah

            We are coming in on him complaining about someone ( Kyland, I think ) about asking him what he would do when they got down to the F3 .. and him ( Kyland, I think ) not giving him an answer... ( I don't know )

            Anyway ...

            Azah to Big D - I know that X has your back .. and that Kyland has your back ... more than they do me...

            Big D - noooo... never.. they don't care about how I feel ... and like.. I can get rid of someone .. that actually cares about how I feel ... I had to sit back and think about that multiple times.. and I sat there .. and I was like.. you know what .. **** that .. Azah is more happy for me... to win the game.. than she is about herself.... and how .. could I dare.. get rid of someone like that... that's stupid.. that is exactly the one thing that I always say that I don't like.... like.. I'm about to do this to someone else... I'm about to pick a man .. over one of my friends... no.. I would never do that .. so .. for me.. I was just trying to do what any team player would do ... be like.. here's the deal man .. we made a deal.. and I'm thinking about getting rid of my #1 ally... in order for you ( Kyland ) to advance in this game.. what are you ( Kyland ) going to do .. when you get to the 3 ?? Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. I ( talking about Kyland ) feel like I'm just very vulnerable .. you asking me that ... even before we play Veto .. and that makes me ( again still talking about Kyland ) feel like a way .. when I was with Tiffany ... when she was umm at the point um... asking me questions .. ummm... before we would even do something ... like me ( still Kyland ) with DX .. I ( Kyland ) didn't have a conversation with DX before veto .. I ( Kyland ) had one with him after..

            Azah - bull**** ...

            Big D - - Oh.. I know.. and I'm just like.. what the **** ??

            Azah says if he asked here what she was going to do .. when they got to the F3.. she would be like . ."what the **** do you think I'm going to do .. I'm going to take you ( Big D )"

            He says he knows... and that all of this is making him feel a certain way about Kyland....

            He goes on to say that he doesn't have anything more to say to Kyland today ...


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              Catching us up ...


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                Big D talked to Kyland ...

                Big D telling Kyland again that he's sorry ... and he feels bad..
                He says Kyland trusted him .. and now he thinks he doesn't .. because of the question he asked him when he ( Kyland ) was " vulnerable"
                Kyland tell him not to worry about it ... it's okay

                Big D tells him that he ( Ky ) doesn't owe him anything .. and he wasn't trying to come off selfish ... or "game him"
                He says that all of their games are in each others hands.. at least until the veto is played/won
                Kyland agrees...

                Big D to Kyland - even though I'm keeping Azah calm...... I set her up to know. .. that's there's possibility if I receive the Power of Veto... I'm going to send her home...

                He talked about the veto they have to play today ..
                Tells Ky that he wants to stud with him ..
                He tells Ky he can "vent" to him

                Kyland tells Big D that he feels good.. and he wants to stay feeling good ..
                He says he wants to concentrate on the competition...


                • #9
                  Azah, Kyland and Big D .. all wondering if they actually do play the veto today .. or tomorrow ...


                  • #10
                    Xavier, Big D and Azah talked.. about how any game talk ... the do now .. could change.. depending on who wins the veto


                    • #11
                      Big D tells Xavier that he knows if Kyland wins the veto .. he ( Big D ) will go on the block ... and go home

                      Xavier tells him that Kyland won't do that to him ( send him home ) and that he ( Xavier ) won't let him


                      • #12
                        Big D to Xavier - I thought me and you..... were going to be like the Cody and Derrick,.... but black...

                        He tells him that he doesn't think that Kyland would take him .. ( to the F3 ) .. is because he ( Kyland ) knows t hat he and X .. had an agreement from Day One...


                        • #13
                          Big D and Azah talk .. with her telling him how disrespected she felt.. when Kyland won the Veto, during her HoH, and used it ...

                          Azah toi Big D - for me... to tell him .... (Kyland) do not use the veto ..... then for him ... to pull that ****,.... it was extremely disrespectful


                          • #14
                            Big D tells Azah that Kyland is playing his own game
                            She says she knows...
                            She goes on to say that .. she made a promise to not put him on the block.. which is why she didn't put his "ass on the block"


                            • #15
                              Currently ...

                              They are talking about Kyland...

                              Big D saying that he set things up .. to make it look like Xavier was on his "own island"

                              Xavier - that doesn't make any damn sense... I don't know who in this house .. would think that me and Azah don't have some kind of relationship ...


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