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Live Feed Updates 9/18 - Day 74

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/18 - Day 74

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    It's Power of Veto Competition Day .....

    As you know .. this PoV competition is one of ... if not .. the most important one of the season ...

    With Xavier as HoH .. he wants to keep his nominations the same... with Kyland and Azah on the block ....
    He has told both Azah and Big D .. that if he wins the veto .. he will not change the nominations ... and that would leave Big D .. to make the sole vote ... to evict either Kyland or Azah ...

    And... you either watched last night's show .. or read the DR sessions in last night's Live Feed Updates... where Xavier is ready to make the play ( or rather let Big D ) make the play .. to send Kyland to the jury this week .... that way .. all the blood of that vote, is on Big D, not him, for jury management purposes ..

    On the other hand, Kyland wants to win the veto, of course, to remove himself, which then would put the only choice of Big D, up beside of Azah ... and leave Kyland to make the sole vote .. to evict Azah. .. and honoring his F3 deal with Xavier and Big D.

    If either Big D or Azah win the Veto... they both have agreed to take each other to the F3 ... and that would send Kyland to the Jury house.


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      As of 9:25 AM BBT

      They are all still sleeping...


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        We'll keep you updated throughout the day ... of course.. we are mostly just waiting on the PoV competition ...


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          PET CAM started about 12:35 ish ...BBT

          for the FINAL PoV Competition of the season ...


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            Xavier won the POV!


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              Here's Kyland...


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                Kyland -

                This is the moment that everyone warned me about ...
                You have to be able to save yourself in this game.
                Two weeks back to back, I have saved Xavier.
                I showed him he was not expendable to me
                I just hope he can do the same for me

                The good thing is, if X doesn't use the veto and I make it to the Final 2, then he never saved me once in this game, not directly. but I have to get there.


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                    Xavier enters the Have Not Room asks - you okay?

                    Kyland - ummm.. hope so.

                    Xavier - I'm just letting everyone know . that I'm not doing any veto talk today .. I'm just going to hang out the rest of the day.. let everyone else do the same.. you sure you're good?

                    Kyland - no. not at all.

                    Xavier- sorry man ..

                    Kyland - no, I mean obviously I'm happy you won

                    insert awkward silence...

                    Kyland - this is just the thing that everyone kept warning me about ...

                    awkward pause ...

                    Kyland - like on one hand.. it's tough not being able to save yourself... and on the other hand it's like......

                    awkward pause

                    Kyland - it's just tough to be in this spot

                    Xavier walks over and give him a hug ..


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                      I'd love to see X change his mind and take Azah to F3 instead of Big D. At least she won something!


                      • CubbyBrother
                        CubbyBrother commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Both Azah and Big D are going to the F3 and it’s actually going to be Big D’s choice not Xavier’s.

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                      Xavier to Kyland - I'll let you get back to your thoughts...

                      Kyland - I appreciate it ...

                      Xavier turns to leave the room ...

                      Kyland- I guess.

                      Xavier - huh?

                      (he turns back around )

                      Kyland- I guess I don't' fully understand .. why ..between you and I .. would have to be a conversation about tomorrow ...

                      Xavier- what do you mean?

                      Kyland - like you said, you want to hold veto talks tomorrow ...

                      Xavier - oh.. yeah .. like I'm just saying that to everybody .. you know ..

                      Kyland -yeah .. but

                      Xavier- yeah .. like we aren't just talking right now .. we'll probably talk later on tonight

                      Kyland - yeah ... I get it ...

                      Kyland - yeah .. it's just like vulnerable moments.. like...

                      Xavier- yeah

                      Kyland - and I feel like I did give you those.. and not to get them .. has the worry amplifying ...

                      Xavier - oh .. breath ... breath ... you'll be fine. okay?

                      Kyland -yeah .. I ... yeah .. I can talk to you later... I .. just ..

                      Xavier - yeah I know .. you're brain is ( he makes a swirling motion around his head ) .. I know ...

                      Kyland- yeah I ....

                      Long Pause ... as Xavier continues to stand and look at Kyland..

                      Kyland - when you say "fine"

                      Kyland starts to laugh ..

                      Kyland - you mean to 3 ??

                      Xavier - YES ... ( with a nervous laugh )

                      Kyland - yeah . yeah .. I appreciate it ... it's just ...

                      Xavier- yeah I know.. that's why I'm just telling everybody .. we'll worry about this ... tomorrow ..

                      Xavier- I'm not saying that to be insensitive or anything .. I'm just ...

                      Kyland - no.. no.. i appreciate it.. I appreciate .. I'm just like ... ( he blows out a big breath )

                      Xavier- breath man ..

                      Kyland - yeah ..

                      Xavier- I know

                      Kyland- it's just the combination of all of it .. going out first was frustrating... not being able to save yourself . is frustrating... and then. it' just .. I think it just .. just .. the .. the ... like.. worry . about getting to the 3 ... as much as it is to just .............. to just ............. to seeing the ..........the value .. you know .. in terms of ... like.....

                      Kyland - it's like I feel... and like... you don't want to talk about it .. we can talk about it later... I don't want to ... it's 'just like.. what you are trying to do .. yeah .. I think ... that is .. I don't want to keep speaking right now ... if you don't want me to ....

                      Xavier - if you want to keep talking.. you can keep taking ..

                      Kyland - I know .. but I don't want to be offensive ... or disrespectful towards you ..

                      Xavier- I don't think that you are offensive or disrespectful...

                      Kyland- yeah .. I appreciate it.. I think for me .. it's like.... thank you. it's like... we . the Cookout ... we ... you know.. I am very big .. as you are .. like hey ... we all worked together to get each other to the 6 .. and we know what we did or didn't do . and that's just ... like hey .... everybody together ... everyone "had" to stick with that .. and then .. everyone knew . when the 6 ... .. you know .. it's just like.. from nominations on Day 66... to like the veto decision on Day 69 .... and then the Veto decision on Day 71.... it's like... it's one thing to show them . that I'm not going after.... after you .. it's another thing to be willing to show that hey, I'm not willing to risk you ... even at the risk of my relationship ... with Tiffany. Chaddha, Azah, Derek, especially looking at those 3 ... this last .. 71 .. veto use ... it's just like.. you ( X ) are not expendable to me...

                      Xavier - mm hmm

                      Kyland - not even to risk it .. and I think that like... that . the thought of that being reciprocated ...

                      Xavier - is this because I nominated you ??

                      Kyland - No!

                      Xavier- okay ...

                      Kyland - like you said .. nominations didn't matter...

                      Xavier - oh .. okay .. I was hoping I didn't give you the feeling that "Ky, is expendable"

                      Kyland - no .. no ... no.. the nominations .. zero .. but the veto use .. I think that now .. I think that I showed on Day 71.. that I trust and value you ... more than Derek.

                      Xavier- mm hmm

                      Kyland - it was just that I don't trust them .. I don't trust him ( Big D ) as much as I trust you ... so it's like.. the thought of .. the potential risk ... of damage to your relationship with Azah .. being more than yours or I's relationship .. is something hard not to feel sensitive about ...

                      Xavier -no .. I get what you are saying . I told Big D.. I still haven't talked to Big D ... since last night .. and I want to talk to Big D.. because if he isn't willing to do what needs to be done.. then you .. cannot be up there ...

                      Kyland - I think it's not even that .. like I said.. I think that someone can say it .. as much as they want to ...

                      Xavier- mm hmm

                      Kyland - and whether they do it.. is a matter of one thing ... but it's less of a matter.. of .. will he do it ? ... as of .. are you willing to risk me .. at all ???

                      Xavier - I hear what you are saying...

                      Kyland- Big D said he's on board to telling Azah straight up .. that whether or not he ( X ) uses it ... he's going to keep her .. if you're willing to keep her .. because this was already set in stone... I think that anything .. that would take this off of you ... and just combine that with my decisions .. already done... in this game.. especially in the last 8 days... in the last 8 days.. I've prioritized you over everyone else... 3 times in a row .. and it would be nice.. you know .. to feel that reciprocated with this one.

                      Xavier- I know. And, I'm saying there's only so much that I can say ...

                      Xavier- all I'm going to be able to do . is show you.

                      Kyland - oh .. I know.. and what I'm saying for me.. is the only wish for me.. is that the veto would be used .. on me.

                      Xavier- yeah ... I know

                      Kyland- yeah .. I would love that .. I would appreciate that .. that's all.

                      Xavier- yeah I know .. and that's what I'm saying.. I can say .. "you're good" .. "you're fine" ... it's not going to mean anything .. until you see what happens with the veto ...

                      Kyland- YES!

                      Xavier- at that point.. you'll be like.. okay.

                      Kyland - I know .. and 71 was so fast.. that you didn't have to wait ..

                      Xavier- that's why I was literally like.. you have some time.. be with your thoughts.. see how you feel...

                      Kyland - yeah

                      Xavier - that's why I'm just giving you some time.. I'm not talking with anybody ... but obviously .. you know we have a dialogue .. and that doesn't change...

                      Kyland- yeah ... no .. I appreciate it

                      Xavier - and like you say .. actions speak louder than words...

                      Kyland -thank you. thank you man.. you're the best ...

                      Kyland - on man .. I was so devastated

                      Xavier- breath.

                      Kyland - thank you.. I appreciate you .. congrats...

                      Xavier leaves.

                      Kyland- I hate myself right now ... I cannot believe you didn't save yourself... I can't believe I did that bad...


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                        Catch up ( even though there hasn't been much to catch up )

                        Big D to Azah - I think it's my time...
                        Azah - what do you mean ?
                        Big D - I don’t think X is going to use that veto on me
                        Azah – it doesn’t work like that.... he can either use it or not .. if he decides to use it he can only use it on me or Ky.
                        Big D – oh so he can’t use it on me?
                        Azah – you’re not on the block.....why would he use it on you?
                        Big D – I thought he would use it on me and I would still give the vote.
                        Azah – no...... you are not on the block .... he can't use it on you ...
                        Big D – well ...I don’t know where his head is at.... he said he doesn’t want to talk game
                        Azah – yeah ... I don’t blame him.
                        Big D – he says he doesn’t want to talk game.... but he was up there with Ky for a long time. ... he told me and you quick...
                        Azah - I’m personally not going to talk game with him today ........I didn’t want to because there are just so many days leave where something can happen ...

                        Big D told Azah that he and Xavier have played the same game, the only difference is that Xavier has won competitions... but .. they have "made the same moves"

                        ( I kid you not )

                        The veto competition had to do with days ....
                        they talked about how the question ... what day was the oven fire ... tripped them up
                        another question was .. what day did the Cookout accomplish their goal
                        and another was what day did Hannah get a concussion

                        Azah and Xavier cuddled for a while...

                        Big D and Xavier played cards... .
                        Big D- what are we going to do for 4 days?
                        Xavier- we're doing it ...

                        All 4 have been playing cards...
                        Azah also cooking dinner... well .. she's warming up leftovers...

                        Currently @ 9:53 PM BBT =BB calls Ky to the DR


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                          Kyland going to the DR broke up the card game...

                          Now we have this...


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                            Xavier made his way up to the HoH room ...


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