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Live Feed Updates 9/19 - Day 75

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/19 - Day 75

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    Just going to catch us up from last night here ...

    Xavier and Azah talked... they both agree that Kyland has to go.

    Big D and Azah talked about Kyland ...

    Big D tells her that Kyland made it clear to him .. that he ( Kyalnd ) has earned his right to be in the F3 ... and that if he ( Big D ) doesn't pick him .. that he's not a man of his word.

    Azah to Big D - he ( Kyland ) ain’t earned ****...

    She goes on to say that if Kyland had one this last veto competition, then yes.. he would have earned his way to the F3 .. same with any of them ... but the person that actually earned it was Xavier ..

    Big D tells her that Kyland feels like he's protected people.. and that he could have, if he chose to, gotten Xavier out at the F5.... and that he ( Kyland ) feels like Xavier should bring him to the F3 .. because of that....

    Azah asked how he would have gotten X out at the F5

    Big D tells her .. by using he veto on Hannah ... him ( Big D ) going up.. and then sending Xavier home..

    Big D tells her he wonders if Kyland and Xavier have a deal that he doesn't know about ...

    He asks Azah if he is a bad person for sending him out ...
    She tells him no ... she doesn't think so ...

    Big D tells Azah that he will not send her out ... No Matter what ...
    He goes on to say that also no matter what he does .. someone gets hurt ...

    He tells her that obviously he is sending Kyland out ... he's already made up his mind.

    He talks about how Kyland has put in so much work
    She tells him that Tiffany and Hannah also put in hard work ...

    He tells her that he worries that Kyland will look at him as a bad person

    Azah to Big D - he's ( Kyland's ) the judge of good people and bad people???

    Big D - no .. only God is.....

    He tells her again that he's obviously I’m not getting rid of her.. he's just venting to her .. because he can't talk to anyone else....


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      ( still catching up from last night )

      Kyland talked to the camera. .. saying he's disappointed in himself for not winning the veto .. he's sorry if he's let his friends, family and anyone in America that is rooting for him down.

      He says that this is his opportunity to find out if he was right to trust Xavier.

      He says he honestly.. thinks he was ...

      He says he knows the possibility of Xavier not using the veto on him .. and Big D not voting for him to stay ..

      He says that he had a lot of people... like... Tiffany, Hannah, DX, Claire, and Sarah Beth .... tell him that he couldn’t trust Xavier ... because Xavier wants to win too much to risk bringing a competitor further in the game.... and that if he ( Xavier ) ever had a chance to cut them him .. he would ...

      He says he told every single one of them .. that they were wrong.... but not to their face... just in the fact that he went ahead and trusted Xavier ...

      He says that now .. where he is in the game.. it's scary .. and he doesn't know if they will look at him and say he's dumb... or if's smart... or if he's honorable... or respectable, or what....

      He says maybe they will look at him ... as being naïve or foolish,...

      He says that he thinks that loyalty should be rewarded this season .. and he hopes to get to the F3 .. where then he could control things...


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        Currently ..... @ 10:22 AM BBT

        Xavier to Big D- I hate this ...
        Big D - yeah I know
        Xavier- I'm stuck in the ****ing middle
        Big D - every time I think about it .. I can't go back to sleep
        Xavier - the key to that .. is for you to be onboard considering Kyland .. and at the end of the day .. you and I are going to be in control ...
        Big D - no.. I know
        Xavier - I just need you to be comfortable with that .. and I know you are comfortable with both
        Big D - I'm comfortable with both .. the hard thing is ..
        Xavier- just trying to decide ...
        Big D - it's the way he ( Kyland ) was talking to me last night .. like I was telling Azah .and she doesn't care.. which I understand .. because she is on the block... and that was the first time I've ever had to vent to her ... the hard part .. was he ( Kyland ) was saying .. I went forward with you guys .. because I thought that you guys were honest... and men of your words.. and he's just breaking down the whole entire scenario ... so it would be hard for me.. like.. I said to him... would you look at it as game play ?

        Xavier- you were talking about this to him ?
        Big D - huh?

        Xavier- you were talking to him . about if this would be game play between you and him ??

        Big D - no.. no .. no .. just in general .. cause .. I .. like .. I said .. X would never... I said .. X would never.. I said .. let's just say that X decided not to use the veto on you .. how would you feel .. and he said that he would feel like it wasn't fair.. he's put in so much ... and that he would view us as not honest... and that he doesn't feel like money shouldn't go over words...that's what he was saying

        Xavier- at the end of the day .. we aren't going against our word... because you promised me.. and I promised you ...

        Big D - correct.

        Big D - I'm okay with either one of your ideas...
        Xavier - yeah .. at this point.. I think either of them is a viable option ...


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          Xavier to Big D - I just need you to get comfortable with either .. we need to consider both of them ...
          Big D - yes
          Xavier- we are going to take these next couple of day.. to figure out what is going to be best for us
          Big D - absolutely ..


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            ( apparently there's an airplane IN the BB house ... we could hear it flying over .. lol ) so weird ..

            Big D tells Xavier that he's comfortable with both options...
            Xavier tells him again . they just have to decide what is best for them ...

            Xavier- for me.. the question is .. can you beat Azah?
            Big D - I beat her in BB Comics...
            Xavier- because I know for a fact.. if she wins.. she would take you ( to the F2 ) not me ...


            • #7
              Big D to Xavier- I get what you are saying ..
              Xavier- if I take Azah .. ( to F3 ) and you can beat her . that guarantees that you and me are sitting in the F2 ..
              Big D - correct .. correct...

              Xavier- let's say I bring Kyland ( to F3 ) there's more of a toss up .. of whether he brings you or me ( to F2 )
              Big D - mm hmmm

              Big D- I think the reason I am pushing away from Ky.. is like you said. the whole Superman scenario ... and competitor in him.. and it's just funny to me .. how he went from like weeks ago .. he was like we're going to have each others backs.. never vote each other out

              Xavier tells him that right now ..he needs to keep him ( Ky ) thinking that way..
              He tells him that as far as he ( Kyland ) knows.. that he ( Big D ) would take him ( Ky ) to the F2 .. and the same with him and Ky...

              Big D says he knows...

              Azah comes in ....

              Big D- with his mind set.. I think he's just going to keep ****ing with me all week.. that's what he does

              Xavier - I will do meeting today .. don't know what time... '

              Big D - my goal is not to try to avoid him .. but to just .. no reason to talk to him . because he's already feeling annoyed.. he should be feeling good .. if the vote is in my hand.. and the last thing I need is for a grown ass man to be freaking out ...

              Feeds cut.. to BE RIGHT BACK


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                Once back..

                Kyland is up and out of bed

                Xavier and Kyland in the kitchen

                Xavier tells Azah that Kyland has on his nerd glasses..

                She gets up to see them ...

                Kyland - omg ...

                Azah - oh my god . they are so CUTE . they are adorable.. look at you .. I love them ..

                Kyland - thank you ...

                Big D - who is that hot nerd....

                Kyland - you guys are just gassing me up

                Azah - look at these 2 hot nerd making breakfast

                They leave ..

                Kyland to Xavier- nice kids
                Xavier- they are nice kids...


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                  now ...

                  Azah and Big D in their beds.. talking ...

                  Feeds cut again to BE RIGHT BACK

                  ( I'll be back later to you know .. catch us up again ... it's probably going to be a very slow day )


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                    Xavier tells Kyland that he is going to meet with everyone today .. but he's going to save him for last.


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                      Catching us up

                      Xavier talks to Big D

                      Xavier -like I was asking you this morning... basically ... I'm guaranteeing you a spot... in the F2 ... if I cut him...,
                      Big D - right
                      Xavier - so I need to know can you beat her? ... if you can beat her.... I'm fine with doing what needs to be done.
                      Derek - can I say with her back against the wall she cant pull out a win? ....I'd be lying to say she couldn't

                      Big D - I feel like I can beat her... I'm not scared of her.... taking Ky doesn't guarantee any of us a spot...
                      Xavier- either of us.
                      Big D - taking Azah,.... we have more of a chance of beating her and stuff...
                      Xavier - I agree.. but for me .. it's more of a risk for me .. than for you ...

                      Big D - if endurance is the first comp,... I'm losing ..
                      Xavier- if she wins that final HoH,..... she's more likely to take you than me. ... with Ky,... it's more of a toss up between the two of us ... if I take her... I'm taking more of a risk I need to know that you can beat her

                      Big D - I can beat her..... I don't want to take him.. he's just too entitled
                      Xavier - mm hmmm
                      Big D - to me .. he just makes you feel like you are wrong .. when I ain't done nothing wrong ...


                      • #12
                        Big D to Xavier - just throwing things out there... it's a game..... I guess you can't really be fair...... Azah's resume compared to Ky's resume.... is completely different
                        Xavier- hmm mmm

                        Big D- I've been there for him (Ky) since the beginning.... now you ( Ky ) feel like cause you did more work than Azah....., you ( Ky ) should be here.. mother f ucker ... me and X did a bunch of work... I made a deal with one person in the beginning.... that person is the only one that matters

                        Xavier - I hear what you are saying between the two.... who has done more,,,, but who did more between Tiffany and Azah?..... who did more between Hannah and Azah? ..... pretty much everyone in the Cookout did more than Azah.... but for me.. it's who do we feel we can beat? .. it's possible Azah can pull one out of her ass ....but that's probably more likely my problem than yours ....cause between the two of us.... she's going to take you.

                        Big D - I get what you are saying

                        Xavier - if the first two rounds the winners are you and me.... it doesn't matter

                        Big D- I should probably not do long in endurance and let you win endurance...unless she drops
                        Xavier - if she drops...... we can talk about it right depends on what that middle comp is and we don't know......say I win round one.. if it's an endurance comp..... no offense to you.... but I think Azah outlasts you
                        Big D - of course...unless it's something like,....we will never get it but a strength type thing

                        Big D to Xavier - if I was watching at home..... I would go with those odds.....
                        Xavier - which odds ???

                        Big D - the Azah odds.
                        Xavier - the who ??
                        Big D - huh ??
                        Xavier - Azah how ?

                        Big D - just like.... going with the call.... like with Victoria? ...

                        Xavier- yeah
                        Big D - right

                        Xavier- that's where I'm asking you can you beat her???
                        Big D - I can .. if I look at our stats,.....I beat her more in stuff than she beat me..
                        Xavier- I agree.... . by taking her..... either I'm sitting in F2 .... or I get third.... by taking Ky.. I'm almost guaranteed F2 ... no matter what happens.

                        Big D - correct...

                        Xavier - but..... I don't want to put you in a position where you might be ass out .....if I don't win...if we took Ky


                        • #13
                          Xavier- if he ( Kyland ) has the mentality he wants to take me to the end .... the we've had our Batman verses Superman this week

                          Big D - - so ... if he thinks that anyone sitting next to you is going to vote for you.... why would he want to sit next to you at the end?

                          Xavier – that is the thing part of me thinks that it's bull**** ... part of me thinks that he wants to use that because he knows I’m a competitor too and he wants to use that to get toF3 ... and then .. he may just cut me... what type of game is he playing ??? is he ... trying to use that just for me to keep him around? ..... I really should do what everyone back home is expecting me to do? .... as soon as he ( Ky ) is ripe for the taking..... you cut him.. the second strongest competitor is ripe for the taking you might as well get his ass out ... now ..

                          Big D - that's what I'm saying ....

                          Xavier- for me... it's the game.. it's Big Brother


                          • #14
                            Xavier - if we make this big move.... ( taking out Kyland ) ... which would probably big the big move of the season.... we have got to win.

                            Big D - especially if it's done by me

                            Xavier - it'll be the biggest move of the season

                            Big D - the thing you have to start with me.. is what is the jury going to think?

                            Xavier- they're going to be happy ...

                            Big D - I I don't know..... I feel like it's going to be like, .....he's ( Kyland's ) going to go back and be like I had a F2 deal
                            Xavier - it doesn't matter

                            Big D - which that one doesn't matter ?? .... because he didn't confirm it when I asked him and then he had a F3 with us...... and then we didn't take him and it's like....

                            Xavier - here's the thing .. it view it from both of our perspectives.... for you ... they would never expect you to vote out Ky...... so if you did that shows that you are here to play. .... for me.... hey know that arguably, ... he ( Ky's ) the person that arguably be closest competition resume to me

                            Big D - correct...

                            Xavier- on top of that .. he's made the jury bitter...

                            Big D - on top of that .. Azah's like... what do you mean you made a deal with him?... she was like... did make a F3 and I'm like no.

                            Xavier - additionally..... we also have to think of it from this perspective we send Azah..... let's say we send Azah out at 4

                            Big D - that's like .. I'm saying she asked me last night did you make a F3 with him and I'm like no....

                            Xavier- cause I'm saying .. if we send her out out at 4 ... thats a lot of time for her to kinda be in jury getting bitter.... you know what I'm saying?

                            Big D - yeah ...

                            Xavier - I guess who do you think is better to get over something? Azah or Ky?

                            Big D- both the same...

                            Xavier - with Ky,.... if he does go,,,,, he can literally tell the jury just about everything that we have done...... Azah knows to an extent..... but not fully... you know what I'm saying?

                            Big D - right ...

                            Xavier - he ( Ky ) might go and be like... might go and be like I hope Azah wins......


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                              Catching us up again ..

                              Big D and Xavier talked again ...

                              Big D telling Xavier that this is just hard ..and he worries about looking bad

                              Xavier tells him that it doesn't make him look bad .. he wasn't disloyal ...

                              Big D - but didn't we make aF 3 .....and we're breaking it before the F3 ??

                              Xavier - Azah would go back and say the same ****..... either way ....either one would go back to jury and say we had a F3 and that we cut them


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