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Live Feed Updates 9/20 - Day 76

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    Xavier - I'm like damn .. do you ( Big D ) want a check or not ??
    Aza h - yeah .. $50,000 is good money .... $750,000 even better

    Xavier to Azah - I'm asking him (Big D ) to do something that benefits him more than anybody .... and he's hesitant. .....I was like maybe I need to reevaluate this F2


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      Xavier to Azah - if he ( Big D ) isn't willing to do the last thing that needs to be done .....and Azah has been completely on board,... I'm like... why is it if I win ....that I shouldn't even give her consideration? .... you know what I'm saying ??

      Azah - mmm hmmm

      Xavier - something .. about that .. in my core.... feels wrong to not consider it


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        Azah to Xavier- I feel that you and I share similar sentiments. ......I see the hesitancy and the doubt ( in Big D ) .. and it's like damn..... you going to send me home before Kyland?


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          Xavier to Azah - if .. I feel like Big D is not going to pull the trigger....I will pull you down.
          Azah - I appreciate that.
          Xavier - if I feel Big D can do it ... I'll be comfortable letting him do that... and after that ... you and I can have another discussion when we are on a level playing field


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            Xavier to Azah - does the fact that I'm pitching to have a conversation with you .. make you think less of me?
            Azah = absolutely not ..
            Xavier- okay. I didn't want you to think that I was being disloyal to Big D
            Azah - no .. I'm in the same predicament .. and I'm pitching the same thing...
            Xavier- okay ... I didn't want it to reflect poorly
            Azah- no .. not in the least
            Xavier- and same to you
            Azah - thank you


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              ( okay ..whew.. I walked right in from work.. well I went to the grocery store first.. but then I walked right in and sat down here go back and grab all of that .. for you guys.. so I'm going to break here .. and I'll try to get us caught up in a little bit )


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                Xavier and Big D outside

                Xavier - has Ky ever talked to you about the ability to do something ....versus the willingness to do something?
                Big D – I feel like maybe a long time ago...... he's talked to me about so many things I can’t even keep up
                Xavier – yeah. .... no .. he's said stuff like I think Big D has a willingness to do stuff ....but not the ability to do anything... .. I'm kinda thinking of using that to make him understand ... as to why I am not using the veto

                Big D – you’re going to use his own thing against him?
                Xavier – yeah because he's said that you ... have the willingness to do what needs to get done.... but you never have the ability... aka .... you haven’t won **** ... so for me.. well... I'm like this is an opportunity for him to prove that when he has the ability he will do what needs to get done.
                Big D – oh girl... oh ****...

                Xavier- again unless you don't want to be put in that position ...

                Big D - no I'm willing to do it .. I'm tried of it . I'm so tired of everybody... I'm just.. I think I am just tired of this season of .. I told each and everyone one of these b***hes I'm going to send them home and I mean that.'s the thing ... even though I didn’t have the power ....I still found a way to make things happen the way I wanted them to happen

                Xavier – No,.... I'm not saying that. .. this is your time to show .. hey.. I'm about what I say I'm about ...

                Big D – right, of course

                Xavier – because right now I think he wants me to use the veto on him .....and I want him to not be shocked when I don’t...... did you tell him some **** .. like... oh it would be great if he used it on you just to take the burden off you or something like that???

                Big D – I said that like in the beginning ...because I was not sure what I was going to do... because at first...
                Xavier – okay .. well I don't care what you said at first... here's what we’re going to do moving forward. ...we've always been on the same page.

                Big D tells him that he's frustrated .. with Azah .. and how he told Kyland today that he was frustrated about when he talks about how he got here... he always says "if it weren't for X winning this .. or if it " wasn't for X doing that "

                Big D - I give credit where credit is due...

                Big D goes on and on about how he's not saying that "Azah sat on her ass the entire time." .. BUT .. in the beginning there were moves and lies and manipulations that had to be done
                Xavier- yeah and we were making those moves

                Big D - yeah .. we were making those moves without even telling her ( Azah ) because we felt that she didn't need to know... and that's where I get frustrated with her.. because I want her to be like.. " I worked very hard to get here, but it if wasn't for Big D, doing X, Y and Z " .. because even if I give my speech at the F2 .. it's going to be " I have nothing disrespectful to say about this man ( Xavier ) anything I say.. is just from a game point of view" and I do want to say . Xavier getting here, I worked very well with him... and he did a lot to help me get here.. just like I did a lot to help him get, let me to into what I have done.

                Xavier - mm hmmm

                Big D - so that's why for me.. it doesn't even seem like she thinks that way ...

                Xavier- mm mm ..yeah ...

                Big D - it' s just like... Girl, what did you think you did ???

                Xavier - I think you should just ... that's just like beating a dead horse.. you should just move on ...

                Big D - I know and that's why I have to just move on .. but I will say .. on some real **** .. you can use the same thing back on him ( Ky ) ... I would just tell him .. that you want to make sure for your jury management .. you don't want Azah to be upset with you ...

                Xavier- I’m going to say we’ve discussed ability versus willingness and I think Big D has the ability to show you that he will do what needs to get done..... and the only way he can prove that to you..... the only way that both of us can prove something to you...... I can prove all right now.... but to allow Big D to do his portion to show you that he is willing to do what needs to be done..... I want him to make the vote.

                Big D – you’re talking about a blindside!!??

                Xavier – mm hmmmm...

                Big D - damn

                Xavier-. you talking about wanting to be a part of a blindside? I think it has to be a blindside and we have to be the ones to do it. ....

                Big D- we have to ... or he's going to freak out ...


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                  Xavier- and with Azah .. we have to just make sure that she's good.. she did say something about . when we get down to 3... but when we get to 3 .. everything will be good ...
                  Big D - maybe she's just stressed

                  They head in to eat dinner


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                      quick catch up ...

                      Kyland talking to the camera -I made the choice to roll with X ... and so ... I did .. and hopefully .. he made the same... so .. we'll see ....

                      He changes his train of thought back to being a "hopeless romantic" ... and the moon.... and if the person he's going to marry .. is looking at the moon .. too .. what time zone is she in ... is she seeing it before him .. after him .... does she like Big Brother ... does she like how much I talk ... (no ) .... does she like ... engaging discussions ... and speaking on different points of things... does she like to work on herself as much as the relationship. what is she passionate about .. do I already know this person ?? ... wow... lots of thoughts.. if she doesn't like Big Brother .. will she like me more or less after watching the show? .... oh wow.... ummmm.... my brain defaults to thinking that I'm not doing good enough .. that I could do better... I assume there's a lot of luck in other people's effort.... that I've move this far... even though I can objectively see that I am doing moves to push me.. to push us forward.. but no .. no .. no.. I'm not going to say that I'm doing good.. until I get to watch this at the end... cause right now.. everyone could be in the jury house .. hating me... I could be the next person in the jury house.. I could be the 9th person of the jury .. whew.... I don't think I will be though ...

                      Kyland - as long as I made a good decision in trusting Xavier and he helps me move forward... in this game.. or .. my last minute back up speech to Azah ... should he use the veto on her .. and I need her to save me... if one of those 2 things .. hopefully the first .. happens.. and gets me to the Final 3 .. I think I have the skill set ... and mental fortitude .. and the will... to get me to win that final HoH ... I think that if I could do that .. I will have a good shot .. and I would definitely be bringing X .. like I said... especially if he uses this veto right now .. on me...

                      Kyland - first off .. it would be a nice little reciprocation for the last 2 weeks... and then .. second off............................................... .................................................. .............. ( he got lost )


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                        Feeds cut for a few.. and once back ..
                        Kyland is back talking about well.. not about Big Brother ... something about love.. and ... stuff ...

                        Camera man zooming in .. on this ...


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                          Now he's talking about the rotation of the earth ...


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                            Kyland - no idea if I will be here past F4 .... ..I shouldn’t say no idea.. I have an idea..... the idea is that ……….I will be.. hopefully Xavier follows through and brings me with him.... hopefully he's not playing some crazy deceitful game… randomly after all this time. ....I feel pretty good about that... you just never know. .. that's the crazy part about this game. never really knowing ...that is pretty cool though.. sitting in the hammock in the Big Brother house.

                            ( have to go .. I'll try to get back to this .. )


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                              Just a little catch up .... after Kyland talked ...

                              Xavier and Big D talked..

                              With Big D still complaining about Azah,,,
                              Xavier told him that he needs to give her a break .. she's on the block .. for the first time... and at this stage of the game...
                              Big D tells him that he gets that ... but .. she's not even really talking to him now.. just giving him short answers.. when he asks her something ..

                              Big D - so . I'm like.... okay .... if we're going to be those type of conniving bitches.. then I can be a conniving bitch ...

                              He tells Xavier that he is trying to stay calm ... let it go ... he does get it .. she's stressed ... but.. she has resentment towards him ...

                              He talks about how he doesn't have any resentment toward her .. but ... when someone doesn't give credit where credit is due... that upsets him ...

                              Xavier tells him that both of them ..need to stop talking ... about what they have done ..or not done.... none of that is productive

                              Xavier goes on to say that they have to make a decision .. they have to do what is the best for both of them ... ( he and Big D )

                              Big D tells him it's just frustrating ... because he's been there for her all this time... and now ... that they are at the end of the game... she wants cute all the sudden ...


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                                Azah and Xavier ended up in the HoH room playing cards..
                                Xavier invited Big D up .. but he declined...

                                Kyland did a little bit more cam talking saying that he's work hard to be where he is ..
                                He says he studied the strategies of the past winners...
                                He adjusted his diet and sleep schedules before coming in to the house
                                He says he spent hours and hours doing brain puzzles .. to "train" for this ...

                                He goes on to say (again ) that he hopes that Xavier will keep him .. since he kept Xavier safe ( using the veto )
                                He says that Xavier hasn't given him any reason to doubt him ... or doubt that he will keep him ..
                                He talks about the Renegades alliance .. ( Dan and Memphis ) wondering if he and Xavier will be up there ( F2 ) like they were
                                Then says that Xavier could be plotting to get him out this week.


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