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Live Feed Updates - 9/25 - Day 81

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/25 - Day 81

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  • #2
    Azah and Big D will face off in the 2nd part of the 3 part Head of Household Competition sometime today.


    • #3
      2nd part of the HOH competition is most likely underway..
      Xavier was called to the DR about an hour ago...and the feeds have been on Pet Cam ..


      • #4
        feeds are back..

        but...we just have Big D sleeping

        Azah in the shower


        • #5
          Azah won


          • #6
            Xavier to Big D - you alright?

            Big D- Yeah .. I'm alright ... how was your DR?

            Xavier - you know.. why are you just chillin in here?

            Big D- my knees hurt.. you know.. and I'm just pissed that I didn't win nothing all season


            • #7
              Big D - I couldn't even win against one person .. so it's like what the **** ...
              Xavier - it happens

              Big D - I'm just annoyed... it makes me not feel valuable .. it doesn't make me feel like I added anything to the team ...


              • #8

                Xavier to Big D - you should feel good.. if Azah wins the 3rd part. .she's taking you.... she ain't taking me.. so either way .. you are going to be sitting in one of those 2 chairs... so..... you got that going for you ...

                Big D - damn .. but I wanted to like... win it .. you know .. I felt it .. like when I was going in there . I was like I got this ... but once he said .. yeah .. your standing on top and your spinning... I was like.. what the **** .. how am I going to do that .. how??? oh .. just treat it like a treadmill.... it's round.. it's not flat...

                Xavier - mm hmmm

                Big D - there was no way possible.. ..

                Xavaier - mm hmmm

                Big D - and I tried.. I literally tried... as soon as I said ... my body said.... and I was like.. if I fall .. I'm going to fall pretty hard...

                Xavier- mmm hnnn

                Big D - and I was like.. I can't do that ...

                Xavier - mm hmm

                Big D- so you know... my knee is hurting .. which caused me not to go as fast I wanted to ... and so you know .. this was probably one of my worst performances that I've had ... all season ...


                • #9
                  Big D to Xavier -and now .. I feel like I've just put a lot of pressure on you ... when I only had one job

                  Xavier -it is what it is ...

                  Xavier - either way .. it was going to be a situation .. where .. I felt like.. if I didn't win the Final HoH .. I was going to go home...

                  Big D - yeah .. but for me.. it was just annoying.. I don't want to be sitting next to Azah in the Final ...

                  Xavier- at least you would be sitting there.

                  Big D - I can't beat her


                  • #10
                    Feeds go back to PET CAM for a few.. and once back ..
                    Xavier has left...
                    Big D alone ...


                    • #11
                      Azah joins Big D

                      He tells her that his knees are hurting...

                      She tells him he did good... it was a hard comp...
                      He tells her no ...
                      He says there was no way he could do it ...

                      He tells her that he's happy for her...

                      Big D - for me...., I wanted to win something


                      • #12
                        Big D to Azah - it's hard... cause I don't know what he is going to do or what you are going to do.. and now .. I'm just a sitting duck... I can't do ****... my fate is in 2 people's hands .. and I don't know what to do .. you know ...


                        • #13
                          Big D - when ... I look at this jury and I sit next to Azah, I lose....... I sit next to X..... I have got a fighting chance.. that's how I look at it


                          • Mongado22
                            Mongado22 commented
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                            This man is completely delusional. If he goes to final two it will be so unfair. He accomplished nothing, won nothing and feels her deserves everything. Amazing!

                        • #14
                          Big D - I did the best I could do ...

                          Azah to Big D - you did well..... you did great.... you did awesome....your time was good

                          Big D - I just feel like I don't deserve to go any further.... that's how I feel now ..

                          Azah- You are speaking like Kyland

                          Big D- no .. I'm being serious... I feel like I just don't deserve to go any further .. that's how I feel

                          Azah -you can't beat up on yourself, boo


                          • #15
                            Big D - if you went into every single comp trying to win...every single comp I have went in like..... I'm going to win..... and . I just feel like I look ****ing stupid

                            Azah - why do you feel like you look stupid?

                            Big D- cause I'm in the DR being like I'm going to win this one....

                            Azah - you believe in yourself... have confidence in yourself.. and so who do you look stupid to ?

                            Big D - America

                            Azah - America is sitting on their ass .. they are not here .. they didn't have to do what you have to do ... they can sit and say whatever the **** they want... but guess what .. they are not here ... Kyland can say whatever he wants.. he's not here ... you are here..


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