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Live Feed Updates 9/26 - Day 82

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/26 - Day 82

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    9:30 AM BBT

    Still snoozing away ...


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      Catching us up ...

      Big D in the DR ...

      Azah and Xavier talk ...

      Azah - what were you going to say about him ?
      Xavier- just that ... don't let the things he says.. get under your skin ... he's just talking.. sometimes I don't' think he understands that the things that he says ... can be a little insensitive .. and kinda rude ..

      Azah - no it's okay .. bruh.. I've dealt with him for ..
      Xavier -we all have
      Azah - yeah it's fine.. I don't get ummm..
      Xavier- bent out of shape
      Azah- yeah .. and when I have gotten bent out of shape.. I've defended myself...
      Xavier- alright
      Azah - he's only made me cry once...
      Xav ier - damn .. he only made you cry once...
      Azah - and when he did .. later that night .. I was like listen here you mother ****er...

      Xavier- he's just being very adamant .. about " you don't owe me anything" .... "no one owes me anything"

      Azah - he told me yesterday .. he was like... I just want to know .. are you going to keep your end of the deal .. or whatever... and what I told him was .. #1 .. you've seen the type of game I've played since the beginning... and you see I haven't made any deals with anybody .. and one thing to consider ... is Big D .. I asked you .. I asked you .. would you take me .. and you ( Big D ) verbatim .. told me.. " I would not take you, because I can't beat you" ... and I said .. I was willing to take you .. I was someone that wanted to take you . way back in the day when I knew you would beat me.. because you are my friend... now .. how I feel now .. is yes.. I'm going to take him .. but .. I want to feel open to any conversation you ( Xavier ) might want to have too .. and I don't feel like there's anything wrong ... with me wanting that .. and the other thing that I want to make clear to him ( Big D ) is.. I think he needs to take a stance in who he wants to sit next to ... cause he said .. that he said the same to you . that no one owes him anything... and well... you really didn't do that .. you are kinda putting pressure on me... he ( Big D) Is like you are my best friend.. and his stance too.. is like " do you want to take a No-Showmance to the end? " ..and that's not what it's about the Kyland thing ( with Big D .. always "SAYING" that Kyland was his "showmance or no-showmance ) ... it's not a personal thing.. about wanting to take you over him ... it's not a personal thing.. it's a game thing... it's like .. me and you .. saying that since we both got to the end.. do we want to make an agreement that whoever wins.. would take the other person ... that's not personal.. see what I'm saying ??

      Xavier- I totally agree

      Azsh - that's not personal .. that's game. .. there' snot a personal bone in my body .. pushing me to that .. it's not like.. well.. I like you over the other person .. I've told you time and time again .. I would take Big D .. over and over again ... at the end of the day... it's a game thing.. so I would like to know .. where is ( Big D 's ) head is at .. who he would like to sit next to.... cause I think that would be fair for both of us to know .. because we are putting our eggs ... in a basket.. and he ( Big D ) is picking from 2 baskets...

      Xavier- mm hmmm

      Azah - and telling both of us .. "oh.. you're going to take me .. right? " ... and at the end of the day . somebody is going to get shafted.. you ( Big D ) are looking me in my face.. telling me that I should take you .. while just the other day .. you told me... that you would not take me .. cause you ( Big D ) could not win against me... but I wanted to take you ( Big D) from the beginning .. even when I knew I could not win against you ...

      Xavier - if there were no deals on the table .....I don’t know who I would take..... I do feel a sense of I don’t want to go against him.... but he is also like now telling me you don’t owe me anything. .... so . then ... I'm like... I can consider all my options then?..... cause .. this is a little different then..... xause if before I felt like I had to take him I can consider everything.. .... that's a little different.... that's what I feel like he is leading me to believe..... so I'm like okay it is not so cut and dry.... I guess.... which felt like a difficult decision to be in before because this seems kind of ****ed... and so even without winning he gets to be like well you know who ever wins is going to pick me.... that must be nice... so I'm like.. well I must be next.. for me's always been game related... or me its always been like game related so in this game I’ve tried to be as loyal as I can..... but if now he is saying by me taking you or him he doesn’t feel like I’ve broken any bond to him then that makes me feel at ease that I can make a decision of my own like of what I want to do.

      Azah –yeah ... and from my point of view its been him from the beginning .....and then .. I won’t lie ... last week left a little bit of like " eh" .. for me... and then turning around and being like well are you going to do this when you’re not doing the same thing... has me... well dang now I want to reconsider.. beecause I am like.. bruh ... from the beginning it was always you. .... last week it was going to be you ( Big D) .. I signed up for this knowing it would always be you. ,,, ( Big D ) and then ... last week came along and now you’re ( Big D ) telling me you did this for me when you literally told Kyland I can’t beat you...... I can beat her.

      Xavier – but then he didn’t beat you

      Azah – and now you say this was for you.. but no.... at the time you felt like you could beat me and you know you could have beat me. .... you took the gamble on where you felt you could beat .....and that’s where you thought...... I get it and I am very appreciative at the end he turned to me..... but this was just as much a decision for his game as it was for me. .... and it was an objective decision of yeah I am going to take this person...... that probably won’t take me to final two .... and also I don’t know if I can beat.. I'm not going to take that person. I am going to go ahead and go with this person instead... and now that the competition happened you’re going to go ahead and say well I did this for you.

      Xavier – I get what you’re saying... the perspective has shifted.. for me... I always knew if I get rid of Kyland ....I kind of shafted myself from a game perspective... and I knew that would stupidly kind of benefit him and I kept my word that I would do everything .....I can to get him to the final 2 chairs. .....I looked at it objectively and I was like if I keep Kyland I am almost guaranteed a spot in the F2 ... but if I go with the decision that I would prefer to have I am not guaranteed F2 ... iff I lose then I am probably third but I told him ( Big D) I would do everything I can to get him in the F2 chairs...... so I went with that and I wanted you here more than Kyland. ... sometimes.. you have to go with your gut... and if it bites me in the ass.. so be it ...


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        Azah – removing deals and all that you think its best for you to go with Big D?

        Xavier – ummm..... I ... for me it depends..... on if people will view on things that he has been saying throughout the season... if they start to take the things that he said seriously..... if they start to take things he's said seriously ... I think people will be One - impressed that he made it to theF2 ... without having won anything.... and Two - the fact that even though he did kind of lie... deceive and manipulate ....but then he also had some transparency in..... saying .... like hey if I’ve got to vote you out.. I'm going to vote you out... he did .... get people together for the Cookout and things like that... like I do think he has a very strong argument and if people take it seriously he has a good shot to win...... I also think that you have a very strong argument along similar lines. .. to every member outside the Cookout ( Azah ) didn’t necessarily lie to them.... you did know about the Cookout .. but we all did... and if you win part 3..... at that point you’ve won 2 HOH's .. that's powerful... and you won when you needed to... which the only other person that could potentially say that is me... ummm.... and when you go to personal relationships..... you have a lot of personal relationships with people in the jury but so does he ( Big D) .. ummm.... for me... I definitely know I'm not getting one vote and if the other votes that I thought I had are bitter then I'm not getting any of those votes...... so .. it .. it's interesting ... so before .. I was really just trying to stay loyal to a person .. that I said I was going to loyal to .. but .. if I'm able to consider options.. it changes... and I'm not just going off of trying to keep my loyalty to him.. which was something that I was trying to do .. thought out this game.. but now .. if he's telling me.. I should do what I need to do .. then I don't know ... I wasn’t lying when I said I thought I could lose to either one of you..... just because of how I played the game.. ummm... so who would I be more proud to see crowned the winner.. if that makes sense. that is something I am also factoring in...... I would be proud to see either one of you crowned the winner..... but for this season .. when Big Brother crowns the first black winner... I don’t want people to be like "eh" about it .. you know ? .. I want it to be someone that they are like yeah this person played the game.... ummm.... I think Big D played a great manipulative .. social game..... and you also have a great social game... but you also .. won when you needed to.....and I guess that could be part of my consideration .. as far as my competitiveness... like If I lose .. I would rather lose to someone like.. that did things.. like... for all of his ( Kyland's ) bull**** ... I did agree with the concept of .. there's a difference between a willingness to do what needs to be done and the ability to do what needs to be done....... and it's hard to do what needs to be done.. if you haven't won anything... and so . if you have won something .. and you do what needs to be done.. then that speaks volumes... you are not only now .. saying that you would do things.. you've backed it up .. with your actions.. if you haven't really been put in a position where your actions... can back it up .. then no one really knows... if that makes sense .. so ...

        Azah - mm hmmm

        Xavier- I would feel comfortable losing to either one of you. ,.. I think that if you win the Final HoH .. I would be more... well actually no .. this would be more of a situation where I won .. ( the final HoH ) .. I'd be.. I don't think that I would be in a position to not consider you ( Azah ) .. you won a competition when you needed to .. you took out Hannah ... which I think was a strong competitor in the game.. right next to Tiffany ... so .. yeah .. I've thought about sitting next to Big D .. and I've thought about sitting next to you ... and in both scenarios .. . with Big D .. I maintained my word... with sitting next to you .. I think that people would.. and this is kinda corny ... but I think people would see a Black Queen and a Black King ... who played the game well.. you know what I'm saying ?? And, I think there is something to that .. on a bigger level ... not to say that they wouldn't see two Black Kings if I was sitting next to Big D, the abouselty would.. but there's just something to that ( the Black King/Black Queen ) and these are all things I've factored in .. as we are getting down to the end game... I think those things are important .. because this season is going to be ... viewed... dissected... scrutinized.. it's going to be praised... and I want to make sure.... that whoever wins.. or that whoever is sitting in those Final Two chairs are someone that every one is proud of ... yeah.. I think they will be proud of any of us sitting in those 2 chairs.. but it's just something that I'm factoring in as well... so .. like.. yeah.. I dunno.. considering options .. is way more than just being like...

        Azah - yeah

        Xavier- so .. like for me .. it's not really about . I think I can beat this person ... for me.. it's kinda getting to I could lose to either one of them ... so what are the other factors that I am considering in .. why I want to sit next to these people...

        Azah - yeah ..and for me.. I am looking through two difference lenses.... so from one lens .. I do think that I could beat Big D.. just from how things would be viewed from the honest side.. like I can keep that honest profile.. compared to Big D ...

        Xavier- yeah

        Azah - and I do feel I would lose to you .. but .. as you have known.... and as I've shown throughout this season .. I don't mind losing to you .. and your story has resonated with me a lot... and I really like the way that you've played the game too ... and umm.. I'm okay losing to you .. you know what I'm saying ?? Where as .. yes... $750, 000 is an amazing life changing amount of money ... ummm..ummm.. that could change me and my parent's lives... ummm.. but I'd be very happy with you as a winner... So.. I'm trying to figure out .. that . with my best friend... and how that will..... you .. know .. it's just hard...

        Xavier- yeah .. no ... saying it will be a difficult decision is an understatement ... saying that we are torn .. is an understatement .. and part of me . what I'm factoring in .. and not in a disrespectful sense... to him.. in any capacity ... I dont' want to ..

        Azah- no . I don't think it is ...

        Xavier- I guess in a sense .. it's like " who earned it?? " you know. not to say that he didn't earn it... but truthfully .. to say .. who ... .. like before the competition even started.. I kinda wanted to be like.. hey . just look.. whoever wins the first 2 competitions .. should sit in the Final Chairs... like I think we all did things.. and we all deserved to be here in the F3 .... but . people who win these ( last competitions ) should sit in those Final Chairs... and that should just be that .. because then it's like .. hey objectively .. you compete to be in the those Final 2 seats.. I didn't say that .. so now .. we're in this "thing" ...

        Azah - mm hmmm

        Xavier- cause I think that would have just been easier.. there wouldn't be any bad blood... any hurt feelings.. it would be just like.. look .. at this stage of the game.. we all have a chance to compete to get into those 2 seats... but .. I do feel like if I had said that . he would have felt shafted... so that didn't feel fair.. given prior to that .. both you and I had won ... a competition .. so I thought that he might have felt shafted... or some type of way about it .. but that is truthfully .. how I felt.. and there is also knowing who you are dealing with ..

        he goes on to talk about how it considers .. who won when they needed to ... how that means a lot ... to him .. and should be considered...

        he says that he knows that Big D has done his part.. and so has she..

        he talks about when Kyland needed to go .. he ( Big D ) wasn't really ready or willing to take him out ..

        she says she would have loved to have had that blood on her hands.. ( taking Kyland out )

        He tells her that he told Big D .. that he would let her pull the trigger ... if he couldn't .. so he was trying to give Big D .. something... since he hasn't won anything...

        Xavier- yeah.. I'm considering options...

        Big D joins them .. so that convo ends...

        ( WHEW .. they are WORDY today )

        Big D talking about how much pain he's in ..


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