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Live Feed Updates - 9/27 - Day 83

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/27 - Day 83

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    Catching us up ...

    Big D and Azah

    Big D to Azah - I'm going to say this.. and I'm going to make sure that I make myself clear... ... I don't want you to .. ummm.. I want you to make your decision on what you feel comfortable... for you .. I feel like there's no use in you asking me... certain questions... because I did not win ... if that makes sense

    CRICKETS ....

    Axah - ok

    Big D - like I said ..before we walked into this ... we made a Final 3 .. you walked into this knowing ... that me and Xavier have a Final 2 ... and you were like.. "hey.. I"m cool .. I want to get to Final 3" ... like you know you were like " I'm cool with 3rd place.. whatever happens .. happens " .. stuff like that .. that's how I looked at it .. so .. .at the end of the day .. I don't want anyone to take me .. if they don't feel like they don't want to take me.. of if they feel like they want to take me for game purposes... that's fine.. but I just feel like . having conversations .. about like "what would you do" .. when we've already discussed these things in the past.. it's just like.. I don't know what you want me to say ... I feel like I'm saying things.. that are going to hurt ... you know .. your feelings... and I don't want to hurt your feelings.. that's never my goal.... or make you feel some type of way .. it makes me feel like.. what is the ... why am I saying this again ?? when she ( her/Azah ) already knew this from the get-go ... weeks and weeks ago.. so .. umm.. that's all I wanted to say .. and um... like I said .. if you were offended... that was not my goal.. to offend you ... but .. um... I don't know how to say things.. when ummm... without hurting your feelings..

    Azah - okay ...

    Big D - like I said.. I'm not going to .. I can't sit here and be... ummm... you always tell me .. "tell me the truth .. tell me the truth.. tell me the real" .. and when I do .. I

    feeds cut


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      once back ...

      Big D - you know how you were feeling last week?
      Azah - I think that we should just not talk game.. .for the remainder.. that's just my opinion ...
      Big D -yeah but..
      Azah - because I don't want to get to any place.. I've really enjoyed my summer here with you up to this point .. and I don't think that we should talk game anymore

      Big D - yeah but .. I want to make sure I clear my head.. in case I'm going out the door . at 3 ... I'm just saying .. how you felt last week ... you know .. when Kyland was in that situation and stuff like that ... that's how I'm feeling at this point.. so I just want you to understand .. you know.. how YOU were feeling .. is how I am feeling ... that's what I'm getting at.. but I'm going to leave you alone.... and don't feel like our whole summer.. because you and I are clashing ... if you feel some type of way .. always speak it ... I'm able to take it .. you know this time around.. the first time that we talked... I was like.. 'ok .. let me not go that route" .. if I know for a fact ... I don't have no game left to play .. so what am I going to hold back for ??? There's no use ..

      Azah - okay .. I am completely fine with you .. letting free.. everything that you want to say .. there's nothing.. I've always been in this game.. it's not going to affect on my relationship wit you ... it's not going to affect anything with you .. I just thought from what it seemed yesterday .. that you didn't want to talk .. so I'm not .. I'm like .. okay .. we don't need to talk then .. if you thought that we didn't need to have conversations... then there's no use in having conversations.. so I'm like .. okay .. cool.... we don't need to have conversations

      Big D - there was no use to have conversations ... until you asked me.. what I would have done .. if the power was in my hand... so that puts me in a vulnerable state.. where I have to sit here and be like.. " am I going to sit here and lie to this girl, because there is a potential chance that she will win ( Round 3 )" ?? or.. " do I give her the truth" .. and when I give you the truth .. because you already knew what .. walking into here... you were I'm A- OKAY .. I'm cool with 3rd.. I understand that you and X have a deal ... so now .. that you're here .. you're asking me.... what would you have done.. and I'm like.... we talked about this weeks ago

      Azah - I asked you .. how you felt from the bottom of your heart.. who you wanted.. I wasn't asking about deals.. I wasn't asking about anything ... But.. you've discussed that . you've discussed how you felt about that already ... I told you .. in that time.. and I'm telling you know ...

      Big D - mmm hmmmm

      Azah - that I respect where you are coming from ...

      Big D - mm hmmm

      Azah - that your opinion is not bad . and it's not wrong . so I'm not certain why we are going back to this .. again . and again .. and again .. when I have repeatedly .. said . again and again and again ... that how you feel is FINE .. I'm not certain why we are going back to it. Cuz.. I told you yesterday .. I was cool .. 3 times... I told you I was cool this morning .. and you bring it up again ... I'm confused...


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        feeds cut...

        once back

        Azah to Big D - I'm not going to sit there and push .. at your feelings.. or what you've said .. and push that on you .. that's another thing that I want to say ..

        Big D - when I said I wanted to make jury .. that I wanted to make 5th .. yes.. I did do that ... when I walked into this . I had 2 deals.. that I could have walked in with .. but I got rid of one of my deals..

        Azah - I'm not talking about that ..

        Big D - but I'm ...

        Azah- I' m talking about what you said . and in terms of your placement . I'm not talking about your deals... I'm talking about your placement . that's what I'm talking about

        Big D - yeah.. okay .. so my placement .. and that's how I got here ... for me.. right now . I'm feeling kinda a little bit.. I told you everything that I was planning to do .. all my game plans.. all my moves... and now I'm like "damn .. was it smart for me to tell Azah about my Final 2, was it smart for me to do this" .. that is how I'm feeling right now ... but.. on top of that .. I get how you are feeling ... last week ... when I was underneath somebody .. underneath Kyland . and you were kinda like... and you were like.. "what are you doing?" and then I came to you and I was like " I don't know what to do . this is such a hard decision" .. and then you are looking at me like I'm crazy ..

        Azah- yeah . .and guess what I haven't done ?? I haven't said that to you ... I haven't given any indication that I'm changing my F UCKING mind... I haven't done that.

        Big D - well.. okay .. I'm

        Azah - I haven't done that ...

        Big D - well ..

        Azah - YOU are going off on your own insecurities ...

        Big D - no . I'm just ...

        Azah - YOU are not going off of me...

        Big D - I'm just ...

        Azah - I haven't said those things to you . I haven't made any indication...

        Big D - I"M GOING off of how it LOOKS ..

        Azah - and I went off of YOUR ACTIONS ... and what you actually did .. I have not done that ... that's what I'm saying

        Big D - but you questioned my ... actions last week.. when I said that I would never do that to you .. I'm just going off of what you said.. Miss Azah ... that's all I'm doing ... So .. I mean . I'm giving you .. exactly what you gave me .. SO ....

        Azah - and I'm NOT giving you exactly what you gave me.. that's the difference...

        Big D- okay.

        Azah - but you acting like I am ...

        Big D - okay Miss Azah .. I'm just going on to what conversations we had . before we walked into this Final 3 ... so .. ( you were like ) " no I get it . that makes sense.. da da da da da ... " and then me getting questioned when we get here .. like... like...

        Azah - Big D, you were feeling some type of way .. before I asked that question yesterday

        Big D - no .. I wasn't feeling no type of way

        Azah - YES .. you were ...

        Big D = NO ...

        Azah - DON"T SIT THERE AND Say That IT was because of yesterday !!!!



        • #5
          Azah - I'm NOT putting words in your mouth!


          Azah ( kinda ) snickers/chuckles under her breath

          silence now ...

          Big D shuffling through his luggage.... getting lotion ...

          feeds cut....


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            once back

            Big D still rumbling around the room ...
            now putting on another shirt..

            he leaves without saying a word ...


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              Azah quiet.. looking at her picture/letter...


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                Azah talked to Xavier ..

                Azah - me and Big D had an argument ..

                Xavier- this morning?

                Azah - yeah

                Xavier -damn ...

                She tells him how the told Big D that he's brought this up 4 times.. and how she told him yesterday ... that his opinion isn't bad/wrong/anything ... and that she was fine with how he felt ..

                Sh e says ( again _ that she already told him ( Big D ) this ... doesn't understand why he keeps bringing it up . she told him .. how he feels is completely FINE.

                Azah - he ( Big D ) keeps bringing up that I said that I am fine with 3rd.. and I said .. on another note .. Big D, you said . when you came in this house ... you were cool at jury. .and then at jury .. you ( Big D ) told everybody .. that you were cool to go at 5 ... but .. no one has ever sat there and put those words over your head... so .. don't take a moment.. which .. I haven't given you ( Big D ) any indication that I've changed in that ... and put that on me

                She talks about how Big D talked about the deals he made.. and how she told him she wasn't talking about deals.....

                Azah to Xavier - he ( Big D ) said ... I’m wondering if I shot myself in the foot telling you about my deals and all that stuff.. I mean.. I just figured it out.

                She tells him that in no way did she ever have any intention of coming between him ( X ) and Big D

                Azah - I have to pray about things.. about Wednesday and all that.

                She tells X that she is hurt .. knowing that Big D feels like she doesn't deserve to be there ..
                She tells him that she's never cared what other people think....

                Azah - he was like.. "you are all laid up under him" .. and I'm just letting you know ... I didn't like how you asked me that question ..

                She talks about how she told him he was already feeling some "kind of way" .. and that they shouldn't talk game..


                • #9
                  Azah to Xavier- you see me in this game. ......I care about what my parents think.

                  Xavier - anyone who has seen you knows that

                  Azah – maybe it could be me and Big D .... but .... if you have someone who thinks you don’t deserve it.... or you're not worth it... then yeah ... I'm sorry .. that does make me feel a certain way about who I want to be beside me.

                  Xavier – mm hmmm.

                  He tells her for anyone of them to say that ONE person brought all of them to where they are .. is disrespectful......
                  He says they all did what they needed to do .. when they needed to do it.. and that is why they are there now ..

                  He tells her to demean someone’s style of game play isn’t fair ... and that they all deserve to be here

                  Azah – he said Kyland said he deserved to be in the f Final 3... and like.. I think .. what’s the word ??? .. the Audacity of someone to say that..

                  Xavier – it’s very subjective.

                  Azah – the only people that can say they deserve to be there are the ones that won that HoH and that Veto.. it’s not a dick measuring contest.

                  Xavier - in a dick measuring contest ....can I not go against someone named Big D ?? ... I feel like I'd lose 9 times outta 10
                  They laugh ..

                  Xavier tells her that Big D is a wonderful, good person ... but .. his back is up against the wall... he's helpless and doesn't like feeling that way .. so he's lashing out....

                  Xavier -he ( Big D ) is showing his true game thoughts.


                  • #10
                    Big D talks to Xavier ..

                    He recounts his convo with Azah ...

                    He tells Xavier that "all of the sudden" .. since Friday . they ( he and Azah ) have been "underneath each other" ..

                    He tells him that she's feeling like he was last week.. and he's giving her what she gave him .. he's giving her the "same smoke" .. and she's all up in him asking him questions .. and he doesn't like that ..

                    Big D - it doesn't have anything to do with you ( Xavier) personally ...

                    Xavier- for me.. it's like people have thrown the "NO- Mance" in her face.. and that is just rude... because for me. .it's not like she is a woman that I feel like is un-datable.. it's just that .. that's not what I came in here for ... so for people to kinda use .. how she feels about me... for game purposes.. like trying to control her .. in a game standpoint.. that's where I have an issue with that ...

                    Big D - it' s not about control.. if she had not of questioned me about Kyland.. I would have not questioned her about you ... I'm just giving her the same smoke that she gave me.. less than 72 hours ago ..

                    Big D goes on to "imply" to Xavier that Azah's head is not in the game.. that she's more about X ..

                    he says that he knows that he doesn't have to worry about X .. because X is all about the game.. and that they ( he and X ) "have their word" to each other ...
                    he says that he and X have a bond.. they've had it . and he doesn't need to question it ...

                    Big D- she looks at me.. like 'why are you not questioning X" .. and I'm like.. because I don't need to ... I've been with that man since Day 1 .. we've never gone back on our word... we've worked together .. and at the end of the day .. all I can do is trust that he is a loyal and honest man .. like he is .. and he's been that the whole time... and I have been the same thing for him .. I don't need to question him ...

                    He goes on to say that he's only questioning Azah .. because she was questioning him last week about Kyalnd, when he ( Big D ) was sitting there "all in his feels" ... and "Should I or Should I not" and you ( Azah ) locked at me like I was crazy ...

                    Big D - I I feel like I did so much trying to be honest and trying to cradle her emotionally.... and help her through the game ....and it’s like I’m just at the point where she questions me for a whole week.. she was worried the whole entire time.. I feel as though I never asked her questions like what would you do in my position if Xavier was on the block. ....I never put her in that situation.

                    Big D to Xavier - I want my second place
                    Xavier - – I’m going to do what I can to make that happen for you


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                      Xavier to Big D - my job is to win this competition and take the person I said we were going to start off this game together and end this game together.... and have that come to fruition and the only thing that is standing in the way of that .. is one competition ..


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                        Xavier to Big D - if I can pull that off,...... we both get a check

                        Big Di - I'm happy


                        • #13
                          Xavier- yeah .. especially after how he Ky ) ... left... the thought of Ky being in one of those chairs and getting a check makes me sick.... Iwas wondering why Ky was getting 50 BB Bucks... I mean .. it's like.. Ky is not a bad guy ..per say .. but I was like.. why does he keep getting 50 .. and now I see. There was probably some things America was seeing that we weren't

                          Big D - mm hmmm

                          Xavier- now that makes sense....

                          Big D-= the only reason I would have been okay with him staying ...

                          Xavier- cut and dry ...

                          Big D - yeah .. but I wouldn't be dealing with .... ( Azah )


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                            Big D to Xavier ( saying he told this to Azah ) ... - I'm hoping X wins .....but if X don't win,.....I should feel comfortable I have Azah..... you (Azah) sit there after a week of antagonizing me and come to me with ....."I just really like him. I..and don't know"..... ( talking about X ) ... "does he like me? " ... "are we going to pursue something outside of here" ??


                            • #15
                              Big D to Xavier- she (Azah) is like "I really feel me and X know each other and we would be good together"........

                              Big D- ( as if he's talking to her ) he's not here for that and your decision should be focused on the game... make your decision on game. .. you ( Azah ) are over here being clouded


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