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Live Feed Updates - 9/28 - Day 84

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/28 - Day 84

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    Today, for all intents and purposes, will be the last full day of the Live Feeds, it's always bittersweet.

    It's been a long 84 days of Live Feeding, it hasn't always been easy, but .... I hope that you've enjoyed what we were able to bring to you here at BBU.


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      Catching us up quickly ..

      Azah tells Xavier that she's fine and that she thinks that he ( X ) should follow through with his deal that he made with Big D.


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        Xavier and Azah talk about Big D ..
        Azah talks about the things he has said to her ..
        She talks about how she's thought things through, she's doing what is best for her ...
        She says now she just has to "own it"

        Azah - owning in terms of Big D being upset, terms of understanding the jury .....and America might view it a certain way

        She tells him that Big D told her that he thinks that she's "throwing away her best friend for a man" ...

        Xavier talks about how he's never tried to sway her in any way ....

        Xavier- I don't play the game by guilting people into doing things.. I just do what needs to be done.. and that is just the way I am ...

        Xavier - America probably thinks I'm stupid for not bringing Ky.... but as my brother in the other room would say ... I could give two ****s..... I don't regret it.... if I could go back and do it again 10 times.. I would do it 11 times...

        Xavier tells her that the only thing that matters, is that the decision she is making, is true to herself ... true to what she believes ... and if people don't understand it, that's on them.


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          Xavier to Azah - it's funny ..... because the the first thing you said this morning was despite you saying you would take me ... if you win.. that I should honor my deal with him..

          He tells her that if the situation was reserved.. he doesn't know that he ( Big D ) would say that to her ...

          He tells her that he is not fond of selfishness.... it bothers him... but .. it is what this game can do to people....

          Xavier heads out to make some food and to see if Big D is up ...


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            Azah talked to Big D

            Azah she tells him that her decision isn't based on her opinion of him ( Big D )

            Azah to Big D - I think he ( Xavier ) played the game well and I don't think he deserves 3rd... if there's anyone that deserves 3rd .. it would be me.. which is why .. I made it clear ... to him .. ( Xavier ) that he needs to follow through with the deal that he made with you and take you


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              Azah tells Big D that she would love nothing more than to see him and Xavier both in the F2 ...

              Azah - if I do win the Final (HoH ) ... and I do have a chance... the easy way for me to go .. is with the person .. whom I feel I would have more of an influence in the jury ... the hard decision ..
              is for me to ask myself..... does that person deserve third? I can't say that


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                Azah to Big D - I promise you from the bottom of my heart .. this isn't me picking a man over you.... there's nothing in the decision I'm making that was part of that ..

                She tells him the hardest part.. is that she felt that he ( Big D ) would not be her friend after this ...

                Big D tells her that he was hurt yesterday... because she was basically saying that X deserves to win more than he does ..


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                  Big D talks about the Cookout and everything that it did ..
                  he says that just because he didn't throw any competitions... ( or win any ) .. that he has done as much work as Xavier has ...

                  Big D - I put in even more overtime.... I've been there for you way longer than he popped up.... I've been there for you.... I have protected you


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                    Big D tells Azah that there were times that he was "jumping in front of everything' for her ...

                    He tells her that it hurt him... because the thought of her .. considering someone else over him ... killed him ....

                    He tells her that that he made it clear to her .. that if he did not have a deal in place with Xavier... that they ( he and she ) could "ride off in the sunset together"


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                      Big D to Azah - in over all game play... you win ... with me walking out the door... the entire jury is going to be like "what the ****? " ...

                      He tells her that none of this makes sense.

                      He tells her that him walking out the door ( 3rd ) does not guarantee Julie saying that he's America's Favorite House Guest ...


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                        Big D tells Azah that he made it his "sole purpose' to protect her over everyone in the Cookout

                        Big D - I can't imagine Britini's face ....if I walk out.... and she finds out that you sent me home


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                          Big D tells her that he doesn't expect her to change her mind...
                          He tells her that her decision is her own personal belief ..

                          He tells her that he would never say anything to tarnish. her ...

                          He tells her that she broke him into a million pieces...

                          He keeps telling her that he "just doesn't understand it"


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                            Big D to Azah - I don't know how I am going to recover from this.... it doesn't make any sense.


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                              Big D tells Azah again that it doesn't make any sense.. it doesn't even look like she's fighting to try to win Big Brother ...

                              Big D - I get it, praying and letting God take the way...but I think everyone is going to have to look back and be like .. was that really a good decision?


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