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Live Feed Updates - 9/29 - Day 85

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/29 - Day 85

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    It's Finale Day!!!

    I'm always not knowing how to feel about this day when it comes!

    The word that always comes to me.. is bittersweet.. I will miss doing the Live Feed Updates and I won't miss doing the Live Feed Updates, but I will definitely miss all of you .. ( I know you are out there !! )

    I have enjoyed ( sometimes struggled ) but enjoyed bringing you the live feed updates throughout this season.
    I hope that you've enjoyed being able to come here and read them.

    I hope that we can do this again next season and the next and the next ... I'll be here to do my part.... we just need your help to make sure that we can cover the expenses here to actually be able to keep it all up and running.

    The live feed subscriptions were next to none this time around, that little bit of commission is normally, what we try to rely on to help bridge the gap, during the off -season. Truthfully, season after season, the live feed subscriptions are less and less, as even are the discussions here at BBU.... ( I know you've noticed ) and both ( the subscriptions and the lack of discussion ) probably have a variety of f reasons behind them .. I'm sure people just don't have the time to sit and watch the Live Feeds ( like we use to back in the day .. ha! ). I know that for many ... social media throws it right out there for you, so you don't even have to be fully engaged in a website or forum to find out what's going.

    Whatever the reasons are ... it's not only here .. it's throughout the entire Big Brother world .. but that's okay ... we'll keep on doing what we do here .. as long as we can. You just never know, season after season, what might happen.

    And, that's why I'm here ..Tip Jar in hand .. hoping that if you did enjoy your time here ... you'll consider making a donation to help support this website.

    We've always done what we can do from our own pockets, before reaching out to you, but simply put .. we can't do this without your help.
    I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I can't stress enough, the importance of donations, in order to keep this going.

    I know I want to keep it going and just like I did in the off-season last year, when things were super quite here, I will continue to support this website, not only with my time, but with my own donations to help out. I hope that you will too.

    Much love to all of you .... and thank you for any help you can give ... ❤️


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      Not much to " catch up " on ..

      They were up by 9 AM ... doing breakfast ... etc.

      Azah and Xavier talked a little ...

      Azah read her letter from home again ...
      She also worked quietly .. on a "possible" Final 2 speech ..

      Just before BB cut the feeds....
      Xavier and Big D playing cards... tell all the Live Feeders goodbye..

      Azah blows a goodbye kiss...

      Azah - love you .. bye ..


      .....that is that.....BB23 Live Feeds Out ....

      Once again .. it's been my pleasure to be here with all of you for another season.
      If you liked the live feed updates, please consider making a donation of support.

      There's absolutely no way that we can do this without your help.

      And, there's absolutely no way that I don't want to be able to continue to have BBU here... so that I can be able to do all of this for you. ❤️

      Any help is so very much appreciated.

      It's ever so ...... bittersweet ... ❤️


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        If you missed tonight's show ..

        We have you covered...

        Big Brother 23 Winner Is ... - Big Brother Updates

        ( I would post it here .. but there are a LOT of pictures and I'm just trying to save on bandwidth .. you can click on the link above . or the on NEWS at top of the page .. to catch it all. )

        Thanks again to all of you for being such great members..
        Bittersweet .. as we close the book on another season of Big Brother.

        We hope to be back in February for Celebrity Big Brother
        And, of course, there's always a place to discuss Survivor here, if you would like.
        And. most of all, we hope to be able to be back for Big Brother 24.

        Tip Jar is out and again .. any support you can give to help is much appreciated.

        Love y'all !


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