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Big Brother 23- Rumors & Spoilers!

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  • Big Brother 23- Rumors & Spoilers!

    Here's a place you can post and/or discuss rumors and spoilers.

    Note that information posted here is not confirmed and may or may not be true/right.

    I'll start with what I've heard/read so far.

    All of this information comes from SpoilerGirl1 on Twitter (who claims to have an inside scoop and is usually right) and from the website Monsters & Critics.

    Possible BB23 cast makeup:
    • 3 Black women
    • 2 Black men
    • 1 Latina woman
    • 1 Latino man
    • 1 Middle Eastern or Asian man
    • 1 Biracial female
    • 4 White men
    • 3 White women
    This falls in line with what CBS announced last year, that at least 50% of the cast would be people of color.

    Big Brother theme and more

    Early indications are that the theme of the new season of Big Brother will be all about rebirth. The season theme is titled ‘New Beginnings’ and it is in reference to a renaissance of sorts. That could be a great thing for the show, especially during a season where it looks like we will get 16 brand-new houseguests. There are no returners this time around, and that will be a welcome change following the All-Stars season that took place in 2020.

    We are also looking at a live move-in episode that will give fans access to the Big Brother live feeds from Day 1. It means we will be able to watch some of the first-night conversations as soon as the season premiere has aired on CBS. That’s a big thing because it will mean that subscribers aren’t missing out on some very important chats.

    A Big Brother casting producer also just announced that their work is done on the show for the season. “My job here is done. That’s a wrap on #bb23 casting,” reads a new post on social media from Big Brother Casting Producer Alex Stern. That foreshadows the BB23 cast getting finalized and revealed to the fans very soon. It will all take place before the end of June, with the season premiere taking place on Wednesday, July 7.

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    Apparently the new cast is currently in a 2-week quarantine (for Covid/health check) and then will go into a one-week sequester before entering the house on July 7th. As Lexie had mentioned, the cast reveal is set for June 30th... only 6 days away!

    Rumor is that there will be an HOH picked by the end of the first episode on July 7th. Also, no one will be evicted the first week.


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      2 days to go until Cast reveal! Who is getting excited?


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        BB23 Theme and first Twist Spoiler!!

        Yes? No? Maybe?


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          Julie posted on her Twitter account that the cast reveal will be today (July 1, 2021)!! Woot!


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            They are out!!! Nice cast .. I like that they look like the average joe and not supermodel ish!!


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