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Big Brother 23 will put players on different teams

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  • Big Brother 23 will put players on different teams

    The show's new season will feature all new players, a team element, and another live premiere. Executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan give us the scoop.

    Here are some highlights from the article ..... ( you can read the FULL ARTICLE HERE )

    While players in the all-new cast will still be competing individually for the half-million dollars, they will also be separated into teams. The decision was made to shake up the show, which has been plagued in recent seasons by safe gameplay and groupthink as one large alliance mows down a smaller one, with players often talking about making big moves but rarely actually going through with them.

    All new players. No returning houseguests this summer, at least not playing the game. Maybe there'll be a surprise or two along the way, but all new houseguests will be playing the game.

    The theme this year is the Big Brother Beach Club — the BB Beach Club. We thought about how we've all spent the past year locked in our houses, and how we've all longed for vacation. We want this year to feel that way. Our houseguests are coming in and going on a bit of a vacation. Think about a beach club meets Vegas meets Monte Carlo. It's a boutique hotel in its decor, and it's aspirational.

    on opening night there will obviously be live challenges. In the first live challenge houseguests compete in, they will be in groups of four moving in, because it is live. We have to control it a bit. Otherwise, it's just noise if there are 16 people running around in the house.

    As people move in and they're in that first competition, they're going to be vying to be a team captain, and also to be able to compete for HOH [Head of Household]. That team captain competition is going to be how they're selecting their team. If you're a team captain, you're going to get a snapshot of some of the houseguests, then you're going to have to decide who you want to add on your team. It should be a fun way to build the teams. It's always interesting to see how it plays out with that element because the team dynamic changes the game a bit.

    Some fun things I can reveal: Opening night, the live premiere night, the houseguests learn they're going to be playing in a team dynamic. There will be a twist that forces them to play in teams. They're going to be vying to be team captains as well as Head of Household. We think that fun team dynamic will be interesting to watch. There will be the risk-work-versus-reward element — again, this idea that you're going to have to make decisions you've never had to make before. And they could be very risky decisions that could put you [on] good [terms] with people, or maybe not. We are playing with some twists and some decision-making that could have an impact on exactly what you're talking about.

    The backyard on opening night is going to have a really fun casino backdrop, where all these games are going to be taking place. The one other big thing is that at the end of the episode, there will be a double-or-nothing offer Julie [Chen Moonves, the show's host] will be making that may be too good for someone to refuse.

    GRODNER: An offer you can't refuse. The first time ever at the end of the episode.

    MEEHAN: A double or nothing offer that should be exciting to watch and see what happens.

    Again.... ( you can read the FULL ARTICLE HERE )

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