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Big Brother 24- Discuss Episode 5- July 17, 2022

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  • Big Brother 24- Discuss Episode 5- July 17, 2022

    Episode 5- Airs Sunday, July 17, 2022, @ 8/7c PM on CBS

    The HOH Competition takes place and a new HOH is crowned.

    Nominations for Eviction take place.

    Note: Please do not post spoilers in the episode discussion topics. Thanks!

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    Hey friends…I’m staying at an Air BNB with no cable TV… crazy, I know… won’t make it tonight unless our guests don’t. mind me on my iPad! We went to the Rockland, Maine Blues Festival this weekend. But will be home before Wednesday’s show!


    • Palmleaf
      Palmleaf commented
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      Oh that sounds fun!! Okay we'll see you Wednesday

    • Lynette
      Lynette commented
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      Hi Helen! I loved my trip to Maine. Hope to go back again. Have fun and see you Weds!

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    Enjoy yourself Helen!

    Good evening, everyone!

    Here we gooooo!


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      All this right now on BIG BRRROOOOOTTTHERRRRRR!


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        Hello everyone! That pie does NOT look like it would be something you would want to eat.


        • #6
          Alyssa has to change course losing her friend/close ally in the game. It’s only been a week, but seems like they have been together a long time already.


          • #7
            New alliance With Ameerah, Nicole, Alyssa, Kyle, Michael and Monte.


            • #8
              Jasmine said she just sprang her ankle and needs to stay off it for a few days.


              • #9
                I think Ameerah said it is called Pose Pack….don’t know what that means. Basically they have substituted Nicole for Paloma.


                • KennyERJ
                  KennyERJ commented
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                  Sounded like she said Pose was Paloma's nickname but not sure.

              • #10
                Jasmine comes out of DR hobbling around on crutches. She says her ankle is NOT broken, just sprained and she has to stay off of it for a few days.


                • #11
                  It's time for the HOH Competition! Yee haw!!


                  • #12
                    Indy is crying. She is comforted by Taylor and Alyssa. She says she gets emotional when she loses. Indy leaves and Tyalor and Alyssa hug.


                    • #13
                      It looks like big banana cream pie they each have to eat.


                      • #14
                        That pie makes me think of banana pudding! Yum! Love me some banana pudding!


                        • beckyd30
                          beckyd30 commented
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                          I would crush that pie if it's bananas pudding. Love that dessert, got some in the fridge right now to eat.

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