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Live Feed Discussion - Week 2

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  • Live Feed Discussion - Week 2

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    New week. Let's see what this week brings.


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      Recap of tonight's show ... is HERE .. in case you missed it


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        • southbridgegirl
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          Just made a donation! Thanks so much for all you do!!

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        Jasmine Davis is the new HOH.


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          Pooch gets on my nerves. He's always running around whispering game talk to folks. Like now he's running around talking to folks about getting Taylor (main target) or Brittany out this week. He's like a little rat running around whispering to everyone about it while most of them are just talking about the HOH Competition and/or getting cleaned up from the HOH Competition. Walking around looking like he's the Big Brother House Mob Boss! LOL


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            Pooch, Nicole, Terrance & Daniel are the Have-Nots for the week. They were chosen by last week's Have-Nots.

            Monte chose Pooch.
            Joseph chose Nicole (she volunteered).
            Michael chose Terrance (I think he volunteered too but not sure).
            Kyle chose Daniel (he volunteered).


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              Geez, I really do not get this hate for Taylor. I haven't seen her do anything other than not immediately fall into a "girls vs guys" mentality, and I have taken to calling that Girls Girls Girls alliance the Mean Girls alliance. I thought that most of the Taylor hate was being driven by Paloma and was curious to see what would happen after Paloma left, but they seem to be carrying right along and Jasmine has taken over driving it.

              I don't really know anyone well enough yet to have a strong preference for anyone, but I'm ending up rooting for her just because I'm so not on board with the way she's being treated.


              • Summerbbfan
                Summerbbfan commented
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                Do you think that maybe they are jealous of her. I have not watched much of the feeds to see how they are treating her. Maybe Michael will use the veto on her.

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              I agree Chirperr. Taylor rubbed me the wrong way in her opening seqment on Episode 1, but from what I have seen in the house she seems really nice and helpful. It's one thing to not want her in their alliance, but the vitriol from some of them, Monte and Daniel, is over the top. Jasmine too, which may be jealousy and being around Paloma.

              I think Paloma is at the bottom of that and she poisoned the well so that now whatever Taylor does they ascribe some ulterior motive to her. I think back to when Paloma was constantly in Daniels ear. She may or may not have had him wrapped around her finger like she claimed, but I think her being in his ear and denigrating Taylor had an effect. Probably the same with Monte.


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                Paloma has some issues, jealousy being the main one! That being said Paloma needs our prayers for healing. She started the Taylor hate, yes, but Jasmine is continuing it because she is also jealous and has a Mean Girls heart! I don’t know how Taylor will survive this game, but I hope she gets HOH before she gets evicted and creates havoc!


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                  Just reading the Live Feed Updates (thanks Lexie!) and loving how Pooch went from hollering, here I am, put me up, put me up on the block as a pawn so we can get Taylor out to being one of the most paranoid psycho house guests up on the block! lol Dude! You NEVER volunteer to go up as a pawn! I hope he's the one that's walking out the house this coming Thursday! Hopefully that next, "twist" that's supposed to come Thursday isn't something that happens before the Eviction and helps save him.


                  • Summerbbfan
                    Summerbbfan commented
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                    That was not a smart move on his part. Especially if he gets evicted.

                  • Ladychef
                    Ladychef commented
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                    Was he recruited? Anyone who knows anything about BB, you NEVER volunteer to go on the block. Crazy!

                  • Shmennifer
                    Shmennifer commented
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                    Pooch's move is the stupidest move since Marcellus (?) was on the block and used the veto on the chick next to him. Pooch came up with this brilliant idea and even said he’s watched the show and knows this is a good move….errrre negative ghost rider!
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                  Good morning! I must have missed something along the way, but reading the live feed, what do they mean celebrating Indy’s one year?


                  • Lynette
                    Lynette commented
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                    One year US Citizenship anniversary.

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                  Thank you!


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                    After watching a bit, I am on the platform for Daniel’s train, not yet ready to board. I like his calmness while actively playing the game.
                    PS I do miss our active discussions


                    • Summerbbfan
                      Summerbbfan commented
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                      Me too. I like Daniel and Nicole. I hope they go far.

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                    New "new" update on the Live Show


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