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Live Feed Discussion - Week 3

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  • Live Feed Discussion - Week 3

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  • #2
    The new week hath begun!

    Thanks to Lexie's LFUs here's what we know:

    Pooch was Evicted by a 12-0 vote

    The "Festie Besties" twist started, pairing two HGs up together.

    New HOH: Turner
    Safety because of being " Festie Besties" with Turner: Jasmine
    Have-Nots for the week: Alyssa & Indy

    Other Pairs (Festie Besties):

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    • #3
      Very, very intersting...the only pair that is not in the Old Skool alliance is Michael & Brittany... I wonder if this will play out like The Cookout.. hmmm

      Nicole has figured out a plan. Will it last...who knows in the BB house.

      The idea is to convince Turner to put up Michael & Brittany, Michael wins the veto & the replacement noms are her (Nicole) & Taylor. Obviously, her idea is Taylor is voted out.

      If noms stay the same bye, bye Brittany... I wonder how many times that will change.

      Here's to a new "bestie" twist & Indy being a Have Not. Get it together girl, it's a part of the BB experience & you'll look back and say, "I will never f***ing sleep on a floatie again!" <3

      P.S. I'm so glad that Nicole & Daniel got the "back", aka "best" room in BB history, aka Indy & Alyssa's beds for this week. I love watching these two chit chat, especially in the Have Not room at night. They are so funny together & I am glad the late night chats will continue.

      What do you guys think?


      • #4
        I think it’s The Cookout 2.0 and boring as Hades!


        • #5
          Michael Bruner & Brittany Hoopes were Nominated for Eviction by HOH Matthew Turner with the plan being to backdoor Taylor Hale.

          I'm guessing if they're going to do this Festie Bestie twist more than one week, after someone is evicted this coming Thursday, the new HOH won't have a Festie Bestie. Instead their Festie Bestie will be Besties with the person that's left by themselves after the Eviction. For example, if Taylor were to be evicted, leaving Nicole on her own, and then Monte won HOH, Monte's "Bestie" Joseph would become Nicole's "Bestie". If Taylor were to be evicted and then Nicole was to win HOH, the other "Besties" pairs would stay the same. Guess we'll find out then.


          • Summerbbfan
            Summerbbfan commented
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            It is definitely going to be interesting in how this twist works out. On what happens with the bestie that is left after one of them gets evicted.

        • #6
          It's an interesting year. I am enjoying the gameplay even though I find the overlapping "alliances" confusing. I find it hard to figure out true alliances other than Ameerah and Alyssa (I think). The others seem to shift as they recognize who is pulling strings and playing hard.

          I also don't have any real favorites. Maybe why I am enjoying the gameplay (not any emotional connection to anyone). I am partial to Taylor because I think she was targeted by Paloma, which poisoned the well with so many of the others, and then when Paloma left the game there was no way to combat that because it can't be shown that Paloma was lying.

          I think Indy is a hoot and I do like Michael also. I want to see him go far.


          • #7
            Finally, somebody recognizing that they are being told what to do and realizing they are not in the power structure. Joseph and Kyle finally bringing together all of the outsiders to form an allowance that will go against the controlling alliance.

            We scream every year that noone recognizes their position and does this and finally they do it. Go Joseph and Kyle. Joseph is such a sweet guy, who is confident in himself. He is not going to allow them to tell him he can't talk to somebody just because the person is a target. Even Turner is recognizing that they have made Taylor a punching bag. Finally


            • #8
              I can’t wait for the Veto Meeting tomorrow! It’s great to see this new alliance “The Leftovers” form. I think they will stick together and stay on the down-low and not show their cards. Their first test will be tomorrow when Ameerah/Terrance become the replacement nominees and they have to keep a poker face. What a great week this is going to be!


              • #9
                I have always not understood the reason behind not being able to talk to someone. Good for Joseph for speaking his mind. He is a sweet heart. My favorites are Michael, Brittany and then Nicole.


                • #10
                  Well, this season just kicked into gear for me. Leftovers all the way! I could not be happier than to see the disposable ones band together. Amazing.


                  • #11
                    If everyone in the leftovers (great name) is legitimately on board, then I agree it's awesome!


                    • Summerbbfan
                      Summerbbfan commented
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                      I like the name too. It is definitely about time when the nomination s are not going as planned. Old school does not have a clue as to what is going on. I believe that the outsiders will stick together.

                  • #12
                    It has taken a long time (and yes, I know, only two houseguests are gone) but THIS IS BIG BROTHER LIKE BIG BROTHER SHOULD BE!!!!

                    And----I'm just going to throw this out there with 14 players still in the house-----I actually think there is a make up of players (lot of super fans) that we may get to September where a jury is actually grounded enough in the game that they really do end up voting for the houseguest that played the best game.


                    • #13
                      Now this is some old school BB. It's about time.


                      • #14
                        And I thought the HGs were a bit lackluster at the beginning. From what I have read glad I didn’t get on Daniel’s train. I do want to know what was said between him and Taylor.


                        • BB for life
                          BB for life commented
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                          Me too!! I think it happened Sat. when the cameras were down for the veto which stinks bc I want to see the whole interaction.

                      • #15
                        #TeamLeftovers!!!! I LOVE the name &amp; the group. Joseph is really surprising me this week. Who knew there was a little BB Mastermind behind that bubbly cutie. He's doing an amazing job of playing into the gossip with the girls & has them fooled.


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