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Live Feed Discussion - Week 6

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  • Live Feed Discussion - Week 6

    A new week begins.

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  • #2
    Taylor Hale won the Endurance HOH Competition and is the HOH for this week!

    Who will she target to go home or should I say, to be the first member of the jury?!


    • #3
      Too bad the pageanr brat got HOH, its gonna be a long week of whinning, fake and stupid comments, but maybe with the double evict and twist of a house split, the bully crier will be evicted sooner rather then later


      • #4
        I am happy for Taylor. It will be interesting to see who she targets.


        • #5
          I'm happy for Taylor too just sorry she offered safety to Kyle. For some reason I can't stand that guy. I personally don't like this house split on Thurs - too few players to do this now with established groups.


          • #6
            So---thoughts on the twist please (I love anything that is different and fresh):

            Two hours next week---double eviction--this is where I am confused....

            ----obviously, someone during Taylor's HOH is going home (that's one)

            ---if they break into two separate isolated games, presumably in groups of five----does only ONE more go home??? Or are you anticipating -- 2 HOH, two veto, two groups up......
            the math is a little fuzzy here. (is one group safe and the other at risk----please, insiders let me know what you think)

            Help me try to solve this riddle, please.....

            Just for viewing pleasure, please get Jasmine off my screen. Just make her one of the two so we can see her walk around freely at the jury house with no pain.


            • #7
              Cubby, From what Julie said the double eviction is not next week but the following week as a result of the house splitting into two groups……From Lexie’s LFU……..Julie- Next Thursday, in a special 2 hour event... for the first time ever.. the game will completely change.. as the house splits into two groups. These two groups, will have no interaction. And, in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long, all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other.


              • CubbyBrother
                CubbyBrother commented
                Editing a comment
                Thanks so much---at a certain point the whole comprehension thing goes away. I cannot wait to see how they separate them and keep them isolated. This has been the best six week start to a season ever.....let's hope Daniel is wrong and it doesn't get boring. This is great!! Exactly how Big Brother is supposed to be.

              • Summerbbfan
                Summerbbfan commented
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                I am also interested in how they are going to split the players along with how the house is going to change. It should be interesting.

            • #8
              I can’t remember an HOH win that made me happier!! I did not care for Taylor early on, which I think was because of the way she seemed to talk through her teeth not opening her mouth enough (in my mind). I now think she was very tense earlier and has now relaxed and speaks more “normally”. But when the P pack were lying to each other to create the Taylor is evil narrative, I fully got on her team. I’ve always been one to back anyone being marginalized for no good reason. I’m so glad to have BBU to help give us a clear picture of what happens in that house. She is a very smart player and who knows how great it could have been without the mean girls BS.


              • #9
                Via Lexie's LFUs 😍, we know that HOH Taylor nominated Indy & Terrance for Eviction.


                • #10
                  I had a feeling Taylor would not be a very good hoh, and so far I think that's true LOL.
                  I'm actually bummed about the new twist. Why throw something else in there when the season is going pretty darn well so far, and you just ended a twist? Geesh


                  • #11
                    Rumors are that the veto is the prize and punishment. I so want to see Jasmine and/or Terrance in a costumetard.

                    What exactly is the plan this week. I hear everybody talking about different things, Terrance coming down, Indy coming down, Joseph going up. I can't figure what her end game for this week actually is. Who does she really want to go home? I also can't figure out what Joseph's machinations are about. The other ladies aren't going to ally with Taylor, they hate her.

                    Or maybe I missed something. I am so confused this week thanks to Joseph's fast talking and what seems like a convoluted plan.

                    Just get Terrance or Indy out. Either advances her game.


                    • Updater
                      Updater commented
                      Editing a comment
                      IF this is a prize/unitard competition, I believe that all of the players, (including Taylor), besides the nominees will forego the POV and take a valuable prize
                      Last edited by Updater; 08-13-2022, 04:00 PM.

                  • #12
                    Jasmine threatening something if she gets a punishment!!! I cannot wait for her to be gone.


                    • #13
                      Yes she is kind of a spoiled, entitled little brat. I hope nobody drags her to the end.


                      • beckyd30
                        beckyd30 commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I'm so over her "stereotypical" southern girl persona. how much do you want to bet that when she's at home her accent is not that noticeable.

                    • #14
                      So… the beginning of the game we had Alyssa calling Newark “the happiest place on earth” and now we have Jasmine asking if London is in the United States only to go one step further and then ask if London is a country!!!!

                      Where do they find these people?


                      • helenb
                        helenb commented
                        Editing a comment
                        That is truly scary….

                    • #15
                      I still have no real clue what their original stupid plan with putting Joseph up was about, but at least logical heads have prevailed and gotten to Taylor. Alyssa is a much better target. Sever Kyle's tie to the other side. I'm not completely sure that Alyssa will go, but it will be interesting to see if Michael/Brittany/Kyle will try to switch the target to Indy and what repercussions that will have for the Leftovers.


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